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BS: Your hobby

26 Jan 07 - 07:56 PM (#1949238)
Subject: BS: Your hobby
From: kendall

I've been wondering something for a while now, and this might be a good time to ask, what is your hobby?

Jacqui and I bought a 1930 Model "A" Ford. There are countless clubs that are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of old cars. The ones I have seen so far are made up of nice people (like the mudcat), and we go on Sunday rides and rallys.
One of the favorite things to do is to go to retirement homes and give the residents a ride in a car that they used to drive many years ago. They are delighted by this experience.

Do you have a hobby that you would like to tell us about?

26 Jan 07 - 08:47 PM (#1949267)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Jeri

I make jewelry.
To be more precise, I buy a lot of jewelry stuff and I start projects. Once in a great while, I finish one. I know Jacqui makes things as well. Fire Mountain Gems is a nice place to buy things.

LOTS of things. (Get the free catalog!)

26 Jan 07 - 09:29 PM (#1949291)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby

I job hunt. I am very good at it and get interviews and job offers all the time. Then I work for two weeks and quit.
Does that count?
I also collect stray cats, people, and items that need a home. Anyone want to adopt a Lourdes Grotto circa 1930 in need of wiring?

26 Jan 07 - 11:05 PM (#1949329)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,Seiri Omaar

I read, sing, and doodle Celtic stuff (8 rows of Celtic knotwork... NEVER AGAIN. Oh, the pain). I net surf (a lot of fantasy art-gazing) and play online games like a fiend (more complex games yet runnable-on-ancient-computer games like DragonFable). I play collectable card games, video games and I've roleplayed (yes, Dungeons and Dragons).
And most importantly, I write. In hopes of someday actually finishing my novel. My Muses tend to clam up tighter than Fort Knox.

26 Jan 07 - 11:26 PM (#1949338)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Rapparee

Making a Jaeger flintlock (been at it for three years now), target shooting, hiking, fencing (both sport and historical), reading, model railroading when I can, causing trouble....

26 Jan 07 - 11:42 PM (#1949349)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,Scoville at Dad's

We used to be in a Volkswagen club and those people were a lot of fun.

Used to do a lot of Civil War and Texas Republic reenacting, too.

Currently, I sew (make my own clothes from vintage patterns), quilt, knit a little, and sometimes paint things. I used to be very active in collecting and showing horse figurines but I'm trying to back off on that--too expensive and time consuming. The model horse thing is a world unto itself, though. It's weird, but there are some interesting people and amazing artists in it.

26 Jan 07 - 11:45 PM (#1949350)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: catspaw49

From reading to racing, beading to luthiery, sailing to motorcycling, writing to railroading, my passions have generally been all consuming with a bit of the root hog or die approach. Like many around here my tastes and interests have varied widely over the years and is why I never doubt when another 'Catter seems to be into an awful lot of things in their life.........I know the feeling. Outside of the fun, it makes you pretty fair at Trivial Pursuit.......a dubious accomplishment.

But I have decided now to concentrate all of my energies into developing the world's largest collection of mummified Yak balls. Fortunately I have very little energy to devote to it but hopefully there is enough to set myself up in the Guinness Book of World Records. I plan on taking them on tour at some point to all the hospitals and nursing homes along with perhaps a spot on Letterman or Leno.


27 Jan 07 - 01:01 AM (#1949368)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: KT

I like to draw and paint, and write songs, but rarely find the time to do any of them. Hiking, crabbing, kayaking and fishing are also favorites, but also very infrequent, of late. I also like to pretend I can play the fiddle.

27 Jan 07 - 02:34 AM (#1949382)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Alec

Having Snorkelled for many years I have recently,& belatedly,tried my hand at SCUBA Diving.Though I have had only one session so far (with another soon)I found it to be one of the most exhilirating experiences of my life.
"I'd like to be under the sea,in an Octopus's garden..." :-)

27 Jan 07 - 07:23 AM (#1949488)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby

Wahts a yak ball?

27 Jan 07 - 07:32 AM (#1949494)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: freda underhill

I go on walks with a couple of neighbours - we do these huge walks ending up with coming back via second hand bookshops & coffee. This combines several hobbies, walking, reading, talking, and having coffee!

27 Jan 07 - 07:46 AM (#1949502)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby

Yeah, Spaw. What's a yak ball? Oh...never mind. You know I actually took a short trip in a yak skin boat in Tibet. Somewhere I have pictures. I saw lots of yak droppings but never peaked under the yak to examine his balls.

Life ain't no yuk for a yak
Who carries his sack on his back.

27 Jan 07 - 07:56 AM (#1949511)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Micca

Its obviously where Yaks go to dance and socialize!!!

27 Jan 07 - 08:06 AM (#1949518)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Bunnahabhain

Dancing, Scottish country and highland, and associated running around herding cats dancers. Reading. Some tabletop war gaming, and associated modelling. Brewing my own beer. And Rumour-mongering, although you didn't heat that from me...

27 Jan 07 - 08:13 AM (#1949521)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: jacqui.c

Crochet has become an addiction, not a hobby! I also am starting to play with beading and, to try and head off the dreaded senility, I've started doing Sudoko puzzles.

I just found the Microsoft Picture It in my Works folder (after having this computer for 2 years!) and have been happily playing with the special effects there.

Still got a great pile of books to read.

27 Jan 07 - 09:28 AM (#1949559)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Georgiansilver

Antiques, Knowledge on all except minimal on furniture. Collect particularly silver...(some Georgian wouldn't ya know). Hiking, working out at the gym, air gunning, carbooting and most of all Folk Clubbing of course.

27 Jan 07 - 09:29 AM (#1949560)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,ib48

knitting pubic hair into decorative toilet roll covers

27 Jan 07 - 10:10 AM (#1949592)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Bat Goddess

I spend a lot of time in cemeteries -- my particular area of interest is New England slate markers from between 1650-ish and 1825-ish (most willows and urns make my eyes glaze over), the men who carved them and ligatures on gravestones. Also the carver John Just Geyer and his father Henry Christian Geyer.

I do rubbings, photographs and transcriptions. I collect books on the extended subject of gravestones, funerary art and customs, epitaphs, etc.

But primarily, I think, I'm fascinated with stone. And the history. With the help and advice of Fud Benson and Doug Coffin, I'm learning how to cut letterforms in slate (if I can steal enough time to actually do it).

I also sort of "chase" folk music (and lore) related markers. Tom and I discovered Professor Child over 10 years ago. We've also located Timothy Myrick who was the fellow bit by the rattlesnake in "Springfield Mountain" (He's actually buried in Wilbraham, MA.)

There are batwinged death's heads in Hallowell, Maine, and I've found full-rigged ships on both slate and marble markers, but so far have not found any representation of squid.

27 Jan 07 - 10:22 AM (#1949599)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: jeffp

Barbecuing, brewing, sailing, rendezvous, just started fencing. Let's not forget music, although that's more of an obsession than a hobby. It's a fine line.

27 Jan 07 - 10:27 AM (#1949604)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: John Hardly

yak balls make great barbeque.

27 Jan 07 - 10:29 AM (#1949606)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Jeri

Hey, Linn of the Bats, remember this?

27 Jan 07 - 10:39 AM (#1949611)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Bill D

I dunno if woodworking is exactly a hobby anymore, since I augment my retirement income with it. (especially lathe turning).....but I also study and collect wood specimens and belong to the IWCS. Since is is estimated that only about 1/3 of maybe 100,000 plants big enough to supply a 3"x6" specimen have been identified, I guess it is a 'hobby' to chase new varieties. Maybe it is a hobby when you can think of Thespesia populnea easier than ...ummm....oh yeah, Portia Tree.

The other hobby is beer....I have somewhere over 800 beer bottles & cans I have ...ahem....'accumulated' for the past 30 years. The basic rule is, to get spot on the shelf, it has to be emptied by ME.
   Latest acquisition, Arrogant Bastard ale

27 Jan 07 - 10:58 AM (#1949629)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Rapparee

I forgot to mention that when I visit cemeteries I study the tombstones. It's a semi-professional interest, because I used to make 'em. For you stoned folks, my wife says that going to a graveyard with my brother (who followed me in the job) and me is interesting as all git out.

Actual conversation, as best I remember it:

"What's that granite over there?"
"Looks like Georgia Pink. What's that one?"
"Rainbow, of course, dummy. Who did the carving?"
"Well, Ralph wouldn't touch Rainbow because he thought it a piece of shit so it'd probably be either Ed or a carpetbagger."
"What'd I put on Dad and Mom's grave?"
"Swedish Black, pre-dynamite days, if I remember what you said at the time. Good granite."
"Isn't that some of Ralph's shape carving on that one?"
"Sure is. Hey, do you know where he got that Minnesota Red?"
etc. etc. etc.

I once wrote six pages on the stones in her Olde Family Plotte in Holyoke, Mass.

27 Jan 07 - 11:02 AM (#1949633)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: bobad

Plotte is a dirty word in French.

27 Jan 07 - 12:00 PM (#1949688)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: gnu

In La Belle Province, maybe. And, even then, it depends where you are and what time it is. ;-)

Rapaire said "...causing trouble....". Kendall asked for HOBBIES. ;-) again.

27 Jan 07 - 12:17 PM (#1949703)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: John Hardly

Calvin has Hobbes

27 Jan 07 - 12:56 PM (#1949735)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Ron Davies

Bill--your latest acquisition in brews is mother's milk for me, has been so for quite a while--ask Teribus or Dickey.

27 Jan 07 - 01:07 PM (#1949747)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: skipy

Ebay & "returning things" by that I mean, finding items in skips such as old school photos, tracking down the school & sending back to them, every school I have asked have said yes please! Most send me the postage back & a thank you letter.
I even sent back a silver cup stolen fron Cambridge Uni in 1963!

27 Jan 07 - 01:58 PM (#1949788)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,saulgoldie

Other'n music, listening and playing...

Some bicycling
collecting and using fountain pens
pipe-smoking and pipe collecting
being an active citizen, if you call that a hobby, which it is less so than it is a civic obligation, I think.

27 Jan 07 - 04:19 PM (#1949905)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,Dickey

RD's first preference is "Old Intellectually Superior Weasel Piss".

27 Jan 07 - 04:29 PM (#1949909)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Bill D

saulgoldie...I have not smoked a pipe in almost 30 years. I still have several nice ones, including a lattice-work carved meerschaum with a special 'coloring bowl'...Interested before I turn to eBay? (I can post pictures.)

27 Jan 07 - 04:52 PM (#1949928)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: bubblyrat

Lots of words mean something rude in French. For example---In the UK,we have a common road-sign that indicates that it would be unwise to drive off the edge of the road,as the ground is wet and boggy . The sign always says "SOFT VERGES " which is fine,except that VERGE is an archaic French word for DICK , which affords our French visitors much amusement !! Meanwhile,the Plotte thickens.....

27 Jan 07 - 07:39 PM (#1950029)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Phot

Mainly railways, the Great Western Railway in particular, 9f frieght loco's, canals, Landrovers. And recently, "Screw the Navy, I want my life back!!"

Wassail!! Chris

27 Jan 07 - 08:05 PM (#1950049)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Slag

Too many hobbies---not enough life-times. See the messy/ neat thread and add that to my reasons why everything is in a terminal mess. I write, paint, carve, read, sing, play various insturments, rockhound, archery, hunt, fish, winemaking, poker, PC gaming, collect various things, HO railroading. HELP! Everything is interesting and fascinating to me. Gardening, birdwatching, astronomy, physics, crosswords, yeah and sudoko too. I've done model rocketry and RC aircraft. And then there are all the things I want to do.

All I need to do is win a big lottery and get a 20 year old body and I'll have it made!

Alas, no golden ticket, Got a nickel and there I stand in the biggest damn candy store in the known universe. Oh well, I have enough to keep me busy.

27 Jan 07 - 09:43 PM (#1950080)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: frogprince

For about 25 years, I could have safely said drawing. Then it became
Drawing and photography, shifting by degrees more to photography. Then drawing, photography, and woodworking. The last couple of years it's messing around online, photography, and making God knows whatever art or craft project that I haven't tried before. Just now I'm hoping to have a handful of wood-cased kaleidoscopes completed for the next local art show; I'm the one taking the show theme, "A kaleidoscope of color", too literally. The design of the things is entirely my own, so I'm still groping my way thru a litle of the "engineering".


28 Jan 07 - 12:15 AM (#1950121)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,Scoville

John Hardly--would those be Himalayan mountain oysters?

28 Jan 07 - 01:22 AM (#1950139)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: mg

I don't do much now but work but I love to travel and I think I would like to rosemal and I would love if there were no financial risk and I had good crews to remodel houses..they do the work and I pick out the paint color. Also I love babies and would love to be a foster grandmother or something. mg

28 Jan 07 - 01:57 AM (#1950148)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Amergin


I do write a bit though...too.

28 Jan 07 - 02:44 AM (#1950159)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Sandra in Sydney

crafty stuff - making teddy bears & other so-called toys in mohair & felt & fabric, embroidery, beaded jewellery, birthday & christmas cards, knitting, collecting info about crafts I'll probably never get around to making, collecting more craft materials than I'll ever need ...

and all the other crafty stuff I forget for the moment

28 Jan 07 - 02:53 AM (#1950163)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby

Not sure if this counts but my work is (kinda sorta)my hobby....I love what I do (selling houses) and it has been particularly busy this last month. Of course I enjoy eating and drinking as well ..... but in all honesty they are a distant second.....

28 Jan 07 - 06:34 AM (#1950228)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Leadfingers

I dont have time for hobbies , since I retired to be a Muso ! When I had a Day Job , Music WAS my hobby !

28 Jan 07 - 09:06 AM (#1950317)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: JennyO

I collect dryer lint, so that Sandra can stuff her little teddy bears and other soft toys ;-)

I also kill cockroaches and stink bugs.

It's an interesting and varied life.

28 Jan 07 - 01:29 PM (#1950519)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Bee-dubya-ell

My hobby is procrastination. That's why it's taken me three days to get around to posting to this thread.

28 Jan 07 - 02:19 PM (#1950567)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Bill D

you make money at it? Wow...I'm just an amateurcrastinator!

28 Jan 07 - 10:52 PM (#1950918)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,leeneia

Boating, gardening, making jewelry - these are all on the back burner right now.

Music. Yesterday I worked up a set of mass parts to well-known tunes from the 17th Century. Our church is being renovated, and we are having mass in the basement. It seemed like a good time for some new, easy, appealing mass parts. Our choir director seemed very pleased with my offering.

29 Jan 07 - 07:55 AM (#1951100)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Mr Red

1 Web site but you knew that.
2 Computer programming (above refers)
3 Video editting (the last wedding I went to was March in Thailand and I am only now getting round to the movie but it is becoming snazzy and highly technical)
4 posting on Mudcat
5 Ceilidhs etc
6 Posing
7 AND Mornington Crescent

29 Jan 07 - 07:59 AM (#1951104)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: John Hardly

"John Hardly--would those be Himalayan mountain oysters?"


29 Jan 07 - 10:13 AM (#1951208)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Kim C

I have several hobbies.

Knitting, fiddling, reading, writing, 18th-19th century reenacting, belly dancing, sewing, some paper crafts, calligraphy, beadwork, cooking.

I think that about covers it. ;-)

29 Jan 07 - 10:43 AM (#1951236)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby

Reading, I just finished a grand book called the thirteenth Tale, Cooking...aaaah, Italian food. Music, music and more music, all kinds exept country. I have a large pond and keep fish, I love that, very relaxing. I make wineand I am not bad at it. Life is good.

29 Jan 07 - 12:37 PM (#1951347)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: mrdux

Photography -- still using film and old Nikons that I have to focus myself, birding; hiking; cooking. I collect books of various sorts -- illustration, myth and folklore, music, maps, art history, literature, food. . . and I read a lot. Music -- of course -- including a lot of classical music. And single-malt Scotch Whiskys, a nice relaxing hobby.

29 Jan 07 - 12:57 PM (#1951379)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Little Hawk

Hmm. Well, singing, playing the guitar, harmonica, and keyboard...but lately just keyboard mainly. Used to write songs a lot, but not lately.

Reading spiritual books of one kind or another, mostly recent stuff and some of it's quite unusual.

Collecting and building plastic model kits, mostly WWII and WWI aircraft, some ships and other vehicles. I'm a walking encyclopedia of information about those things. I know stuff that most people couldn't be bothered to unless someone paid them... ;-)

Playing wargames of historical battles from Alexander the Great right up to WWII. (Can't be bothered with more recent history. It's too depressing. War just ain't what it used to be!) (that was a joke) Fortunately, since the advent of computers, finding competent opponents to play those games with is no longer the problem it once was.

Thank GOD! I now have a way to dispose of that damn collection of old mummified Yak balls that my insane Uncle left here when he died.

29 Jan 07 - 01:13 PM (#1951397)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Cats

Jon models at 009 scale [4mm to an inch] and has a really good railaway in the stable. Me - I'm researching the history of our hamlet. I started out wanting to know who my house was built for as it is a Dower House, so she must have been an important woman in the 16th century, from there to the Manor House it was attached to and that was impossible without the rest of the hamlet. I've just unearthed the wills of 5 members of the original family which date back to 1603 - a few years after my house was built. Then, of course, you have to know about the social history of the time hence buying the Accomplisht Cook [thanks MMario] and introducing the rest of the hamlet to anything I find. Brilliant. 500 years of detective work.

29 Jan 07 - 02:30 PM (#1951467)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,ib48

moulding ear wax into decorative candles

29 Jan 07 - 02:33 PM (#1951470)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Little Hawk


29 Jan 07 - 02:52 PM (#1951490)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,little dick

farting the national anthem through a small toothcomb,which can bring tears to the eyes of even the hardest of men

29 Jan 07 - 08:37 PM (#1951864)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Michael from Manitoba

Hi, everyone, new member here!)
Sled dogs (twenty-three outside at the last count), snowshoeing, hiking, scrambling in the Rockies, landscape painting in oil and watercolor, painting on porcelain, modeling character figures in 1:12 scale, playing music - flute, diatonic accordion and Northumbrian pipes (all self-taught, lousy teacher), simple living, reading writing, history of western Canada. Figuring out how to do everything I want to do in the measily twenty-four hours allotted to the day.

29 Jan 07 - 09:26 PM (#1951887)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: JennyO

Candles from ear wax, eh? Wow that's almost up there with collecting dryer lint!

29 Jan 07 - 10:12 PM (#1951920)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Alba

Too many things I enjoy doing... so little time.

Welcome new member Michael from Manitoba


31 Jan 07 - 09:19 PM (#1954136)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby

Earlier in the thread I said my job was my hobby - I LOVE it . I was just announced as the #2 broker in our office this year - and we are the biggest realtor in the state of Maine. MY JOB IS MY HOBBY AND I LOVE IT.........

31 Jan 07 - 09:25 PM (#1954139)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Alba

Now that is a Blessing True Brit. It is a wonderful thing to love what you do and get paid to do it:)

Congratulations. That Love you have for your occupation shines through and that is what makes you successful. Postive thinking is catching.

Long may ye reign in Maine..**smile**

31 Jan 07 - 09:57 PM (#1954164)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Little Hawk

If you collect enough dryer lint you can stuff pillows with it. You can get it free too, if you go to a commercial laundry place. Just THINK of the possibilities!

01 Feb 07 - 08:28 AM (#1954443)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Jeri

Dryer lint art: it's not just for stuffing anymore...

01 Feb 07 - 08:34 AM (#1954452)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: jacqui.c

Welcome aboard Michael from Manitoba.

Good for you TRUBRIT - you work hard enough, I'm not surprised that you got to that position so fast in the new agency.

01 Feb 07 - 08:37 AM (#1954455)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: JennyO

Oh joy - a new outlet for my creativity :-) I need to work at making brighter coloured lint though. All my lint so far is either greyish, pinkish, purplish, or whitish. Not very promising for dryer lint art I'm afraid.

01 Feb 07 - 08:48 AM (#1954465)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,jOhn

eating cakes.

01 Feb 07 - 09:35 AM (#1954525)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: saulgoldie

Bill D, see PM.

01 Feb 07 - 09:41 AM (#1954530)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: saulgoldie

Note that Jeri's link to dryer lint art is HGTV, and it is a "sticky" site.

01 Feb 07 - 10:47 PM (#1955212)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Janie

Gardening, gardening and gardening are my three favorite hobbies. the fourth is reading gardening catalogs. 5th place would go to....Gardening!


05 Feb 07 - 11:44 PM (#1958615)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby

Janie - does that in part explain those gorgeous cards you make? My 100 cards just arrived and they are lovely -- now I am presuming you don't just photo the flowers, you grow them?? I'm impressed -- the cards are really stunning. You are very talented.

06 Feb 07 - 02:33 AM (#1958669)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,Ingrid Frances Stark

So many beads....
Beading, reading, jewelry, celtic knotwork in a variety of media, Medieval reenactment, collecting miniature taxi cabs and snowleopard art, surfing the web, reading strange threads on Mudcat.
Keeps me out of worse trouble.


06 Feb 07 - 05:46 AM (#1958773)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: Captain Ginger

When does something one does for amusement become a hobby? I sing, play music, shoot, fish, grow vegetables, brew beer, cook and all the general pastimes one imagines people do, but I wouldn't class any of them as a hobby.
To me the word 'hobby' is almost perjorative, with connotations of obsessive compulsion, anoraks and arrested development. But that is, of course, merely a subjective association!

06 Feb 07 - 08:11 AM (#1958875)
Subject: RE: BS: Your hobby
From: GUEST,Mr Red who subjects himself

Well a hobby is something you do regularly that doesn't need to be done.

So in the modern flick-a-switch society, growing your own vegetables rather than getting Tescos to deliver or even walking to the shop to get them yourself - well I submit - in the culture of excess it is a hobby.

On the plains of the Kalahari Dessert - it would be a necessity - if a struggle, so not the Noble Nomad's hobby. (yea, yea, I know - but nomads do husband the land)