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Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

08 Nov 03 - 12:37 PM (#1050179)
Subject: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: C-flat

I've probably mis-spelt the name but does anyone have any information or knowledge of these French-made guitars?
I played one some years ago and was very impressed, I remember comparing it favourably to a Lowden. Now I've been offered one at a good price (£200) and I'm tempted to go and see it but I thought I'd do some research first.
I can't find anything on Google despite several spelling attempts, so if anyone is familiar with them I'd be grateful for another opinion.

08 Nov 03 - 04:29 PM (#1050247)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: Ned Ludd

G. Trameleuc guitars, distributed by Saga about 8-10 years ago,in Britain.As you said a french Lowden. very similar designs, well made,All solid timber. can't be bad at 200 quid!What model is it? Top model was PL15 or ppl15
Hope that is a help! I'd buy at that price!

08 Nov 03 - 05:13 PM (#1050259)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: Willie-O

Try-me-luck guitars?

Why not? Price is right.

08 Nov 03 - 06:23 PM (#1050281)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: C-flat

Thanks Ned, that's one spelling option I hadn't tried!
I haven't much information on the guitar, a friend of a friend is selling it, although I understand it has had some repair work, I'm told it plays beautifully.
With less well known makers it's hard to know what a fair price is and ultimately I know I will have to trust my ears but it's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in thinking this sounds like a bargain.

09 Nov 03 - 05:59 AM (#1050555)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: Ned Ludd

Send me the model no if you get it. I have a brochure in front of me but it's in french!(Very handsome instruments!)

09 Nov 03 - 07:16 AM (#1050560)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: GUEST,Guest spot

Cflat... If you decide against it .. let me know.. been after one for ages..

                     Regards to all   Spot

09 Nov 03 - 11:17 AM (#1050632)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: C-flat

I should be able to take a proper look tomorrow. Will keep you posted, Spot.

15 Nov 03 - 10:11 AM (#1054119)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: C-flat

It would seem that someone beat me to it.
We'll just have to keep looking Spot!
C-flat(feeling flat)

05 Feb 06 - 10:59 AM (#1662136)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: GUEST,

ned ludd,

hi, I'm one of the three people in the US who owns a trameluc and I was hoping someone could tell me about the model PPI-15 as there is zero information here. Is this model the top of the line for Trameleuc? thanks, jeff

05 Feb 06 - 06:37 PM (#1662421)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: Ned Ludd

Hi bravebone. Sorry, not the top of the range- the P1 15 is that.Yours is solid top, with veneered rosewood back and sides if my french is any good.
Table de harmonie en Epicia de Sitka, fondset eclisses en palissandre des Indes. Manche en deux parties Acajou du Honduras,touche en Palissandre des Indes, Chevalet en Palissandre des indes.
The P1 15 is solid timber throughout. Still a good looker though!

28 Jul 06 - 10:04 AM (#1795408)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: sebzh

Hi Guys, I own a Trameleuc, and NedLudd--->Is it possible for you to scan or taking some pictures of the trameleuc brochure you had??? I've made a website on it and i'm actually updating it with new pics and some web links so if you still have this brochure, it would be a great add for this poor and miserable handmade website...

11 Mar 07 - 02:05 AM (#1993192)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: GUEST,macmic

I have a tramaleuc. I bought it in Champagne Illinois in 1988 while on tour with the musical Big River. I have never been able to find any info till I saw this thread. The guitar is a jumbo acoustic, no pickguard, ebony tailpiece, split ivory bridge, rosewood fingerboard with no markers, quilted maple headstock laminate, solid cedar or dark spruce top (incredible cross-grain, and indian rosewood back and sides (beautifully figured. Satin finish...and incredible tone, big, deep without being too bottom heavy.The body binding is quadruple wood. All in all, this guitar is a stunning piece. The soundhole paper is all in french, I thought it was French Canadian, as it mentions SAGA, though it says St Brieuc France. It was over a grand on the tag, but it was in stock way too long and I got it out the door for 5 hundred witha jumbo Guild hard case thrown in for free. It's the cream of my collection of over 80 acoustic and electric axes. Very rare. If anyone has info, I would appreciate it, especially a PDF of the catalogue. I am at thanks (I am in California).

11 Mar 07 - 02:37 AM (#1993199)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc guitars?
From: Peace

If you Google

Guy Trameleuc

you will get to a Google page. Translate the second site on the page

(Trameleuc- [ Translate this page ]En effet, les guitares de Guy Trameleuc conviennent parfaitement à ce style de ... Mais en ce qui concerne Guy Trameleuc en tant que luthier, rien de rien. ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

The translation is poor, but you'll get the message. Please NB that the spelling is


and possibly a clone could change the thread title to reflect that. There are also some links available on the translated page that may be helpful to p[eople looking for info about the various guitars and the luthier whose name is Guy Trameleuc. The site says he builds fewer than 15 guitars per year. Hope this is of help to y'all.

25 Mar 07 - 11:04 AM (#2006660)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Chris

My second guitar age 15 was an 57 00028 Martin (Owned by Bert Jansch before me) O.K. I was spoiled, she was a beauty & loud. I like heavy medium strings really brings out the sound. 14/5 years later a family man, I parted with her, not finding time to play & feeling guilty about this instrument sat in it's case, hung up the guns. 15 years later divorced feeling to play again started searching for something affordable but that ol' Martin was a hard act to follow.By chance in a guitar shop in Nottingham I came across this G Tremeleuc, never heard of them, but what a guitar!!! Nearest thing I'd found to my old love, both in feel & sound & brand new (I was looking for another vintage) can't fault this guitar & she gets better with age, must be 16yrs. now. I've been living in S.W. France 11yrs. & only one mate here recognized her, he knows Guy Tremeleuc & tells me he lives in Brittany. I've long searched online for info on these guitars to see what he has in his catalogue, apparently I'm not alone, this is the first site I've come accross with any info' & it seems I bought his top of the line model.My advice to anyone(talking real accoustic men here)that finds one, BUY IT!! You won't be dissapointed.Guy Tremeleuc I doff my cap, THANKYOU!!

02 Apr 07 - 01:27 AM (#2014095)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Guest..Ron..

Tremeleuc Guitars .....The late Isaac Guillory on his Freight and Salvage concert(downloadable at plays what I initially thought were Lowden guitars but I now believe they are not and may be Tremeleuc guitars....note the name is between the machine heads (like Takamine) and not at the end of the headstock as Lowdens are..Unfortunately the mame is undeciphable on the video...Cheers

31 May 07 - 04:02 PM (#2065163)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: sebzh

thanks for quoting my website
I desperate to find out anymore things about trameleuc

here stands what i've found but I wait to put online a update.I'd like to find a catalog or a brochure

Nedd lud, if you read this please mail me the documents you have.So i canput all i have on those guitars, very rare models...big pictures and more

01 Aug 07 - 04:06 PM (#2116774)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,hansk

I own a rare trameleuc model: pah 10c serial no: 9486. I bought it in the early 9-ties. It's a stunning sound indeed but I'm willing to sell it.I also have the origional case.If someone is interested: mail to for more information and pictures.

10 Aug 07 - 12:55 PM (#2123168)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Chris

If anyone is interested I've got a Trameleuc guitar which I bought new in about 1990 in London. The model and serial number are PAH-10 70222. I've always really liked this guitar but have always found it difficult to get any information about it or Tramaleuc guitars in general. Are they hand made, are they still made ? I've fitted a pick guard and an under saddle pick up to mine and over the years it has collected a few dings and scratches, but it still sounds great.If anyone knows anything about this model and tramaleuc guitars I'd like to hear it.

03 Jan 08 - 08:53 AM (#2227349)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,cedric french

hi guys

i don't own trameleuc guitar but guy trameleuc is living about 10 kilometers from here and is no longer building guitar at all since a long time. in fact, one of the person that work with him stole all wood and materiel since guy holidays ( my 1 year guitar teacher tell me that, he was a good friend of him and own some of his guitars). it's very difficult to find here. life is strange : you american people play trameleuc guitar and i little french own national tricone. those things a difficult to find far from there homeland but really sound good.


22 Feb 08 - 12:24 PM (#2269652)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Dave

I am Dave from Berkshire UK

I have a Trameleuc Model PP1-15. I agree with others here, it's a difficult name to remember how to spell properly but that is the correct spelling. About 10 years go I wanted to add to my one guitar collection, a 20+ year old Yamaha FG160. So I bought the Trameleuc from a local dealer. Some of it's appeal was it's individuality, it looked so different from all the Ovations, Wahsburns and other well known makes. I still have it today and it's well made, nice looking and nice sounding, but as we all know, this is always subjective.

I am not surprised to learn they are no longer made because even at the time of buying, I could find little information anywhere about this brand.

In fact the reason I am posting here is because, out of curiosity yet again I searched on Trameleuc and found this interesting site. Nice to be here.

Now after 10 years I have brought my guitar collection to the dizzy amount of 3 having come home from the guitar shop with a Taylor GSMC under my arm. So now I consider myself spoilt beyond belief. But I will always love my Trameleuc just as much as I always have done.


26 Feb 08 - 08:13 AM (#2272635)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,/Zebulon

According to a local importer at the time I got this info that may be accurate...

P1-15 Cedar top, solid side and borders
P11-15 Cedar top, laminate side ande
P1-10 spruce top, solid side and borders (Love this one)

Well do someone here know?...

Take care

26 Feb 08 - 12:05 PM (#2272799)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

I have a Trem and am looking to buy any that come on the market. I would really like to get Guy to make one for me. Does anyone have his email?

12 Mar 08 - 12:55 PM (#2286504)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Fred B

Glad to see this thread. I bought a Guy Trameleuc acoustic jumbo in November 1990 from Music Inn in Nottingham UK, and have loved it dearly ever since. Model is AH-10, no. 80437. Cost me £375 with a case at the time. Sad to hear that he is not building guitars any more, if that's true, it is a lovely instrument.

Fred B

20 Sep 08 - 10:03 PM (#2446244)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

It is trameleuc fan of Japan hello. This site was found with google. I find in the dealer in used articles and own "PHA-10EC" by chance. It looked for the producing company in surprise because the sound was very good. The thing made in Japan is known and has been consenting for a certain period.

07 Oct 08 - 11:17 AM (#2459315)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,asa

i have a Trameleuc, not sure the model no, will look when I get home tonight. I've had it 16years and it's great. V loud, but still sweet and solid. It has been played to within an inch of its life.
It has been slightly usurped by an old levin which i was given. Not sure what year but is the best sounding guitar I have come across with the possible exception of a 58 Martin a friend of mine has.
I found this site by accident, its nice to know people are talking about Trameleucs.

08 Oct 08 - 11:18 AM (#2460224)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

a very special custom made by Guy Trameleuc, maybe the only one electric he made...I've just called the shop and the guy tell me its still to sell, Shure one day it'll be mine oh yeah it'will be mine

Make this thread eternal


14 Nov 08 - 06:35 AM (#2493550)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: guitardunc

Guy Trameleuc is a French luthier who hand-builds a small number of very high quality instruments each year. Most instruments which you find on the market carrying the "G. Trameleuc" name have a label inside stating they were made by SAGA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS to Guy Trameleuc's specifications. All of the instruments carrying the SAGA label were made in Japan in the late 1980's. They are basically clones of the Lowden variety. I own a PPI -15 (not PP1-15) that I obtained new in exchange for a Fender Strat Plus, which I hated. My Trameleuc sounds great when fingerpicked, but not so sweet when I attack it with a flatpick. The UK guitar magazine "Guitarist" reviewed a couple of the Saga-built instruments round about 1987. I used to have a copy of the article but it's long gone.

14 Nov 08 - 06:53 AM (#2493561)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: guitardunc

Further to my last post, production may have been early 90's rather than late 80's. My guitar carries the ink-stamped number "91" near the truss rod nut which I guess may indicate the year of manufacture. Similarly, The "Guitarist" review which I so vaguely remember may have been published later than 1987.

06 Dec 08 - 04:52 PM (#2509467)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?


Very very nice and loud sound
I used to play in DADGAD with it, it seems to be build for this kind of "chording"

If someone wants to contact Guy TRAMELEUC, i give this link :

Guy TRAMELEUC will give lessons during 2 days (on guitar)

Maybe it's possible to get Guy's email adress this way.
And if you really want to have his mail adress, just let me know, i'll ring the place he will give these lessons to try to contact him.

mail :

18 Mar 09 - 05:46 PM (#2592106)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,daveyg

I have acquired a Tremeleuc pah-10 from my uncle who can no longer play it. It needs some restoration work but wow what a fantastic sound and feel this guitar has. Would sell if anyone was interested for a realistic price.

Anyone interested my E-mail is

19 May 09 - 12:11 AM (#2635397)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,kenny white melb australia

hi my wife and myself are both musicians, i play blues folk jazz she plays folk i own syaris guilds fenders national 1929 etc she plays a trameleuc pah-10 cedar top solid mahogany back and sides beautifull wood binding rosewood bridge etc and best of all a magnificent sounding instrument with a great feel .guy trameleuc built exceptional guitars kenny white . you can hear it played by fiona on thanks.

12 Jun 09 - 08:28 AM (#2654765)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,G. Trameleuc PAH-10

I have here a Trameleuc PAH-10 guitar.

Review/ description.

I realise that the Guy Trameleuc guitars are rare and a constant subject of facination among interested guitar players. It can be quite difficult to track down information.

These guitars (The SAGA labeled guitars which are most commonly discussed) were made in Japan at a time (1980's) when Japanese made guitars are especially revered and sought after by players today. Think of Tokai, Burny, Fernandes, Orville, etc. Much to do with economic conditions in the 1980's which made it difficult to sustain high end guitars Japanese product really began to come into its own. Lowden guitars also saw it's manufacturing switched to Japan for a period betwen 1980 and 1985.

George Lowden "Thus began a five-year period when my guitars were made in Japan by a small, dedicated band of luthiers near Nagoya. I visited the S. Yairi workshop regularly and gave the designs, checked quality, and learned about Japanese craftsmanship and their serious approach to work! I found the folk I worked with to be honourable and courteous, and I had the greatest of respect for their hard work and excellent guitars. I learned a lot about production and tools, they in turn were delighted to be able to make original design guitars to this quality level."

Question...given the design similarities between Lowden guitars and this Trameleuc and given that George Lowden brought production back to Northern Ireland in 1985, the year when I think Trameleuc guitars began to be produced in Japan, is there a connection? Did the workshop (Yairi) that ceased to produce Lowden guitars begin instead to make the Trameleuc guitars? It does make you wonder.

Model G.Trameleuc PAH-10.

This quote I found on the Internet sounds very reasonable: "Guy Trameleuc is a French luthier who hand-builds a small number of very high quality instruments each year. Most instruments which you find on the market carrying the "G. Trameleuc" name have a label inside stating they were made by SAGA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS to Guy Trameleuc's specifications. All of the instruments carrying the SAGA label were made in Japan in the late 1980's. They are basically clones of the Lowden variety."

I think production of the "SAGA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS" G.Trameleuc guitars ran from 1985, so this may be a rare early example.

A number "85" stamped on brace beside trussrod adjustment nut inside soundhole. Could this be the year of manufacture.

After making a couple of necessary adjustments the guitar plays beautifully for fingerstyle in particular there being a beautiful articulation of the notes. Strumming is fine but the guitar's fingerstyle tone is it's greatest strength.

This guitar had been set up by a previous guitar technician with a fret dress etc but the nut was cut too low on the bass string (causing buzz) but that was easily fixed. The bone saddles were a very tight fit into the bridge slots so I managed to get them out and relieve them so that they slide in and out nicely as is desirable. The frets are beautifully dressed with an average height of 0.035" approx and width of .089". A set of fairly fresh strings (tinny sound) were replaced by a regular "12" set of D'Addario Phospher Bronze strings. The guitar sounds much better now, really very nice.
The action is medium - low perfect for fingerstyle and strumming no problem. Having been used to playing Avalons and Lowdens, the neck of this guitar is very comfortable indeed and no issues at all. The frets on Lowdens / Avalon would be bigger though, perhaps as high as 0.048" but somehow the frets on this Trameleuc make it much easier to play. A bonus for speed and ease.

The guitar is finished with a hand rubbed ("0000" grade wire wool) satin sheen giving a Lowden / Avalon look and feel.

The guitar has therefore a soft patina to the finish giving it a "hand made" as opposed to "factory" finish.

There is a solid cedar top with mahogany back (two piece)and sides. The body and neck are bound in roswood. The neck is two piece mahogany. The truss rod is adjusted from inside the soundhole. The fingerboard and bridge are Rosewood too. The Headstock is faced by birdseye maple (very nice). Tuners are Japanese. The original case is a snug fit and of Far Eastern origin I'd say.

The design does indeed echo Lowden features eg Split saddle bridge, "O" Jumbo body shape (Same size as Lowden "O" and Avalon "L" series guitars", Truss rod adjusted from soundhole end, soft satin finish, pickguard-less "look".

Here is the information taken from the label inside the guitar:

Cette guitare a ete realisee avec le plus grand soin dans les ateliers de SAGA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, conformement aux conceptions de Guy Trameleuc Guitares, St Brieuc, France.
Les Guitares G. Trameleuc sont certifiees selon les normes de guarantie SAGA pourune duree de un an a compter de leur mise en circulation

...and with an approximate translation into English:

        This guitar has been produced with the utmost care in the workshops of SAGA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, in accordance with conceptions of Guy Trameleuc Guitars, St Brieuc, France. Guitars G. Trameleuc are certified according to standards of format for SAGA guarantee period of one year from their circulation

Anyway, I don't normally do this but I acquired this G. Trameleuc PAH-10 guitar under circumstances of "VERY Inaccurate information about the guitar". I find it to be a very good guitar with the adjustments I have made to it (yours would not need the same treatment of course as every instrument is different especially after 20 plus years). It is a very sweet and articulate guitar very suited to fingerstyle and would be a dream in open tunings of course. I can see the top is solid Cedar but couldn't guarantee that the back and sides are solid mahogany.It does have a hand made feel and look as opposed to a factory finish and this is good. The fact that it was produced in a Japanese workshop in the 1980's is very good indeed and this will be understood by the community of guitar players who especially treasure these instruments for their quality from a time when some established makers' products could be disappointing.

23 Jul 09 - 02:52 AM (#2685759)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Marc Burroughs, Vista, California

I fell in love with Lowdens after playing a few at the NAMM show in Anaheim California in 1991. Being a single dad, construction worker and part-time musician there was no way to afford a Lowden at the time. I had befriended a gentleman who owned a small acoustic instrument shop called Traditional Music in Leucadia CA. He knew my desire for a Lowden and I think I played practically every one that came through his shop. One day I entered his shop shortly after he had done a deal with an Englishman who had traded in a Trameluec for an old beat up Gibson acoustic. The young Englishman wanted to play Delta blues and the Tram wasn't "funky enough"...anyway, I played it and could not judge the guitar because the strings were horribly dead. A couple of days later my friend called me up and said " you've got to come in here and hear this guitar with new strings on it". I did...I was blown away in that it sounded every bit as good as the Lowdens I played at the NAMM I traded in my 1963 Gibson J-45 and love it as much as the day I brought it home. With that said it doesn't do every thing… it tends to get lost I bluegrass settings etc. It does however do classical pieces as well as a steel string can.
I to had this theory that perhaps when Lowden vacated the Japanese shop that Saga/Trameleuc slipped in there…I'd sure like to know the history.
A funny little aside…while at a Pierre Bensusan house concert in Santa Monica, Ca in 1996 I asked him after the show if he had heard of Trams he said (with a little grin) "Ah yes they are a very good guitars…but they are sort of a bastard Lowden…" I wish I would thought to ask further questions
Anyway my guitar's model # is "P" as other have indicated. It seems to have solid mahogany back and sides and definitely a solid cedar top.
I love it…
Vista, California

26 Oct 09 - 01:41 PM (#2753002)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,fishfingerfrank

Great to see interest in Guy Trameleuc's work. I have a PAH10EC bought new in 1995. As people say a kind of poor man's Lowden but mine certainly has that definition between strings so a great fingerstyle guitar. Also an excellent pickup system. I've posted some videos as Fishfingerfrank on YouTube (and don't miss Philip Catherine either). Keep on playing

28 Nov 09 - 03:44 PM (#2775720)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Brian C, Bristol UK

Great to hear that other people are also impressed with these guitars.
I took a punt a few years back and bought a PAH 10 off ebay. Really pleased with my purchase; as fishfingerfrank said "a poor man's Lowden".
Mine also has the SAGA info on the label inside and '152' stamped near the truss rod, so clearly not the year of manufacture.
Great for fingerstyle and alternate tunings (of course, I just need to learn to play it better!).

28 Dec 09 - 08:32 PM (#2798103)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Bob Snyder

I have a Traumeleuc purchased in France in the late 1980's. It is in as new condition as I decided on classical guitar and mothballed this one. Anyone interested?

29 Dec 09 - 12:18 PM (#2798568)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Bob Mayrid man

Its fantastic to here from all you guys who own one of these instruments.
I have a AH-10 serial 70270. I brought it from a shop in Birmingham England. The new music exchange. This was in the early 80s I think I paid about £370 with a hard case. It as been my most treasured possession in all this time and as survived two marriages! I have played it for thousands of hours. The only problem I did have, the bridge split and had to be replaced. I tend to use heavy strings, but the Luther made a really good job of it and it looks almost authentic the bridge being slightly thicker.
I have compared it with very high end Martins and Taylor's but the Trameleuc always comes out on top, I believe the age of the instrument as enhanced the tonal quality. Mine sounds and looks like Philip Catherine,s (but without the cut out)
I would like to here anything about this instruments manufacture or history.

03 Jan 10 - 01:29 PM (#2802271)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Bob Mayrid man

Hi Bob Snyder, can you give me more details of the Tram you have? Photos would be great. What sort of price do you have in mind? Bob

15 Jan 10 - 09:00 AM (#2812605)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Olivier


I have a Trameleuc DA-10E, dreadnought, acoustic-electric.
It's a really good guitar both acoustic or plugged.
Very easy to play, with a perfect neck and very low action.

I bought it to its first owner in Rennes, Britanny.
I myself live in Nantes (France).
It's a very rare guitar because only 4 were built.
That's why you can find informations about jumbo trameleuc guitars, quite similar to Lowden guitars, but no informations about this dreadnought.
He built those guitars for friends.

If someone is interested, i can sell it for about 1000 euros.

Here is a link to see some pictures:

Please excuse my bad English.



20 Jan 10 - 02:57 PM (#2816909)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Andy Markham

Count me as another owner since '94 of the Cedar top Jumbo with rosewood binding, mahogany sides and back. Splendid guitar, also for bottleneck. For whatever reason, it also sounds spectacular when amplified via LR Baggs dual source, much better amplified than my equally beautiful Collings dreadnought, which also has the LR Baggs. It's cool to see other people with such similar positive experiences with them. Cheers.

05 Feb 10 - 06:35 PM (#2831065)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Thomas

does anybody sell a Trameleuc PAH-10 or know where I could buy one? Thanks for your info!

31 Jan 11 - 03:56 PM (#3086085)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,alex blanco

Hello. Have you the trameleuc yet? I'm interesting in buy it.
My mail

31 Jan 11 - 04:08 PM (#3086093)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

Anybody have a trameleuc for sale? I'm very interested.
My mail.
Thanks to all.

12 Mar 11 - 11:18 AM (#3112372)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,gt


I have a Tremeleuc PP1 15, I want to sell it but have no idea how much it is worth, can anyone help?


18 Mar 11 - 03:32 PM (#3116599)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,mackan

Thank you for your information about about G.Trameleuc guitars. I live in Sweden and bought a G.T i think in year 1998 (unsure, i really don´t remember exactly but I can find out). Today, I use two guitars, one Gibson J45 and the Trameleuc (and one DOBRO 1973 mod: "Man in a boat 'or something..'"). My T:s model is: AH-10EC (nr 9604).
My guess is that this is one of the lIatest guitars made. I have had and played on a number of guitars, but I must say; The sound is fantasic, you get the warmth of the jumbo and the basepower of the western models. And of course, the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen (so far). The only thing that´s a little shame, is that the volume control isn´t in wood (as in the earlier models I think). On my guitar there's one of these plastic plates who looks NOT so good. Fortunately you don't see it as a viewer. Still, this is my favorite guitar, I will treasure it always.
/best wishes, Mackan

28 Mar 11 - 04:50 PM (#3123609)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

Hi. Can you tell me what is the price for your PP1 15?
I'm interested.

06 Jun 11 - 12:13 PM (#3166014)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

I have two guitars Trameleuc: A PAH10 and PPI15. I am very satisfied with all the two, although they sound remarkably different. I'm still looking for a PPI15C. You can offer me but also all others, I am very interested.

15 Jun 11 - 05:57 AM (#3170869)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Daddy William

Very interested to read this information on Guy Trameleuc guitars. I have owned an AH-10 serial number 70267 for about 15 years having bought it second hand from a semi-pro player who was no longer able to play due to illness. It is both a beautiful sounding and looking guitar. I bought it originally to play in assemblies in a school hall as it had such a good sound and carried well in a relatively large space with poor acoustics. Following my retirement five years ago it has languished in its case mainly as I resumed playing my spanish guitar. It is played occasionally though and it is only recently that I discovered that it has a pickup fitted inside it and sounds just as good through an amplifier. A great instrument, thoroughly recommended, if you have one or can acquire one you will love it.

19 Feb 12 - 05:22 AM (#3310884)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Gene

I have a PAH-10 I bought new in 1987... it has "90" stamped on the rtuss rod strut?

19 Feb 12 - 07:00 AM (#3310924)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,999

17 Nov 12 - 07:31 PM (#3437968)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

I have a Trameleuc TR-15 with the SAGA label inside. Number 6037. I bought it around 1985 in Cleveland, Ohio. Anyone know anything about this model, specifically an approximate value? It appears to match the description of the March 11, 2007 post above: "The guitar is a jumbo acoustic, no pickguard, ebony tailpiece, split ivory bridge, rosewood fingerboard with no markers, quilted maple headstock laminate, solid cedar or dark spruce top (incredible cross-grain, and indian rosewood back and sides (beautifully figured. Satin finish...and incredible tone, big, deep without being too bottom heavy. All in all, this guitar is a stunning piece. The soundhole paper is all in french, as it mentions SAGA, though it says St Brieuc France."

03 Jan 13 - 04:51 PM (#3461011)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Trout'n'Lowden lover

Great to see this site! There is constant controversy about Guy Trameleuc's guitars. Quite simply put, there are the instruments he built at his shop in France and there are far, far more guitars that were made at the SAGA factory in Japan. Trameleuc licensed his name and some of his design ideas for use from about 1985-1991, perhaps a little later. THESE 2 TYPES OF TRAMELEUCS SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED!

I have the great pleasure of owning both an original, limited edition (1 of perhaps 10-20, no one knows for sure), French made Trameleuc AH-10C, from 1990 or so and a Japanese made PAH-10. From contacting his shop in France, thru great difficulty, the entire licensing situation with Japan and Trameleuc was explained to me as well as the great difference in value between the French and Japanese-made guitars. Granted, I might not have gotten it all straight exactly as our conversation was in very broken English thru a very kind woman speaking to Guy, then me.

At the time I got my French instrument I did not know the name, but already owned Lowdens. Yes, Guy's French made guitars are tonally comparable with great string to string separation fingerstylers love, and the attention to detail of his work is exceptional. According to what I was told during that call, he was hoping to make more than 12 guitars in one year, which would have been a first at the time.

As more players discovered his guitars and their great price (his pricing was under 1/2 of similar wood Lowden models when I got mine, now about 20 yrs ago. Like Lowden, he couldn't keep up with orders and sought a licensing deal to have more guitars produced. Whether good or bad, he chose SAGA, while Lowden chose S. Yairi. Though many Trameleuc guitars were made in Japan, the build quality apparently varied beyond his comfort level with wood problems, splitting bridges and incorrectly mounted truss rods that can pull he fingerboard off! He also realized that the Japanese guitars were being confused with his own limited production guitars, which brought the value of his hard work down and conversely brought the value of the surviving Japanese built models up. The confusion between the two has never ended and after problems at his French shop he quit building guitars completely and now only occasionally teaches guitar in workshops in France.

For perspective, his solid cedar topped, solid rosewood cutaway jumbo instrument from 1992 cost just under $2,000 US. The instrument most closely related made in Japan, listed for $700, but was all laminate back & sides, just the top was solid. Most of the Japanese rosewood Trameleucs were laminate constructed, perhaps all, which I was disappointed to find out after buying a PI-15, which I resold with some difficulty within the year as it couldn't compare to the French AH-10C I purchased for well under $1,000 in mint condition.

The bottom line from my own research over 20 years is that Guy Trameleuc French made guitars are very rare (estimates are that he made under 300 guitars total) and likely worth what they are selling them for! There are many Japanese made instruments out there. I've seen 3 PAH-10 guitars used at one music store alone, ranging over about 5 years of production and apparently thousands of serial numbers. The Japanese instruments need to be judged on how they sound and how they've held up, not where they were made. Two examples of one model can sound quite different and some have painfully sharp fret ends, split woods, etc. I have only uTube videos of the few other French instruments out there to compare mine to and I must say they seem exemplary! Mine certainly is the equal of many non-custom Lowdens I've owned and played and was a great value.

We should all be thankful Guy Trameleuc decided to make guitars and feel deeply for him that his often one-of-a-kind guitars get confused with the Japanese SAGA guitars. I tried to reach him again several years ago and though I could not reach him in person, I confirmed he had quit building any guitars after a theft at his shop, perhaps by an assistant and that was the current end of his guitar making story, though he is still alive and kicking from what I can tell.

I hope this clears a few things up for folks. The better SAGA made instruments were considered by one Euro guitar magazine article I found from around 1986 to be in the best guitar under $1,000 range-I can't say they won, but they can be very good players.

17 Jan 13 - 05:45 AM (#3467471)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,paul fairall

I recently picked up a saga made PPI-15EC and have spent considerable time trawling the internet for information on these " legendary " guitars. As mine has a sticker inside saying Saga I e miled them and I very nice chap responded with some limited information and a page from a 1998 brochure showing two guitars but not a single cut a la mine. The text is not clear enough to read sadly.

27 Feb 13 - 10:46 AM (#3484290)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,alan

bonjour je vends une guitare TRAMELEUC PAH-10 E ;mon adresse mail

31 Mar 14 - 05:31 AM (#3613892)
Subject: RE: Trameleuc (Guy Trameleuc) guitars?

I have a Trameleuc PPI 15EC. The sound it's amazing !
I have a copy of the catalog Saga with all Trameleuc models. If someone is interesting.

17 Mar 15 - 07:04 PM (#3694919)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,GUEST.dave


After 7 years since last posting on this thread, I still have the PPI-15.
Still going strong, and still hardly any info about these guitars, they really must be a rarity, so I think I'll still be hanging on to this instrument forever probably!

Yes I agree with others, for fingerstyle it's great, especially because of the generous neck width, but for strumming, not the big open sound that some other guitars might have, although as always, sounds are subjective. Anyway, I still love this guitar.


06 Jun 15 - 04:34 PM (#3714864)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Guest, Ruedi

I got a Trameleuc PP1-15 with no. 9317, SAGA built, in perfect condition. I live in the French part of Switzerland, so language is no problem, but I do not know much about my guitar. The instrument is perfect for fingerstyle, easy to play and the sound is beautiful.
Should anyone have some information about the PP1-15 please pass me a mail to
Bye, Ruedi

29 Jun 15 - 11:37 PM (#3719940)
Subject: I just ordered one

Cool thread! I just ordered one from ebay that looks exactly like this:

It's supposed to come on Wednesday. I'll let you know how it sounds.


06 Jul 15 - 04:28 PM (#3721473)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

It sounds amazing, a lot like a green label Lowden 010 I used to own. But I like it better actually.

That elderly site above says model TR-20. I can't find mention of that model anywhere else. Anyone else have one of these?

Another one listed here:

Mine doesn't have a sticker inside. So I'm just seeing if I can get more info. Seems like maybe it was higher end. Or an earlier version. Solid back and sides. 5 piece neck. Eccentric wooden pick guard. Serial stamp says 143.



19 Mar 18 - 07:00 AM (#3911833)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,nick penn

i recently purchased a japanese PPI 15EC serial no 9724 late 1980s?)

and am really pleased, i have Martins and Faith as my best guitars and the Trameleuc is certainly up there with them, for fingerstyle, the wider neck is really comfortable and she sings !!!, she is definitely a keeper,

A fellow guitarist plays a Lowden and when we had our regular thursday night session i played his Lowden and the Trameleuc compared very favourably. shame Guy has stopped making, a loss to the luthier world

10 May 21 - 05:41 AM (#4105470)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?

I own a Saga PI-15C, stamped 177 on the transferbar and 9518 on the heelblock. I suspect number 9518 to be date of building cos I purchased the instrument around 95/96. I would like to discus these instruments a little further. Do you mind sending me pictures of the guitars if possible please ?? Best regards, Chris

10 May 21 - 05:47 AM (#4105472)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Chris

I was responding to, "Trout`n'lowden'Lover", in my previous post but any info from others is welcome too. Thanks!

10 May 21 - 05:51 AM (#4105473)
Subject: RE: Tremeleuc (G. Trameleuc) guitars?
From: GUEST,Chris

Any info/pictures, please send to