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Tusq v. Bone?

07 Apr 03 - 09:11 PM (#928278)
Subject: Tusq v. Bone?
From: Bobert

I recently had my '64 Martin D-18's neck reset (under warrenty, believe it or not) and the lutherer also made a new bridge for it. Problem is, I've had it back now 4 times for breaking srtings at the bridge. Now, I understand that Tusq is a little softer but not sure about any changes in the tone.

So if there are any Tusq'ers out there, please tell me what you think.



07 Apr 03 - 09:15 PM (#928281)
Subject: RE: Tusq v. Bone?
From: catspaw49

Tusq is okay, but you can't beat bone. I'd also suggest that your luthier take a good look at his work cause the boy done whupped up.


07 Apr 03 - 09:29 PM (#928290)
Subject: RE: Tusq v. Bone?
From: Bobert

Yo Spawzer,

I'm startin' to wonder about him my owns self. I mean, the guy comes to town, got lots of pics with famous musicans on his walls but like it's going on four months now and I ain't got a guitar I can trust.

And when you can't trust yer guitar, you is in a heap 'a trouble. I mean, I got a beat up Fender La Brea that ain't never broke a string. Heck, I could play it with a garden shovel and it still wouldn't break a string....


Remember Johnny Winters "TV Blues" when he says, "If you don't get the picture, I'm gonna do some work on you"?


Threats of violence ain't my forte...



07 Apr 03 - 10:26 PM (#928335)
Subject: RE: Tusq v. Bone?
From: Tweed

Like I hab sed before, you need to just send me that old pile of crap Martin. I'll take it down to the Bamboo Room and get Russell to fasten it up on the wall wif the nail gun. Foommp and fooommp! Done.
It'll be in good company up there with all the other collectibles he's impaled. I hate like hell to see you all flustercated and feel it's my duty to offer my services in order to better maintain yore delicate balance.
I have a Roosky mandolin I'll send up and it ain't never broke a string! How bout that?


08 Apr 03 - 08:23 AM (#928564)
Subject: RE: Tusq v. Bone?
From: Bobert

Why that sounds mighty kind of ya. Tweezer. I mean, I' all choked up and misty eyed and all that...

Ahhhh, BTW, what this make- about the 37th time you've tried to get my Martin away from me? You're like Wylie Coyoye. But I know it's just 'cause yer corncerned 'bout my delercate balance so I won't hold it against you.

But I'z come rite accustomed to my imbalance so I reckon I'll just have to keep on torturin' myself...

But thnaks,

And keep tryin..


08 Apr 03 - 01:06 PM (#928763)
Subject: RE: Tusq v. Bone?
From: Midchuck

What 'Spaw said.


08 Apr 03 - 07:30 PM (#929069)
Subject: RE: Tusq v. Bone?
From: michaelr

String breakage at the bridge or nut can sometimes be alleviated by lubricating the string slots with some graphite (pencil).


18 May 04 - 05:35 PM (#1187984)
Subject: RE: Tusq v. Bone?
From: GUEST,tom

the volume i think is the same between the both of them, but i think there maybe more tone with bone, its an old standard...

09 Jul 11 - 01:02 PM (#3184439)
Subject: RE: Tusq v. Bone?

check the saddle, sometimes the luthier makes it too "sharp" and the strings tend to break easier.

09 Jul 11 - 01:11 PM (#3184444)
Subject: RE: Tusq v. Bone?
From: John MacKenzie

Yup that was my thought, a wee bit of loving attention to the grooves the strings sit in. Could be too sharp at the corners fore and aft, or it could be too tight on the sides. is it the same string each time Bobert?