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Origins: Copyrights

19 Jan 03 - 11:01 AM (#869891)
Subject: Origins: Copyrights
From: brioc

Can anyone help me on this one? I need to find out how to check if there are copyrights on particular songs of tunes. If there are, how do we go about getting permission to do a version and put it on a locally distributed CD.?

19 Jan 03 - 11:09 AM (#869899)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyrights
From: Jack the Sailor

BMI and ASCAP websites may be a good place to start.

19 Jan 03 - 12:36 PM (#869959)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyrights

You must get permission from the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society), it is they who will issue the licence to use the work.

They will give you the writer & publisher details if you don't already know them. It is important to make sure you have the correct writer for the song as sometimes there are two or more songs with the same title.

You must also have all writer and publisher details credited on the CD sleeve/booklet.

For a specific number of CDs to be pressed they will be able to tell you the amount that you must pay for the relevant tracks. This relates to the number of CDs, the number of tracks on the album, the lenght of each track and the retail price of the CD.

The best of luck, hope this is a help.


19 Jan 03 - 02:08 PM (#870019)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyrights
From: George Seto -

Seems like this exact question has been asked here recently, but I can't find it right now.

19 Jan 03 - 09:59 PM (#870228)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyrights
From: masato sakurai

Help: Public Domain or Copyrighted may be the thread.

19 Jan 03 - 10:04 PM (#870234)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyrights
From: George Seto -

Looks like it could be. If not, other pertinent information is found in:

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19 Jan 03 - 10:08 PM (#870236)
Subject: RE: Origins: Copyrights
From: George Seto -

Don't know what happened to that last link. I think this fixes it.

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