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Nylon strings on a Martin 00016

11 Aug 02 - 11:35 AM (#763394)
Subject: Nylon strings on a Martin 00016
From: Allan S

Has anyone tried Nylon ball end strings on a Martin? I have been playing around with a new 00016. Need ball end tho.. THe ones put on at the store are DULL. Are the Hard or Extra hard ones any better?? I have D'Adarrio pro Arte hard on my Ovation and they are wonderfull. Any Ideas?? Due to physical reasons I cant use regular steel strings. Thanx

11 Aug 02 - 12:15 PM (#763400)
Subject: RE: Nylon strings on a Martin 00016
From: Bee-dubya-ell

I tried a set of Martin ball-end nylons on one of my steel-string guitars and was totally unimpressed. The wound strings sounded okay, but the nylon unwound strings sounded dull and had no volume. I guess steel-string bracing patterns make the top too stiff to respond to the nylon strings.

Extra-hard tension strings might help. You can't get them in ball-end, but you can just tie a knot in the end.

I use silk-and-steel strings on my 0015 Martin. They're a nice compromise between regular and nylon strings. Have you tried them? I think they're almost as comfortable to play as nylon.


16 Aug 02 - 08:12 AM (#766382)
Subject: RE: Nylon strings on a Martin 00016
From: GUEST,guitarfixer

Those Silk and Steel strings are a good recommendation. GHS and John Pearse brands offer Phosphor Bronze wrap and have them in .011" to .049" that will work on the 000-16. Both companies also offer .012 to .052 or .053". Nylon strings require a much higher action than steel, so the lower tension of the bronze or sivered silk and steels should be at least as easy and still move the braced top. BTW, those bronze silk and steels improve the sound of the Formica topped C.F. Martin guitars, the X series.

16 Aug 02 - 10:32 AM (#766428)
Subject: RE: Nylon strings on a Martin 00016
From: Allan S

I have picked up some D'Addario Pro Arte Classical strings EJ46 Hard tension. These are the same that I have on my Ovation. As they are strings without a ball end the sugestion was that I tie a knot at the end and slip a small bead down the string to the knot then use as a ball end string. Hope that this works As last resort I could go to silk and steel. It's the wound ones appear to be giving me the problem.. I believe someone also makes an extra Hard nylon set. Will have to try those also if I can fing out who makes them.. Allan

16 Aug 02 - 07:11 PM (#766715)
Subject: RE: Nylon strings on a Martin 00016
From: GUEST,CraigS

La Bella make classical strings in different tensions, and also make the best sounding Silk and Steel strings to my mind (which unfortunately don't last very long). I'm not sure, though, that high tension is what is wanted here - flamenco strings are low tension, and get that way by all the strings being wound - the trebles are wound nylon on nylon. If the wound strings sound OK, there is a suggestion that wound trebles might cure the problem. High tension gives more volume but less sustain, and vice versa.

16 Aug 02 - 07:34 PM (#766719)
Subject: RE: Nylon strings on a Martin 00016
From: Allan S

Its the the unwond trebbles that sound fine its the 3 wound base that have no volume. But thanx for the info on La Bella silk on steel. if I go that way I,ll give them a try. I have to go to my daughters house a prowel through the grand kids toys ago through the boxes of beads next Allan