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Java .abc program

26 Feb 03 - 12:25 PM (#899205)
Subject: Java .abc application - great on a Mac
From: Gervase

Forgive the blatant plug, but I've just come across a superb and simple java-based .abc program, Skink.
Developed by a chap called Wil Maculay, it runs perfectly under Mac OSX (something which Barfly sadly isn't up to yet without repeated crashes); opening, playing, editing and printing abc files.
And it's free!
Available here.
And no, I have no connection with Wil Macaulay - I just liked his software and thought it deserved a plug.

26 Feb 03 - 12:40 PM (#899213)
Subject: RE: Java .abc program
From: GUEST,Jon

Yes Skink is a good program. Are you sure on the situation with Barfly? Phil Taylor had mentioned a release for OSX on the abcusers list but maybe it isn't a "production" version yet.

I don't have a Mac but have had Skink running on my WinPC. I've also had Barfly running here under the Executor emulator details of that little episode is here


26 Feb 03 - 04:27 PM (#899420)
Subject: RE: Java .abc program
From: Bill D

thanks, Gervase! it, and it runs fine. Seems like a very handy thing. I like java programs. The export function will be useful!

28 Feb 03 - 02:27 AM (#900288)
Subject: RE: Java .abc program
From: Gervase

The OSX version of Barfly is in the beta stage and seems to be very buggy. It's a lovely program, and still runs perfectly in native mode, but Phil Taylor's carbonisation still has a little way to go. When it's fully debugged and beyond the beta stage it'll be good, but Skink is beautifully simple - it does exactly what it says on the tin, and the MIDI export is particularly handy.