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Sam Gary-musical partner of Josh White Sr.

29 Mar 03 - 05:33 AM (#921117)
Subject: Sam Gary
From: Stefan Wirz

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To end that tragic situation, I herewith make known that recently there's a Sam Gary discography as part of my 'American Music' site

Any additional facts, stories, etc. concerning this great singer / long time friend and musical partner of Josh White Sr. is much appreciated !
Stefan Wirz

30 Mar 03 - 10:29 PM (#922202)
Subject: RE: Sam Gary
From: Art Thieme


Thanks so much. I'd never seen a photo of Sam Gary until I went to your site. In the 1950s I had the Elektra release of Sam Gary helping Josh sing a few. The recording quality (fidelity) was pretty poor I thought then. It's nice to hear some more about him at this late date.

Also, it's ammazing you should have all that information on Bill Williams!! Just yesterday I heard him for the very first time on a recording sent to me from Australia by our own Stewie here at Mudcat. Mr. Williams' song "When The Roses Bloom Again" is simply amazing. I wish I'd heard it long ago when I was active so I could've "found" it and sung it all over. What a shame he wasn't better known. This old life surely is not fair.

Great work you've done there !!!!!

Art Thieme

27 Feb 07 - 11:41 AM (#1980843)
Subject: RE: Sam Gary
From: Stefan Wirz

to whom it may concern: Just have been told that the mysterious 'Dean Laurence' (or 'Lawrence') who in 1955 produced the Sam Gary LP (and played guitar on a few tracks) was actually Dean Gitter of 'Ghost Ballads' fame (Riverside RLP 12-636, 1957)!
Any further reminiscences appreciated !

27 Feb 07 - 12:44 PM (#1980920)
Subject: RE: Sam Gary
From: GUEST,Hootenanny

I didn't know or had forgotten that Dean Gitter recorded. I used to see him at the Ballads and Blues Club at the Princess Louise pub in London in the late 50's. Does anyone know what happened to him? I don't know of anybody that knew him among my US friends.


03 Apr 07 - 01:05 PM (#2015364)
Subject: RE: Sam Gary-musical partner of Josh White Sr.
From: Stefan Wirz

just look-a-here (what's Dean Gitter doing today):