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Lyr Req: Fiddler's Green

27 Nov 98 - 03:28 AM (#46949)
Subject: Fiddlers Green
From: John Pomeroy

Does anyone know the original?. I can only find Tarpaulin Jacket in the data base.

27 Nov 98 - 04:12 AM (#46951)
Subject: Lyr Add: FIDDLER'S GREEN (from Spailpin)^^^
From: AndreasW

I don't know whether this is the original version,
it is the ONLY version I have.


as performed by Spailpin on the CD Whiskey in The Jar from Ireland

As I walked by the dockside one evening so fair
To view the salt water and take the salt air,
I spied an old fisherman singing a song,
Oh take me away, boys, my time is not long.

Chorus [after each verse, twice after second verse]
Wrap me up in my oilskins and blankets.
No more on the docks I'll be seen.
Just tell my old shipmates
I'm taking a trip mates,
I'll see you someday in Fiddler's Green.

Now Fiddler's Green is a place I've heard tell
Where fishermen go if they don't go to Hell
The weather is fair and the dolphins do play
And the cold coast of Finland is far far away.

And when you're in dock and the long trip is through
There's pubs and there's clubs and there's lassies there too
The girls are all pretty and the beer it is free
And there's bottles of rum growing on every tree.

Now I don't want a harp nor a halo, not me
Just give me a breeze and a good rolling sea
I'll play my old squeeze box as we sail along
With the wind in the rigging a-singing a song.

27 Nov 98 - 05:37 AM (#46952)
Subject: RE: Fiddlers Green
From: Brack&

3rd Verse
Where the skies are all blue and there's never a gale
The fish jump on board with one swish of their tale
Where you lie at your leisure, there's nothing to do
And the captain's below making tae for the crew

Regards Mick Bracken

27 Nov 98 - 09:54 AM (#46968)
Subject: RE: Fiddlers Green
From: Wolfgang

but it's in the DT with author and tune

27 Nov 98 - 10:43 AM (#46970)
Subject: RE: Fiddlers Green
From: AndyG

Ah Wolfgang,
The thread title gives it away. Empirical testing shows it's the difference between searching for Fiddlers Green and Fiddler's Green. The first does indeed fail to find the song.


27 Nov 98 - 12:35 PM (#46976)
Subject: RE: Fiddlers Green
From: John Pomeroy

Thanks Andreas for the body of the song and thanks to Brack& for the third verse. Also thank you Wolfgang for telling me that it was in DT and AndyG for pointing out the error of my search. A silly mistake on my part, but it was early in the morning!

27 Nov 98 - 12:43 PM (#46977)
Subject: RE: Fiddlers Green
From: dick greenhaus

John Connolly, who wrote it, was recently heard introducing it as "a medley of my greatest hit"