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Badly Recorded Music

23 Oct 02 - 11:41 PM (#809818)
Subject: Badly Recorded Music
From: khandu

The last few days or so, I have been visiting Tweed's website, (Clicky Here!), and I just have to brag on the feller!

The whole thing is a grand hoot, but the jewel in the pile is his wonderful "Badly Recorded Music"!

I know some of you have been there, done that. But, hell, it's worth another trip, or two, or three.

On those rare occassions when there is nothing of great interest on the Mudcat menu, or, even if there is, pay Bro. Tweed a visit, read some interesting stuff and listen to some BRM!

Come on over. Maybe you'll run into someone you know!


24 Oct 02 - 03:27 PM (#810376)
Subject: RE: Badly Recorded Music
From: Genie

Thanks for the link, khandu!

24 Oct 02 - 08:41 PM (#810614)
Subject: RE: Badly Recorded Music
From: Jim Krause

That's actually kind of a neat site.


24 Oct 02 - 10:24 PM (#810692)
Subject: RE: Badly Recorded Music

Fun link, khan. I have got to hear the Dockery Dawgs before I die!

24 Oct 02 - 10:38 PM (#810700)
Subject: RE: Badly Recorded Music
From: Bobert

Hey, cool, Khan. I used to have some of my badly recorded stuff over there but I think after the last food fight I started in Tweedsburg that Mayor Tweed pulled my stuff off the juke box. But, hey, if ya tell him to putBobert back on and tell him that you do plan on votin' in the next lection, he might put my stuff back on...

But, no matter, we'd be glad to have any of you Catfolk as long as ya'll use the litter box...


25 Oct 02 - 03:17 AM (#810825)
Subject: RE: Badly Recorded Music
From: Tweed

Dang, what a great site!...wait a minute that looks just like my place~~~~~~;~)

Boberdzrz, your song's been there in the "Eccentricity Worth Preserving" section all along.
The Thousand Dollar Car by WestGinny Boberdzr

Thanks Khandu and all for the nice comments. Truly an out of kilter blues site constructed from 2x4's, chicken wire and tarpaper and the literary contributions of the regular denizens.

GUEST you really should hear the Dockery Dawgs. Those two Norwegians play and sing some very authentic sounding delta blues. Who could imagine the music would go and find a home in Norway?