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Elixir ? strings

09 Sep 03 - 02:11 PM (#1015606)
Subject: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,Les in Chorlton, Manchester

My son put me onto these. Apparantly they have a layer of Goretex, that stuff in breathable waterproof jackets. They have a great tone and seem to keep it for a long time. Trouble is I keep wanting to play The Manchester Rambler!

I am sorry, I am sorry, honest, I want do it again.

Jo said they wear out a bit quick, any views?

I heard a new version of TMR on Mike Harding months ago. I didn't relish the idea but it was a cracker, both tune and words. Now, who was it?

09 Sep 03 - 02:23 PM (#1015612)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Clinton Hammond

Put "Elixir Strings" into the search box... you'll find all kinds of threads on these strings...

I think they're a waste of money...

As far as The Manchester Rambler, I have no idea what yer talking about...

09 Sep 03 - 02:36 PM (#1015626)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Jim Colbert

I find them rather long lasting myself, and quite comfortable. I think it depends on the guitar, your body chemistry and how bright a sound you want- I know some Martins sound quite flat with the coated strings, whereas my taylor 414 sounds (to my ear) quite nice when fingerpicked. (My Ovation sounds like crap unplugged with them, but it also sounds like crap unplugged anyway!)

I also tried the d'addario coated, which I liked, and Martin coated, which I did not like; these seemed to pronounce finger noise on my guitar and with my playing style.

Like most stuff, it's a matter of personal taste. Two of my favorite contemporary folkies, Richard Shindell and Darryl Purpose, seem to get incredible tone out of them.


09 Sep 03 - 02:56 PM (#1015640)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Alaska Mike

Its true. I have a Martin Jumbo and new Elixer strings sound like they have been on the guitar for 10 years. I hate them. My fingers can't seem to find the right frets with the slippery devils either. They cost too much and sound terrible, so I don't use them.

09 Sep 03 - 03:27 PM (#1015653)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,Ballyholme

I ordered a light gauge set for my mandolin and found them to be very disappointing. They had no brightness and felt more like heavy gauge rather than light. On the positive side, I've heard a few professionals who speak very highly of them. As Jim Colbert says, it probably depends on the instrument.

09 Sep 03 - 03:28 PM (#1015654)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,Les in Chorlton, Manchester

Please forgive me for the terrible joke, but does anybody know the new Manchester Rambler?

09 Sep 03 - 03:46 PM (#1015666)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: JedMarum

I use Elixers. I have to use Elixers. It took some getting used to for me, they touch is different, and the new string sound is pretty much non-existent; but for me, that new string sound lasted 10 minutes anyway. On any strings I used - worse, I always burn up a new set of strings before the end of the first hour of playing! That is why I use Elixers. For some reason, I destoy the sound of strings on my guitars very quickly.

I make my living with my guitar. I cannot afford to change my strings evry time I play - so I use Elixers. When they go on, they only sound pretty good, as compared to that great new string sound of other strings - but they also sound pretty good after 2 or even 3 weeks, and I play a lot.

They have some shortcomings, but they solve some very important porblems for me. They are very cost effective for me.

09 Sep 03 - 03:48 PM (#1015669)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: JedMarum

I didn;t make it clear in my above comments; but what I mean is I destroy NON-coated strings very quickly. Elixers (and presumably other coated strings) do NOT give me the same problem. They last for me.

09 Sep 03 - 04:14 PM (#1015692)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,unc. bill

they are without a doubt the best strings I've ever used in terms of durability. they sound great on my old Gibson j-45 , Martin strings can't compare on my box. The heavier guages sound better to me when electrified.. Also heavier guage better with Bluegrass sounds.

09 Sep 03 - 04:18 PM (#1015697)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,GuestSpot

Hello all
         For wot its worth...my tuppeny worth on Elixirs!! Wouldnt use anything else, even though they can be grossly overpriced!! Having said that, Hobogoblion (or summat!), in Manchester( Johnny Roadhouse) do them for under a tenner (UKpounds)- I think thats not bad at all.....by todays standards...!!
                Regards to all
                                 Spot   xx

09 Sep 03 - 05:40 PM (#1015775)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: C-flat

I'm using them at present and find they're OK. My main (gigging) accoustic is nylon strung, but I use them on my steel strung jumbo so that I don't have to worry about changing strings too often on a spare guitar.
Being a big-bodied guitar, the dampening effect of the coating isn't really a problem and I still get (to my ears) a full ringing tone.
D'Addario EXP26 cost me £12 with spare 1st & 2nd strings plus a string case, so not too expensive.

09 Sep 03 - 05:41 PM (#1015777)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,Les in Chorlton, Manchester

Help, help.

I'm a Manchester rambler.

And, incidently:

I'm the man the very fat man that waters the workers beer

needs another verse because:

Their isn't the profit their use to be

blatently isn't true since water privateisation

09 Sep 03 - 06:14 PM (#1015809)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Bee-dubya-ell

Elixir Polywebs (the original heavier coating) definitely do squeak less than either non-coated strings or more lightly coated strings (like Elixir Nanowebs). I play several styles of music and squeaking is really only an issue for swing with its rapid barre chord changes. If I have the money, I use the Polywebs on my preferred guitar for swing, a Santa Cruz OM-PW. If I'm low on string funds I just live with squeaks. The rest of my guitars get whatever's on sale and better be glad for what they get.


09 Sep 03 - 06:58 PM (#1015843)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: dwditty

I use Elixers on my 12 string simply because thay last longer, and once you get the jangle going, well...it could be chicken wire. I have tried coated strings on my Collings 000 and I hate them. In fact I just put some D'Addario EXP's on this morning for a gig on Thursday, but as soon as I finish this note, they are going in the trash - the strings not the guitar - to be replaced with my old standard - D'Addario J16's at under 5 bucks a set.


09 Sep 03 - 07:27 PM (#1015861)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: HuwG

Some excellent guitarists and teachers I know swear by them. They claim that some guitarists sweat acid, and go through non-coated strings every hour (such as this picker here.)

Elixirs last about a year on my acoustic; they turn a nasty shade of green about the second and third frets long before losing tone, so perhaps there is something in this acid-sweat idea after all.

I do find that after nine months or so, minute threads of the coating start decrepitating from the strings around the pick guard. Whether this fuzzy appearance gives a funny tone is very much a matter for my imagination.

In terms of economics, I find that the Elixirs last twice as long as non-coated strings, but cost twice as much, so I make my purchase decisions largely on the toss of a coin and the spur of the moment. On the whole though, I will probably stick to the Elixirs for the foreseeable future.

09 Sep 03 - 08:48 PM (#1015913)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Mark Ross

Having lived with string killer hands for most of my life, I can swear by Elixirs. They last at least 3 times as long . In fact,
the D'Addario's I used to use would barely last one night. The E's stand me in good stead for approximately 3 months. Also, I put them on and then don't play the guitar until the next day. That does help with any brand.

Mark Ross

09 Sep 03 - 11:17 PM (#1015981)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: JedMarum

I'm glad to see I am not the only who destroys non-coated strings! Elixers do break up, or the coating does eventually - and that is why I change 'em every month or so - they actually usually still sound OK.

09 Sep 03 - 11:31 PM (#1016000)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Kudzuman

I can't stand 'em personally. Sounds like I'm playing 2 year old Diamond Brands from the get go. I love the John Pearse strings and have also had great luck with the DR Rares. Great sound and pretty good lasting quality for both.


09 Sep 03 - 11:46 PM (#1016014)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Seamus Kennedy

I mentioned on a related thread a while back that I found them to sound "pre-deadened," and that I did not like them. In fact I was given a dozen sets of them as a promotion at a Folk Alliance, so I tried a set and hated them, and I gave the other 11 sets away. However, that was the old polyweb Elixirs.
At the Milwaukee Irish Fest recently I was given a set of the new nanoweb Elixirs. I tried them and LOVED them! They lasted 3 weeks sounding reasonably bright the whole time.
My usual D'Addario medium gauge phosphor bronze last 4 nights - 6 if I use Fast Fret String Cleaner.
I didn't use Fast Fret on the Elixirs...I wonder if it would prolong their life?

All the best.


10 Sep 03 - 03:49 AM (#1016093)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: mooman

I use nothing but Elixirs (I prefer the Polywebs to the Nanowebs unlike Seamus!). On my instruments and with my style (and sweaty hands!), at least, they sound excellent and because they last about 4 times as long as normal strings they have saved me a lot of money over several years. They are also excellent for recording because of reduced string squeak. A couple of friends I introduced to them, playing Lowden and S&P instruments, are also now firm afficionados.

Anyone have experience with the new coated DRs? (I can't get them here in Belgium so would have to mail order and would like some feedback first.)

As Clinton says, if you put Elixir in the search box you'll find loads about them.



23 Dec 09 - 11:11 AM (#2795012)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: t.jack

Yes i really like em,i put a set on 4 mths ago i play pretty much each day an hour or so. Medium guage on my Gibson 45 it sounds great.

23 Dec 09 - 11:15 AM (#2795017)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: t.jack

I always played with light guage till Bruce Murdoc passed me a set of medium WOW i had been missing out on the true Gibson sound for years..Thanks Bruce..

23 Dec 09 - 11:47 AM (#2795049)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Les in Chorlton

Exlnt for Mandolas etc why don't they make them for tenor banjos? (GDAE bottom up)

L in C

23 Dec 09 - 11:54 AM (#2795052)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: alex s

nanowebs are superb for both my 6 and 12 string guitars - last for ages, great tone.
won't have nowt else.
P.S. check out stringbusters offer 3 for 2

23 Dec 09 - 12:14 PM (#2795061)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: agingcynic

i still use bulk martins on my d-28

somewhere around three bucks a set

and you can save the old ones in case you need to boil 'em when all the money runs out

23 Dec 09 - 12:18 PM (#2795065)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: John MacKenzie

Don't like them on my D28, but they sound nice on the Tanglewood 12.

23 Dec 09 - 12:33 PM (#2795077)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,Phil Beer

No contest for me. I still live in hopes that some one will actually make GOOD string. Until that actually happens, I'll continue with the Elxiers. The Polys don't work for me playing slide but the nanos are good. Compared with any other expensive phosphor bronze, elixiers always feel a little dead when they go on but they stay consistent for a long time. On the last 36 date tour, my main guitar had 5 string changes compared with almost every gig with anything else. The guitar that only gets played once or at most twice a night had one string change mid tour and I just recorded with it today. Zero loss of tone or harmonic sequence.
Now perhaps some one could actually apply themselves to some new materials (Maybe) and actually make an uncoated string that will do more than one show. I'd buy it at any price.

23 Dec 09 - 12:52 PM (#2795095)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: olddude

I don't like them, I know so many folks who love them but on my D-28 I just don't get the ring like the Martin Mediums have and I tend to break them ... I do, it is just me I think

23 Dec 09 - 01:03 PM (#2795103)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: deadfrett

old dude-I like my Martin SP's which are coated like the Elixers but to me they have a better tone on my old '28. I bought a set of Martin Flex Core but haven't tried them yet. I usually use PhozBronze
but these are bronze wrap. I'll have to wait another month to try them out as these SP's will still last at least that long. Happy Holidays to all.. Dave

23 Dec 09 - 04:45 PM (#2795154)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Will Fly

I started using Elixir Nanoweb .012 gauge strings a couple of years ago and now use no other. (Sounds like an ad, doesn't it?). I have very acid hands and go through a conventional set like Martin Phosphor Bronze in a day. In other words, they lose their clear tone in a day.

To my mind, there is a problem with the 3rd and 4th strings, which tend to break more often than other makes. I took this up with Elixir Europe (based in Germany) who, though they didn't admit to a problem, sent me a couple of sets for free. Since then, I've started using a lighter, more flexible nylon pick for plectrum work, and the strings don't break.

I use them on my Martin, Larrivée and custom tenor guitars.

23 Dec 09 - 06:58 PM (#2795269)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Commander Crabbe

I use Nanoweb 11's on my Suzuki 3S and they sound great, I used to use Martins and had a go recently with D'Addarios but prefer nthe Elixirs.

Seamus, I use fast fret on mine and it doesnt seem to do them any harm.


23 Dec 09 - 08:43 PM (#2795333)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Bobert

Word of caution about the Nanowebs: Do not play bottleneck on them... They just don't do right...


24 Dec 09 - 01:08 AM (#2795410)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,DonMeixner

I have never tried them. I have nearly always used Martin Bronze lites or Darco New Yorkers and found them to be fine. I tried GHS Pro formula a few times but found them to be dead by dawn. My acidic body chemistry I imagine. I tried Marquis and found them to be no diff from the Bronze lites to be worth the additional dollars.

Of course I am deaf in one ear and ran my hand through a saw so it probably matters very little what I play.


17 Aug 10 - 01:33 AM (#2966896)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,Zoe

I use Elixirs on my 12-string Taylor, as Taylor uses them, but I've found that the higher G-string breaks all the time. I just got new strings two days ago and the string already broke. The others are fine, though.
On my Fender Strat I tried Elixirs once but they broke about three weeks afterwards, they snapped. I don't even play my electric that much, so I wouldn't reccomend their electric strings, but for acoustic they're nice-sounding and last a long time (except for my .009 higher G string).

17 Aug 10 - 04:34 AM (#2966944)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Will Fly

Zoe - I see you use quite light Elixir strings on your acoustic (.009 first?). I think a slightly heavier set - say .010 rather than .009 - might help you and also give a better tone. Depends on your hands, though! I use .012-.053 Nanowebs. I've noticed in the last month or two that the 3rds and 4ths seem more robust - not breaking - so perhaps they've slightly re-engineered them.

17 Aug 10 - 04:45 AM (#2966951)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: John MacKenzie

Newtone strings are consistently the best strings I have ever used, on both my 6's and my 12 string.

17 Aug 10 - 02:15 PM (#2967259)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: alex s

Will, I think Guest Zoe means the octave G string on her 12 string.
I use Elixir light guage on both my 12 strings and have had no trouble for the past 4 or 5 years APART FROM THE OCTAVE G! (only a couple of times) To be fair, it's ceilidh band playing and is fairly rhythmic, so the octave is vulnerable (in my hands anyway). Having said that, I find Elixirs to be far and away the best for 12 string playing.

17 Aug 10 - 02:22 PM (#2967266)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Will Fly

Gotcha Alex! John McKenzie - do you have to buy the Newtone strings in bulk? I've heard numerous favourable reports of these strings, but I'm reluctant to buy an untried (to me) product in bulk. The web site seems to say that they have to be bought in several sets at a time.

17 Aug 10 - 02:27 PM (#2967269)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: alex s

I'm interested in Newtones also - anyone else tried 'em?

17 Aug 10 - 02:38 PM (#2967280)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: alex s

I've just looked at Eagle Music and they do single sets of Eagle-Newtone @ £5.99. Looks as if they have some sort of franchise. Banjo strings too.

18 Aug 10 - 10:26 AM (#2967842)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: dwditty

I don't much like the "new String" sound (the do ring, no doubt, but to me with a thin, tinny sound) and keep strings on until it becomes too hard to tune. I have tried pretty much every brand of string - coated and not - and always wind up back where I started - J16s on my Collings 000-2H.

18 Aug 10 - 11:05 AM (#2967871)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: The Borchester Echo

I see no-one's answered the original question about the reworked Manchester Rambler:

I've camped out on Crowden, rambled on Snowdon
Slept by the Wainstones as well.
I've sunbathed on Kinder, been burnt to a cinder
And many's the tale I can tell.
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Heather has oft been my bed.
But sooner than part from these mountains I love,
Well I think I would rather be dead.

There's pleasure in dragging the peat bogs, and bragging,
Of all the fine walks that you know.
There's even a measure of some kind of pleasure,
In wading through ten feet of snow.
Well I've seen the white hare on the heather,
The curlew fly high overhead.
But, sooner than part from these mountains I love,
Well I think I would rather be dead.

Nothing changes, it all stays the same,
They're selling the moorland for profit and gain.
They've sold all the rivers, bought all the rain,
And you can't go up there, you're disturbing the game

Cod's roe, caviar, milk stout and champagne,
Gold cards and dole cards but never the twain,
That's the game, that's their game
Nothing changes, it all stays the same.

So, I'll go where I will over mountain and hill,
And I'll lie where the bracken lies deep.
I belong to these mountains, these clear crystal fountains,
Where the rocks they stand rugged and steep.
Well, I've stood on the edge of the Downfall,
Seen all the valleys outspread.
No man has the right to own these mountains I love,
Anymore than the wide ocean bed.

This is now jointly credited to John Tams as well as Ewan MacColl. It has been recorded by Patterson Jordan Dipper on Flat Earth which is no doubt what you heard on Mike Harding. This CD is, however, sadly no longer available.

18 Aug 10 - 11:06 AM (#2967872)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: Anne Lister

On the strength of recommendations here I bought some Newtone strings - and hated them. Guitar wouldn't stay in tune and the sustained notes seemed to bend. Gone back to my Earthwoods and both me and the guitar are far happier. Didn't particularly like Elixirs, either.
Oh, and I play a Ralph Bown koa guitar made to be like a Martin 0028, if that's relevant - and maybe I don't have string-destroying hands!

18 Aug 10 - 11:21 AM (#2967886)
Subject: RE: Elixier ? strings
From: GUEST,Steamin' Willie

I tried some a few years ago, decided they were OK, decent tone, long lasting, had less screech as you slid up the keyboard, but not worth being the only ones I use.

Then, last month, I bought a new Rainsong guitar, and they come with some already on. Before I changed them, I had a good play both in the shop and when I got it home, and all was OK. I changed them for the Martin ones I usually use, and they neither played nor sounded as good. Strange... I bought some more Elixor and back to the wonderful sound / playability I had when I bought it.

This must be, in my case, more about the guitar than the strings. I have never had a guitar before so fussy about the strings you buy. That said, I have just bulk bought a shed load of them. Not a bad price in a box of 50 sets.

The quiet experience of sliding your fingers up the fret board is the most useful feature. If I had a gripe, my fourth finger can slip when on the sixth string, (say in G maj chord,) as I have big fat fingers. A string that is not coated has more grip.

Long life? Well, no idea how long the factory strings had been on, but they out played new Martin strings...

18 Aug 10 - 11:11 PM (#2968344)
Subject: RE: Elixir ? strings
From: MissouriMud

In general Elixirs tend to sound less bright at the start than typical non coated strings, but sound fairly bright for much longer than typical non coated strings. So you don't get the initial new string brilliance - but you get good tone for a much longer period of time. That being said there is clearly a lot of difference with particular guitars, playing style body chemistry etc.   I do find for my style they squeak less than non coated. After a few weeks of heavy play (or months of non heavy play) the coating can start to turn fuzzy at which point it is best to change them no matter how good they still sound.

19 Aug 10 - 08:16 AM (#2968538)
Subject: RE: Elixir ? strings
From: mattkeen

I used the nanoweb elixirs for quite a few years but now prefer (but not by a lot) the coated d'darrio strings. I think the coating may be thinner still that the nanowebs