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happy? - July 18 (Spanish Civil War)

18 Jul 05 - 09:07 AM (#1523174)
Subject: happy? - July 18
From: Abby Sale

.                                                         1st action Spanish Civil War= 7/18/1936

        Los cuatro generales,
        Los cuatro generales,
        Los cuatro generales,
        Mamita mia,
        Qu‚ se han alzado,
        Qu‚ se han al-zado.

                "Los Cuatro Generales,"

(If you didn't know, one of those generales being Franco - later, Spanish coins had his head and his sentimental official sobriquet, "Francisco Franco, caudillo de España por la gracia de Dios")

Copyright © 2005, Abby Sale - all rights reserved
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19 Jul 05 - 09:40 AM (#1523893)
Subject: RE: happy? - July 18
From: Wolfgang

A link for those who want to listen to the tune

Does anyone know the author of the Spanish lyrics?


05 Jan 11 - 10:25 AM (#3067746)
Subject: RE: happy? - July 18 (Spanish Civil War)
From: GeoffLawes


"1st action Spanish Civil War= 7/18/1936"

Well it was planned that way but the plan was discovered in Spanish Morocco on the 17th July and the army plotters decided to start the coup immediately, before counter action was taken. In the rest of Spain the plan went ahead the next day, on the 18th July, as planned.