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Pete Clarke - obit

31 May 04 - 01:16 PM (#1197706)
Subject: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Lady Aelfleda

It is with such great sadness that I have to report that Pete Clarke (aka Piddling Pete) passed away in the early hours of this morning.
Pete has been around the folk scene for such a long time & will have many friends out there on the Mudcat.
Pete will probably be best known for his work with the Moor & Coast Festival in Whitby and Bedworth Folk Festival.
As and when I know the funeral arrangements I'll post them on this thread.
Meantime - have a pint for Pete tonight.

31 May 04 - 02:11 PM (#1197733)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Herga Kitty

Sad news, indeed.


31 May 04 - 02:14 PM (#1197736)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: mandomad

We(Jingle and I) were with Pete on Friday night in the Endeavour, he seemed as fit as ever, and was laughing and reminiscing about past Festivals, and still making plans for the future.
He will indeed be sorely missed, a charming and helpful man, a good friend; a great loss...I still can't believe how sudden it was.


31 May 04 - 02:52 PM (#1197751)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: nutty

Jude, thanks for letting us know.

Such sad news but it's heartening to know that Pete was so happy with his move to Whitby.

He will be missed at the Whitby Festivals.

31 May 04 - 07:22 PM (#1197962)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Tyke

Sad sad news indeed! I too will be pleased to know Peter's Funeral arrangements as I would like if possible to attend and pay my respects to a gentleman. With whom I like many had the pleasure of musing over a beer and a song with. You will be missed Peter by many of that there is no doubt.
George Clarke

31 May 04 - 07:50 PM (#1197995)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Raggytash

It is a very sad day indeed, as has been mentioned above Peter was one of life's gentlemen. Wombat and I are richer for having known him and are truly saddened by his passing. I have had a pint or three this evening thinking of the times when I have been blessed with his company. Sleep well Peter

02 Jun 04 - 04:00 AM (#1198294)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Raggytash

I thought I'd bring this back to the top as the site was down for much of yesterday many people may have not seen it. Jude any news yet.

02 Jun 04 - 05:13 AM (#1198328)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,MC Fat

Sorry to hear the news

02 Jun 04 - 05:35 AM (#1198342)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: s&r

Fylde sends condolences

02 Jun 04 - 08:16 AM (#1198423)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: manitas_at_work

Sorry to hear that. I was in the Tap & Spile several times at the weekend wondering if I might bump into him.

02 Jun 04 - 08:50 AM (#1198443)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Geoff the Duck

Another kind soul gone. We'll miss him next time we get to Whitby.

02 Jun 04 - 11:00 AM (#1198557)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Lady A

No, sorry, no news yet - post mortem etc. delaying things but it looks like it will be the middle of next week. Will post as soon as we get to know

02 Jun 04 - 01:23 PM (#1198667)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Geoff the Duck

Sadly we will be away next week but those of you who are going raise a glass in our name and we will do the same wherever we are.
Jane and Geoff

02 Jun 04 - 04:22 PM (#1198761)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: MoorleyMan

Have just got back from a great weekend away to be brought back to earth with this sad news. Another fine gent departed. It seems but so recently that I too was propping up the bar with Pete. He'll be missed, that's for sure. Thanks Jude for letting us know. My condolencies....

02 Jun 04 - 05:58 PM (#1198804)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Guest Ian

This sad news was passed on to me last night. Like so many, I was having a chat and a beer with him in recent weeks.
Always a pleasure to be with and full of encouragement.
He will be saddly missed by many

03 Jun 04 - 12:25 PM (#1199379)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Lady Aelfleda

Hi All
Funeral arrangements have now been made. The funeral will take place next Thursday (10th June) at Scarborough Crematorium (near Scarborough Hospital) at 10.45am. The cortege will leave the funeral directors in Well Close Square (off Skinner St.) at 10.00am.
It will be a humanist service.
After the service the 'Co-op ham tea' will be in The Tap & Spile.
In the evening there will be a celebration of Pete's life in The Endeavour.


03 Jun 04 - 03:19 PM (#1199563)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: nutty

Thanks Jude ... will pass on the info.

04 Jun 04 - 04:17 AM (#1199949)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Elfcall

So sorry to here this piece of news - Good memories of Pete mainly alcohol assisted !!


04 Jun 04 - 05:40 AM (#1200027)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Raggytash

I am very sorry to say that we will not be able to make it over on Thursday, Christine is training all day and as she is the one giving the training cannot get out of it. We will be over for RHB on the Friday and hopefully Peter's wake will still be continuing over the weekend.


04 Jun 04 - 07:52 AM (#1200092)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Elfcall

Manitas -wasn't Pete responsible for the alcoholic demise of the flooze one Bedduth?


04 Jun 04 - 08:19 AM (#1200111)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,The Very Flooz

Hm. I prefer not to be reminded of this incident!
Actually it was six pints of Marston's Pedigree which Pete led me to rather than Pete himself.

Very sorry to hear the news. He will be missed. Did you hear about him wating a chinese meal for 4 at Fylde one year when Les Lapins had to rush to a gig and leave most of it?


04 Jun 04 - 01:50 PM (#1200406)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Lady Aelfleda

For those of you who can't get to the 'do' - cards etc. can be sent to:
Tommy Randall - The Boardman
c/o Seaman's Houses
Church St.,
YO22 4AP.

The will be read out some time during the day.
Pete's sisters have been really accommodating so would be nice to show our appreciation.

Nick - I'm sure the wake will continue for a while after Thursday..

04 Jun 04 - 02:32 PM (#1200444)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Herga Kitty

I'd forgotten that it was Pete who was responsible for the other Birthday Girl/ Flooz's downfall! - which I was reminded of at Chippenham on Monday, when Duncan McFarlane sang "I can't go there any more" to an audience including Malc Gurnham (who'd obviously not heard the news about Pete)....

I won't be able to make it to Scarborough next Thursday but will raise a glass (or two).


04 Jun 04 - 02:40 PM (#1200454)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,julia

Yikes!! Is this Pete Clark the fiddle player- with the Neil Gow album??!!

04 Jun 04 - 03:54 PM (#1200514)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,rosie,john,sue,steve+sue [ENDEAVOUR]

We will sadly miss Peter,our music expert,our beer expert,our mine of
information,our friend.
                      Condolences to all who held Peter in high regard

                      The Endeavour crew

04 Jun 04 - 09:01 PM (#1200697)
Subject: RE: Pete Clark - obit
From: GUEST,Elisa Ager

To a Dear Friend,

It's not often in life that you are lucky enough to meet someone you'd call a Soulmate, but I did when I met you, Pete.

You were a warm, considerate and caring man with a great sense of humour, generous with your time, company and hospitality and a sensitive and thoughtful friend.

I still can't quite believe that the last time I said goodbye to you, really was the last time. I feel privileged to have known you Peter and I know your spirit will live on in all my memories of the happy times we spent together. With your sudden passing I've lost a very special friend and I'm going to miss you so much, Whitby just won't be the same without you.   

Goodnight dear friend, love always Elisa x

05 Jun 04 - 02:07 AM (#1200814)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Manitas_at_home

6 pints! In a lunch time! I thought it was only 4.

Elfcall, who are you in meat-space? Are you an ex-denizen of the Dog and Duck (the centre of the universe)?

05 Jun 04 - 09:21 AM (#1200912)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Claire Latham

I'm very sad to hear that Pete died last week...There will be something missing at Bedworth this year...I'm pleased that I spent a little time with him at Moor & Coast, hearing how happy he was at getting a place in the Seaman's flats, and sad that he didn't get to spend more time there.

He will be sadly missed during Whitby this year - no more 3 course dinners at 2 in the morning! - and was looking forward to meeting up with him with Malc Gurnham...

Pete..I'm sure you're up there with Bill Tooley, smiling down and raising a pint !!! We'll raise one or two to you at the White Swan at the club on Wednesday.



05 Jun 04 - 02:57 PM (#1201030)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Malc Gurnham (Bedworth FF)

Just back from a few days hols following Chippenham, and can only say I'm totally devastated by the news.

I remember both the Pedigree and the Chinese incidents Helen, I'm sure we can recount loads more - I'm glad we had "Christmas" at Pete's last Whitby week - that's now becomes a special memory.

As for Bedworth - well it just won't be the same without him.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Steve Graham, heavily involved in Redcar many years back, (as far as I know he was last living in the Stoke or Stafford area) as I'd like to get the news to him as it was Steve "Norman" Graham who originally gave Pete the "Piddling Pete" title (after the song of course, not his habits!)

Regards to all,


05 Jun 04 - 03:21 PM (#1201034)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Dave4Guild

Indeed we will, Claire.

I had e-mailed Malc about the Mudcat obit column, 'cos at the time I wasn't sure that it was "our Pete", but Malc has been away and unable to reply, and it was only when he rang me this evening that things became clearer.

Ironically I have just cleared Pete's "Xmas Greetings from Whitby" from my inbox.

Rest in Peace our friend, you will be remembered.

Dave Bennett & Brenda,

06 Jun 04 - 06:55 AM (#1201245)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Lady A

If anyone needs accommodation for Thursday night I've got a bedroom and a lounge with floor space & would be happy to accommodate up to 4 people

06 Jun 04 - 08:09 AM (#1201257)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Sally-Ann

So shocked to hear the news that Pete has died.
He was so good to me in my alcohol impressionable years...oh yes and he along with some dear mature friends introduced me to cider.
Pete was like an extra Dad as i entered the folk world at the tender age of 16.
Thanks Pete for all the great memories............Bedduth will never be the same without you. I will miss you so much.
R.I.P Piddling Pete!

06 Jun 04 - 12:05 PM (#1201345)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,sue

So many memories of pete. He and Malc took great care of me when I moved down here to the midlands - including maintaining a dangerous level of cider in my glass at one Wigan festival. Bedduth just won't be the same without Pete and his clipboard.
I can't be there on thursday but will raise a glass or two..
Farewell pete, I'll miss you,

06 Jun 04 - 02:44 PM (#1201412)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: nutty

Malcolm ... I passed the news on to John Taylor who was going to get in touch with Steve.

Hopefully the Folk network has worked with its usual efficiency and by now Steve has been informed.

06 Jun 04 - 03:25 PM (#1201428)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: TommyRandell

Thanks to Jude for prompting this corner of reminisence for Pete and asking you all to send messages and or cards to his family; care-of The Boardroom, The Seamen's Houses, Church Street, Whitby, YO22 4AP.

His family have asked me to pass directly their grateful thanks for all the good wishes received so far. In this difficult time, knowing Pete was loved by so many is a grat comfort. The funeral arrangements are correct as Jude gave them.

The family have asked if those of you with personal memories - a small anecdote perhaps or something personal you wish to share about Pete's life and work at the many festivals and celebrations he was so much a part of over the years - to send them direct to me as soon as possible please. They will be passed to the minister taking the service at Scarborough Crematorium in the hope Pete's remarkable personality and friendships with us all, his unique place in our memories, may be reflected in any address given as part of that service and later in The Tap and The Endeavour.

I have had the bitter-sweet honour of serving Pete and his lovely sisters through these recent difficult days. As a friend of some all too few years, and as secretary to the Merchant Seamen's Hospital Houses here in Whitby, I can honestly say he was a rare man indeed. I hope to meet some of you in the future and learn more about his rarity. Let us celebrate his fun and mark his continued presence in our lives.

06 Jun 04 - 03:42 PM (#1201434)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: TommyRandell

Pete and his music?

Yes, anybody got any suggestions for tracks or a tune to play on the day in reminisence?

His blues and jazz tastes, for example, are largely unknown to me. I have had suggestions of 'Kate Wolf' 'Paul Metsers' 'Frank Sinatra' 'Count Basie' and 'John Prine'. The Paul Metsers affection I can vouch for cos we spent all Xmas afternoon playing old tapes of Paul's and drinking Port in alarming quantities.

Any help gratefully received.

06 Jun 04 - 04:08 PM (#1201442)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Malc Gurnham

Thanks nutty - I guessed Johnny Taylor might be the best route to Steve Graham.


06 Jun 04 - 06:31 PM (#1201503)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Katherine

Memories of Pete:
Sitting in my broken-down car on the way back from Towersey Festival with Pete asking for the third time if I really had no tools whatsoever in the vehicle.
Sitting in the lounge while Pete cooked dinner and wincing at every ominous crash, bang and oath from the kitchen.
Watching with fascination and disbelief at the spectacle of Pete emerging from the smallest tent in the world.
Crying on Pete's shoulder (more than once).
Asking/taking Pete's advice (not often enough).
You'll be remembered with much affection.

07 Jun 04 - 04:31 AM (#1201765)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,padgett

got a phone call from Jude as it;s half term and I wasn't online
I remember Pete as some one I could always speak to, first met him I think at Warwick FF and as right hand man to Malc Gurnham at Bedworth, also many years at Redcar/Saltburn helping John Taylor

I know that Pete loved Whitby and his move from I think Nuneaton, where he had been an accountant for an OAPs home, something we could talk about

My and John Booker's condolences are extended to all his family and all his friends
Ray Padgett

07 Jun 04 - 06:22 AM (#1201802)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Raggytash

Hopefully I will now be able to attend on Thursday, I can catch a train to Scarborough and make my way to the Crematorium, any chance of a lift back to Whitby for me, a small bag and a palour guitar.


07 Jun 04 - 12:57 PM (#1202099)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,GUEST alan stocks

so sorry and deeply saddened to hear from Malc/Brenda of the sad loss of 'Piddling Pete'..I have known pete for many years and worked with him for many years making sure the concerts ran as they should at Bedduth,(how are we going to replace a man with such dedication,it will be very difficult.
Not sure if i can make it on Thursday but i will be thinking of you.
Good night & God bless


07 Jun 04 - 07:47 PM (#1202361)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Herga Kitty

Johnny Collins sang Dave Webber's Parting Song in memory of Pete, during his set at the Herga Charity Night tonight.

07 Jun 04 - 08:09 PM (#1202370)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Richard Atkins.

Happy memories with Pete,his generous hospitality to me Whitby new years.The brill meals,and the Port! Time out to talk and buy me a pint.A special man. I will miss him. Bedworth is a must for me this year as i feel for Malk at this moment.

08 Jun 04 - 12:24 PM (#1202771)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Lady Aelfleda

No worries Raggytash I'm sure there'll be a space in a car for you back to Whitby

08 Jun 04 - 01:06 PM (#1202787)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Les from Hull

We we're both very sad to hear of Pete's passing. We'll miss you a lot, mate. Unfortunately we can't make it up to Scarborough, but I'm sure that Pete's many friends will mark the occasion well enough.

Les and Maggie

08 Jun 04 - 01:40 PM (#1202818)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: mandomad

It is with very deep regret that Angie(Jingle) & I cannot get time off work to attend on Thursday, we still cannot get over the loss of such a nice friend. We were the last to share an evening with Pete, our Fridays in the Endeavour will never be the same. (Or the Tap, or the Shambles for that matter).
      Only a week or two ago we were discussing music(as we often did) Pete mentioned his love of the words of Ray Hearn's songs, an opinion shared by me, and Pete intended to sing one soon, on a Sunday night in the Tap & spile ( Rother sing a Don song), if I would accompany him.    He rarely sang, so I looked forward to it.
   Our thoughts are with his family, and we are so sorry we cannot make it on Thursday.


08 Jun 04 - 02:23 PM (#1202846)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Debbie and John (Synchronicity)

08 Jun 04 - 03:05 PM (#1202877)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,synchronicity

It seems that our reply, just written from the heart, on hearing the sad news of Pete's untimely death has not reached the nether regions of the electronic systems and we really can't manage to recount exactly the same words we have just written.

We have just returned from holiday to an e-mail from Malc Gurnham and we just can't believe that Pete is no longer here with us. Having recently been spending more time in Whitby we were looking forward to seeimg more of Pete in the Tap & Spile, and agree with all the sentiments that have been expressed by his many friends around the country.

As regular Bedduthers, we will always have in our minds a picture of Pete with his clipboard as he worked to keep the festival on track, filling up any gaps with such apparent ease and calm (could you just do a spot here??) The festival just won't be the same without him - he will genuinely be missed by us all. Please pass on our condolences to his family.

Sadly we will be unable to make the journey from Leicestershire to Scarborough on Thursday but we will be at Bedduth Folk Club on Wednesday to raise a glass (how many!!) to Pete - a great presence on the folk scene.

Are there any plans for donations to any favourite causes/charities in Pete's memory? Please let us know - there must be some fitting way that we can all remember Pete.

Debbie Osborne & John Eaves

09 Jun 04 - 10:08 AM (#1203542)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: tap & spile

Having just read all of the messages for Pete with a few giggles and quite a few tears we would like to add our message of love and respect to a very special man.
He has spent many a happy hour in our house since his move to Whitby, he was a great font of knowledge on such a wide and diverse number of subjects and had so many tales to tell that there was never a dull moment when he was around.
"The tea-time club is honoured to have had you as a member Pete and will miss you very much"
Our daughter Paula was devestated when we rang her and told her the sad news as she spent quite a few hours (when she should have been working) sat on a bar stool chatting to Pete. She is a crew member on board the Grand Turk now and passed on the news to the Captain and crew who during their winter stay spent time in Pete's company both here and in The Endeavour and they also wish to express their sadness at the passing of such a wondrerful "gentle" man.

God bless Pete and we will all have a port or two in memory of you!

09 Jun 04 - 02:05 PM (#1203735)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,John Morris

I have just heard the very sad report of Pete's death via an Email from Malc Gurnham. There isn't anything to add to the messages i have read above except I, too, will miss him greatly at Bed'orth and other festivals.He will be fondly remembered by a great many people.

09 Jun 04 - 02:06 PM (#1203737)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,John Kearney

I would just like to add my thoughts on Pete. He was a good and decent man who left the world better for his being in it. I cant think of a better epitath.

Bye Pete, God Bless


09 Jun 04 - 02:14 PM (#1203741)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,sue

Reading through the thoughts and memories people have put on this site has remind me of many more ways in which Pete touched my life (aside from the cider mentioned earlier). The 40th birthday present chosen with such great care, staying with me in festival concerts when he would have prefered to have been at different ones just so I wouldn't have to walk across the town on my own late at night and walking along the front at Fleetwood in the early morning hours singing I do like to be beside the seaside ....   I guess tonight's Bedduth club could be quite emotional.

09 Jun 04 - 03:14 PM (#1203786)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Lady Aelfleda

Dear All
Many thanks for all the lovely messages & memories. I'm printing these all out as I type this message & they will be shared tomorrow.

Kitty - thanks for letting us know about the song for Pete that Johnny sang - he would have loved that.

Re: Donations. Pete's main 2 charities were cats & cancer research.
Tommy is checking who donations need to be made out to and an address so will post this as soon as we can.

Thanks again

09 Jun 04 - 05:21 PM (#1203870)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: TommyRandell

Pete's Charities?

Hi. Well tomorrow sees us take the beginnings of the completion of this journey. It has been an extraordinary time here at Whitby and I hope I can speak for all Pete's friends and of course his two sisters particularly for all the Love and support, and all the caring and memories shared. Thank you, all of you who have taken the time to record your thoughts and all of you who have respected and remembered Pete with such affection.

These messages and the others which have arrived via post and phone will all be collected for his family and will be a lasting treasure of Pete's life and of this time. On their behalf and for the help it has been to me, I thank you all.


Cheques or money orders made payable to each as identified, or to Mrs Mildred Kane - (Pete's eldest sister)- c/o Peter Clark Memorial, The Boardroom, Seamen's Houses, Church Street, Whitby, YO22 4AP. All donations received will be acknowledged and a full accounting will be published when the donations are made. Any amounts not identified as belonging specifically to either charity will be split 50/50.

Pete was besotted by Cats! That may come as a surprise to many but I can assure you his preoccupation extended not only to monetary support but to occupying his space with the memorabilia of Cats.

Music at the ceremony is likely to be 'Stravaig - Indiana' and 'Kate Wolf - Across the Great Divide'. Thank you everyone who made suggestions on this. "Let us look forward to a Day foccussed and clear when with or hearts intact and our tears ready we can count ourselves lucky for knowing a man".

With thanks - Tommy.

10 Jun 04 - 03:29 AM (#1204138)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,Graeme Knights

I too have read the above messages. They are all so accurate a description of Pete and I echo the sentiment contained. He will be greatly missed by many people as this thread is testament to. I personally will miss his friendship, warmth and deliciously dry sense of humour. Unfortunately I will be unable to make Pete's funeral, however I shall be there in thought and mind. Send him off well guys!!!

A friend who will be missed.

Safe journey Pete,


10 Jun 04 - 05:51 PM (#1204651)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: Malc Gurnham

Pleased to see so many in Whitby to celebrate Pete's life, I know there were many more who wanted to be there but unable to make it - I've already had a number of calls and I've been home less than an hour.
Afraid we were unable to stay on for the Endeavour session as we had to get back home because of the "day jobs"!, hope it went well.
A number of people asked today if I had the words for the song "Piddling Pete" from which he adopted his nickname - well here goes:


Originally "The Piddling Pup" a poem by Jo Anderson, circa 1750
(sung to the tune of "Ghostriders in the Sky")

A famous dog once came to town known to his friends as Pete
His pedigree was ten yards long his looks were hard to beat
And as he trotted down the road 'twas beautiful to see
His work at every corner every post and every tree

He never missed a land mark he never missed a post
For piddling was his masterpiece and piddling pleased him most
The city dogs stood looking on in deep and jealous rage
To see this little country dog the piddler of his age

They smelt his efforts one by one they smelt him two by two
But noble Pete in high disdain stood still while they were through
Then when they'd smelt everywhere the praise for him ran high
But when one smelt him underneath he piddled in his eye

Just then to show these city dogs he didn't care a damn
He strolled into the grocers shop and piddled on the ham
He piddled on the cornflakes he piddled on the floor
And when the grocer threw him out he piddled up the door

Behind him the city dogs debated what to do
They'd hold a piddler carnival the hoop they'd put him through
They showed him all the piddling posts they knew about the town
And they set off with many winks to wear the stranger down

But Pete was with them all the way with vigour and with vim
A thousand piddles more or less were all the same to him
And on and on went noble Pete as tireless as a windmill
And very soon those city dogs were piddled to a standstill

Then Pete an exhibition gave of all the ways to piddle
Of double drops and fancy flips and now and then a dribble
The city dogs said farewell Pete your piddling did defeat us
But no one ever put them wise that Pete had diabetes.

- so now you know!

Regards Malc.

11 Jun 04 - 02:19 AM (#1204883)
Subject: RE: Pete Clarke - obit
From: GUEST,synchronicity

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of Pete and how he had moved to Whitby from the Midlands and how happy he was there. I know it has been decided for two charities to benefit by way of donations in Pete's memory but I just wondered if it could be put to his family whether it would be possible to consider buying one of the 199 steps in Pete's memory? This would provide a permanent and lasting memory to a man whose heart lies in Whitby.