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BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate

29 Mar 03 - 03:27 PM (#921344)
Subject: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: catspaw49

Weird title huh? Okay, let me explain. There are some things that I just can't stand and yet somehow I am also drawn to and then feel ridiculous but....... This happens more with music and movies I suppose than with anything else so let me give you an example.

In general, I hate Musicals. There are a few I truly enjoy, but they are few and far between. There are some that are just so bad that I can't believe anyone actually wrote the damn things. A case in point? "Lil Abner." First, the thing is based on the strip by Al Capp, a bigoted, racist, broke-dick, asshole of the first order. The musical version is without a doubt one of the biggest pieces of crap ever to have film wasted on it. It sucks. It bites. It's complete trash. And comes the part the thread is about...........I can't resist watching least bits and pieces even now. It was on yesterday and I watched long enough to have the dumbest-ass song in the entire score be performed..... "Jubilation T. Cornpone" ....Stubby Kaye and a cast of bad dancers in bad costumes doing their best to perpetuate the "Hillbilly" mystique.

Why do I do this? Does anyone else do this or have this problem?

I need to spend some time at the NYCFTTS............


29 Mar 03 - 03:44 PM (#921349)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: toadfrog

You are younger than I had thought. Al Capp was getting pretty bad by the 1960's; in his earlier days he was brilliant.

29 Mar 03 - 04:19 PM (#921359)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: Ebbie

Spaw, you surely didn't think that one enters the NYCFTTS only once, did you? Rehab is an ongoing process- I hope to see you there many times.

29 Mar 03 - 05:14 PM (#921384)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: catspaw49

Sorry toad.....I didn't say, nor do I think that he was not brilliant and talented. To me, Lil' Abner was not his greatest work but it was quite good to say the least. His personal views on the other hand left me cold but as these seem to have come toward the end of his life, perhaps his ill health at the time may have been a part of it. It's not what the thread is about anyway.

The musical on the other hand really does stink! No question about it. Ebbie as the CEO and founder of the NYCFTTS, I would check in again now, but I have this fear that the movie of the week is "Lil Abner."


29 Mar 03 - 05:46 PM (#921403)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: Sam L

Oh I'm drawn to many things I really hate. Advertising. Porn is fascinatingly terrible--I loved the movie Boogie Nights. Really terrible songs. Disney. Awful movies are interesting just in the fact they got made, nobody came to their senses and quit. Old cheesy special effects are wonderfully terrible, like the camera entering a scene on a plane from outside the window--I love that. Old war propaganda. Steven Segal is amazing. Musicals in general are pretty bad, but On the 20th Century is really pretty good, if you ever get to see it. Swan Lake is thrillingly awful sometimes--I saw it once when they dragged out a prop swan like a shopping cart with a bad wheel. It was delightful! Any stage theatre that doesn't know when to quit with props and effects and elaborate sets, which sometimes marvelously conflict with descriptions in the script. I used to love an acrylic painting show with a swedish lady doing these horrible pictures--she knew exactly one technique, and was never disappointed by it, and I found her uniform happiness and perpetual satisfaction perversly erotic. Oooh--I remembered an old rat-pack Sammy Davis joke the other day that was so bad, in such horrible taste, and wasn't even a joke, anyway, an awful pseudo-joke, it gave me shivers.

29 Mar 03 - 06:03 PM (#921409)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: Mudlark

The 3 Amigos...I saw this film in a packed theater and was the only one in hysterics (I especially liked the burning bush and the part where Little Neddy tells the Mexican kids about the wonders of doing a scene with Lillian Gish). I've seen it at least 3 times, now, on TV and still get a kick out of it. An unreconstructed philistine!

29 Mar 03 - 06:30 PM (#921426)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: Jim Dixon

I'll have to modify your title a bit. I don't hate anything I love, and I don't hate the fact that I love them. You could call this list "Things that, if I were a shyer or more sensitive or insecure person, I might be embarrassed to admit that I love" or "Things that I love but my wife hates."

Sardines, right out of the can, with crackers
Pork rinds (even though, whenever I eat them, I usually manage to inhale a crumb or two and go into a coughing fit)
Strange and exotic liquors, such as slivovitz, aquavit, tequila, Myers Rum--whatever I can get my hands on (but generally not liqueurs)
Cigars (but I don't like the really cheap ones, and I can't afford the really good ones, so I usually compromise)
Cigarettes, but only when I'm out drinking with other people who smoke them, which is seldom
Braunschweiger sandwiches
Canned corned-beef hash
Dill pickles
Pickled herring
Pickled onions
Pickled peppers (do you see a pattern here?)
Calamata olives (I even drink the juice they come in)

Benny Hill. The Marx Brothers. Laurel and Hardy. The Three Stooges. Our Gang/The Little Rascals. Amos 'n' Andy (at least I think I'd still like them--It's been a long time since I've seen them).
Yeah, porn too, to a point. Like, I'll tune in the Howard Stern show once in a while after my wife has gone to bed.

Anything really exotic: Tuvan throat singing. Tibetan Buddhist monks' chants. Balinese gamelan music and "monkey chants" (from dramatizations of the Ramayana). Pakistani Sufi music. (Well, I probably wouldn't want a steady diet of this stuff, but I own at least one recording in each of these categories.)
Things not so exotic, but certainly not what I grew up with: Cajun/zydeco music. Acoustic "country" blues. Tex-Mex music (or would that be Tejano or Norteno? I never know what to call it.) Jug-band music. Polkas.

29 Mar 03 - 06:43 PM (#921436)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: Bobert

Well, Spawzer, me and the Wes Ginny slide rule have been at this for some time now and we are happy to report that we think we have come up with answer to you problems: ahhhh, you're a nut! Hey, when the slide rule first came up with that diagnosis, I thought to myself, ahhh, nah, not the Spazer hisself? But after reviewing the processes, I gotta give the slide rule credit for hittin' the nail on the head.

Speaking of which, has your head ever attacked a blunt force object?

Dr. Bobert
Dr. Wes Ginny slide rule

29 Mar 03 - 07:40 PM (#921463)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate

i'm drawn to end of the world type movies about after the war....liek on the beach....

30 Mar 03 - 12:16 AM (#921553)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: JennyO

I'm having that kind of trouble at the moment with the war. I hate it, it makes me sad and angry, but I am spending way too much time on the news channels watching it with a kind of horrible fascination, reading about it in the papers, reading the war threads on Mudcat, and our last two Friday night singing sessions have had far too much time spent talking on that subject and not enough time singing. It's obvious I'm not the only one afflicted that way.

I have to force myself at times to leave it all, go outside and remind myself that the world is still turning, the trees and birds and my garden are still there, and there are still beautiful sunsets.


30 Mar 03 - 12:18 AM (#921554)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: Sam L

I love to hate movies that I'm supposed to love. There was one called the Moderns I think about famous painters, everyone told me I'd like, and there was a movie with William Hurt, and--Guest--it was called the End of the World, I think. God it was lousy. It was so limp, nobody believed in what they were doing at all, there was a scene when Hurt pretended to have a gun under a bedsheet that stands out as one of the most barely-even-acted moments I've ever seen.

And I love bored disengaged extras in film. There's a great European-looking Indian behind Wes Studi in the Last of the Mohicans when the younger daughter jumps to her death. I love that dude.

30 Mar 03 - 07:48 PM (#922114)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: RangerSteve

Fear Factor. I hate that show. Everyone connected with it deserves life in prison. It represents everything wrong with the world today. But there's always some uppity self-righteous character who thinks he's God's representative on earth and the coolest guy who ever existed, and he fails, sometimes on the first challenge, and it's worth it.
The song: Seasons in the Sun.

30 Mar 03 - 09:09 PM (#922164)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: GUEST,Sam

We had joy, we had fun
We went streaking in the sun
But the cops had their guns
And they shot us in the buns.

-- Someone in my grade school

Something I used to be ashamed that I loved: Fleetwood Mac.

30 Mar 03 - 10:16 PM (#922198)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: Ely

Cheesy Westerns (although I mostly watch them for the horses), and I recently caught myself watching that horrible "Blind Date" show on my day off. I was SO ashamed. I also find myself drawn to Chihuahua dogs even thought I know that they're self-centered, untrainable, vicious little beasts.

30 Mar 03 - 11:34 PM (#922233)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: Amos


I hate to admit it, but sometimes your posts affect e that way!


31 Mar 03 - 10:35 AM (#922531)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: annamill

WORK!! Your title explains how I feel about work exactly!!

I mean I love that I get the money, but I hate everything else about it. Not the physical part. I can deal with that fine. Sometimes I actually !LOVE! it, but having to BE THERE at 7AM!! Having to be with people I HATE!! Having to DEAL with people I hate!!

Making money's nice though.....

Yes, 'spaw, I know this is not exactly what you were talking about. Just thought I'd have some fun.

I'm bored and broke...I have to go find a job. SOON!

Love, Annamill

31 Mar 03 - 10:38 AM (#922535)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: GUEST,Kim C no cookie

The Jerry Springer Show

31 Mar 03 - 10:42 AM (#922537)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: MMario

the Smurfs.


31 Mar 03 - 11:04 AM (#922574)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: Beccy

Cheez Whiz, American Idol, and frozen rising-crust pizzas. (Gosh, I HATE liking frozen pizza- it goes against all my training.) I guess it's a streak of sado-masochism...


31 Mar 03 - 01:24 PM (#922714)
Subject: RE: BS: ThingsYouHateThatYouLoveButHate
From: GUEST,Kim C no cookie

Eating peanut butter right out of the jar with a spoon.