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Handsome Sandy Paton: Many Sides of Sandy Paton LP

18 May 02 - 05:49 PM (#713073)
Subject: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Pinetop Slim

"The Many Faces of Sandy Paton" was one of the album covers in an exhibit of photos by George Pickow on Friday night at the Peeptoad Coffeehouse in Foster, R.I., in conjunction with a concert -- an excellent one, as usual -- by Jean Ritchie, Mr. Pickow's partner in matrimony for 51 years. Mudcatter Paton was -- still is -- a ruggedly good-looking fellow. I suspect he was a coffeehouse heart throb before Caroline tamed him. The photos were quite a treat. Some personal faves: A teenage Mary Travers singing in Washington Square; Carl Sandburg playing with children while being nuzzled by a goat; an all-star cast on the Newport Folk Festival stage; Little Richard on an album cover proclaiming him "the king of gospel"; dulcimer maker Jethro Amburgey; several from the Aran Isles; several from Eastern Kentucky; Jean Ritchie recording Seamus Ennis on a "portable" recording machine (must have weighed a ton).
    Note from Joe Offer: Sandy's 1959 Elektra album was titled The Many Sides of Sandy Paton.
    -Joe Offer, 8 April 2010-

18 May 02 - 06:50 PM (#713098)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Deckman

I've often wondered if Sandy has saved any of those hats he wore. How about it Sandy? CHEERS and BEST WISHES, Bob(deckman)Nelson

18 May 02 - 07:09 PM (#713114)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Art Thieme

Sounds like a pretty amazing slew of nostalgic photos.
I still have my copy of Another Side Of Sandy Paton (Elektra 148) and you are right---young Mr. Paton was, using today's terminology, one hell of a hunk. I've always thought it was a great album even though Sandy takes every chance he can to denegrate it. Elektra forced him to accept that glitzy uptown guitarist named Fred Hellerman (The Weavers) as extra backup on several tracks --- and a verse was cut from "Wild Mountain Thyme" if I remember correctly. Still, his "Daily Growin" on the album is my favorite rendition of that ballad.

Art Thieme

18 May 02 - 08:02 PM (#713147)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Joe Offer

"Hunk" is today's terminology, Art? Heck, I haven't heard that term since about 1970...
-Joe Offer-

18 May 02 - 08:09 PM (#713153)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton

I will admit...that cover, those eyes, and the hats set my heart aflutter. Lucky Caroline!

18 May 02 - 11:15 PM (#713238)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Deckman

Can someone please remind me what year that album came out? Was it 1858 or 1958? (hee hee) CHEERS, Bob

19 May 02 - 11:39 AM (#713453)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Rick Fielding

Pray, chillen' pray....that our Sandy doesn't see this! He HATES those photos. While rummaging through the extensive Paton archives, I found that album (not filed correctly by the way....maybe even hidden) and asked him about it. "Grmble, mmble, frgggn', grrrr'" were the BEST things he said about it!



19 May 02 - 05:05 PM (#713672)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Art Thieme

I got him to sign mine! He wrote, "Dear Art, It seems one's past eventually catches up---no escape for the wicked !"

I just noticed that in the notes for the song "The Wee Magic Stane":

The story of the theft and return of the Stone of Scone was captured in song by a "talented Clydesdale singer".

Now, at last, we know that horses can (and do) sing. CASE CLOSED.

Art Thieme
(The guy's name was Johnny McAvoy)

19 May 02 - 07:01 PM (#713701)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton

sandy's biggest complaint to me about the photos was that a shawl showed around his neck instead of fading into the background. I never got past the eyes...

18 Feb 10 - 02:52 AM (#2842690)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: MGM·Lion

It might seem a little odd on my part to refresh this thread after so many years: but I do so as part of Sandy's obituary tributes. I knew him well in London, which he and Caroline visited in 1958 ~~ just before, if I have the timing correctly assessed, he made the "Many Faces" album on his return Stateside. I was distressed when the first thing I discovered when I joined Mudcat last August was Sandy's recent death; and I asked my sister, now 84, if she remembered him at my 26th birthday party in my Hampstead, N London, flat in 1958. "Oh, yes," she exclaimed, "that beautiful young man with the exquisite voice. How could I ever forget him?" And once when he stayed over at my home my {late} father remarked afterwards what a charming and attractive young man he was.

So I thought this an appropriate thread on which to record these recollections.

18 Feb 10 - 08:08 AM (#2842932)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Charley Noble


Charley Noble

18 Feb 10 - 08:16 AM (#2842940)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton

Stud Muffin - is that more modern, Joe?

18 Feb 10 - 02:12 PM (#2843325)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Art Thieme

Stud muffin? Better traction!

19 Feb 10 - 03:31 AM (#2843908)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: karen k

MtheGM - How I wish Sandy could have read your post. I will pass it on to Caroline. Sandy was a best friend and an amazing person. He is very much missed. Thanks for your words.

karen kobela

19 Feb 10 - 03:37 AM (#2843913)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: Joe Offer

Hmmmm. I can imagine Sandy blushing at being referred to as a "stud muffin." I didn't have a chance to see him in his last years, when he had a beard. I like to think he grew it because he saw how good-looking I was with a beard...


19 Feb 10 - 06:04 AM (#2843980)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: MGM·Lion

Actually, Joe, he had a beard when he first arrived in London early 1958, but shaved it off a few months later & came home your side without it.

Karen Kobela ~ thank you so much. My very best to Cartoline, who became a dear friend back then also: I don't know if she will still remember me; but you will gather I still have most friendly & affectionate memories of her and Sandy.

19 Feb 10 - 06:09 AM (#2843986)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton
From: MGM·Lion

... I know Sandy remembered me recently because he ref'd to me in a thread I came across, about 10 years ago ~ his having learned from me the words of "Black Cat Piddled in White Cat's Eye', to tune of "Brighton Camp/Girl I Left Behind Me' while he was here.

09 Apr 10 - 03:01 AM (#2882609)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton: Many Sides of Sandy Paton
From: Joe Offer

I came across Sandy's 1959 Elektra album, The Many Sides of Sandy Paton, on Spotify. You can buy it as an MP3 download at http://amazonUK.mudcat.org, and I imagine it's available through other European MP3 sources, but it's apparently not available in the US. Sandy told me he didn't like this album, and I have to admit that it does sound like an American trying to sound Scottish, but it's still a very good recording.

The Many Sides of Sandy Paton

(Elektra #148, 1959)
1 Captain Wedderburn's Courtship 1:33
2 The Wee Magic Stane 3:02
3 Katy Cruel 1:58
4 An Auld Man 1:54
5 The Overgate 1:28
6 Twa Heids 1:36
7 Auld Maid In A Garret 2:04
8 Wee Croodlin' Doo 3:44
9 Daily Growing 4:19
10 Byker Hill 1:35
11 The Foggy Dew 2:24
12 Coming Home From The Wake 2:10
13 Wild Mountain Thyme 2:47
14 The Begging Tongue 2:13
15 I Never Go To Work 0:21
16 Children's Songs 1:27

09 Apr 10 - 03:10 AM (#2882616)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton: Many Sides of Sandy Paton
From: MGM·Lion

I recall Sandy then, 50+ years ago while he was in London, being kind enough to say that, tho my American accent always had a bit of 'Englishman doing his best' about it, I could still make a better fist of it than most ~~ & my replying that the same applied, mutatis mutandis, to his efforts at sounding like a Scot; which he took in good part...


09 Apr 10 - 03:16 AM (#2882617)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton: Many Sides of Sandy Paton
From: MGM·Lion

Looking at track list of that record, I remember his learning 'On Monday I Never Go To Work' from Redd Sullivan; he & I learned it together down at the Troubadour one night IIRK; I still sing it. & I think his version of 'Coming Home From The Wake' is one he learned from me.


(Apologies for cocking up italics on previous post!)

21 Jan 11 - 04:00 PM (#3079611)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton: Many Sides of Sandy Paton LP
From: Joe Offer

I am pleased to announce that The Many Sides of Sandy Paton is now available for download in the U.S. I found it at amazon.mudcat.org, but I suppose it's available at all the usual outlets.

Sandy hated this album, but I kinda like it.


21 Jan 11 - 04:33 PM (#3079629)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton: Many Sides of Sandy Paton LP
From: Deckman

Thanks for this Joe. I've ordered it. This was a pivitol recording for both Don Firth and myself!

21 Jan 11 - 08:48 PM (#3079752)
Subject: RE: Handsome Sandy Paton: Many Sides of Sandy Paton LP
From: Thomas Stern

here is a list of recordings of SANDY PATON.
please send any additions and corrections.
Best wishes, Thomas.

RECORDINGS of Sandy Paton/Sandy and Caroline Paton

Jazz Collector JEA.1 American Folk Songs Vol.1
liner notes: Colin Pomroy
Sandy Paton Sings (vocal and guitar)
A1 East Virginia Blues
A2 Rovin' Gambler
B1 Every Night When The Sun Goes In
B2 Cool Colorado

Collector Records JEA.2 Sandy Paton sings American Folk Songs Vol.2
Recorded, London, September 29th 1958
recording engineer Stanhope Blaikley
Supervision by Colin Pomroy
liner notes: Paul carter
A1 Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
A2 Wife of Ushers Well
B1 Twa Sisters
B2 The Farmer's Cursed Wife

Collector JEA.3 Sandy Paton sings to his guitar ---- Folk Songs of Love
Recorded London 29.9.58
Engineer: Stanhope Blaikley
Supervised: Colin Pomroy
A1 Colorado Trail
A2 At The Foot Of Yonders Mountain
B1 A-Walkin' and A-Talkin' (The Cuckoo)
B2 Alberta

Elektra 148 The many sides of Sandy Paton (1959)
additional guitar accompaniments by Fred Hellerman
liner notes: Robert Sherman
song notes: Kenneth S. Goldstein
insert booklet song texts
Production supervisor, Jac Holzman
Engineer, David B. Jones
A1 Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
A2 The Wee Magic Stane
A3 Katy Cruel
A4 An Auld Man
A5 The Overgate
A6 Twa Heids
A7 Auld Maid in a Garret
A8 Wee Croodlin' Doo

B1 Daily Growing
B2 Byker Hill
B3 The Foggy Dew
B4 Coming Home From the Wake
B5 Wild Mountain Thyme
B6 The Begging Tongue
B7 I Never Go To Work
B8 Children's Songs

Elektra EKL 223 A Treasury of Folk Songs for Children: Various Artists - 1962
Production: Jac Holzman
Side 1 - Fun Songs
1A10 Sandy Paton: I Never Go To Work
1A11 Sandy Paton: Street Songs

Elektra SMP 6 The Folk Scene: Various Artists
- Sandy Paton: Daily Growing

Topic TOP 57 Hush Little Baby - Sandy and Caroline Paton   (p)1960
American songs and ballads sung as lullabies
sleeve by Brian Byfield, insert notes
"During Sandy and Caroline Paton's stay in Britain their first child was born.
On this record the Patons sing some of the songs that young David Paton liked."
A1 Perrie Merrie Dixi Domini
A2 Katy Cruel
A3 The Quaker Courtship
B1 Hush Little Baby
B2 Lord Bateman
B3 Tittery Nan Tum Tario

Droll Yankees DY-9 NEVER TRUST A SKIER Sandy Paton    1961
in the Alpen Inn, Sugarbush Valley, Vermont.
A1 Bend in his Knees
A2 Farmer's Cursed Wife
A3 The Great American Bum
A4 The Ballad of Dr.Freud
A5 Hi-Ro-Jerum
A6 Fire Down Below

B1 The Goddam Cat
B2 Go 'Way, Old Man, Go 'Way
B3 Duncan and Brady
B4 Never Trust A Skier
B5 Go 'Way From My Window
B6 Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies
B7 Gamblin' Man

Biograph BLP-12051 Fox Hollow 10th Anniversary, Vol.1       LP (1975)
-Wild Mountain Thyme & The Hunt [1971] Sandy Paton & The Golden Ring

Folk-Legacy EGO-30 / CD-30 Sandy and Caroline Paton 1966/2004
recorded in Huntington, VT by Lee B Haggerty
notes & Graphics by Sandy Paton
1. Loving Hannah                        3:22
2. Across the Blue Mountain             2:54
3. Johnny, Oh, Hohnny                   2:40
4. I've Traveled This Country          2:29
5. The Lamoille River Song(Nutting)    2:50
6. Meekins and Morkins (Naramore)       2:17
7. I Woke Up In a Dry Bed (Guthrie)    2:06
8. Chilly Winds (lee)                   2:31
9. The Rivers of Texas                  3:33
10. I'm a Rambler and a Gambler          3:57
11. The Unquiet Grave (Child #78)       2:43
12. Coulter's Candy                      1:56
13. The Good Old Days of Adam and Eve    1:56
14. The Foggy Dew                        4:14
15. Now, My Friends, the Meeting is Over 2:29

Folk-Legacy 52 - Sandy and Caroline Paton - I've Got a Song
Aiken Drum
By 'M By
Come Along John
Hey Little Boy
I Know A Little Blue-Eyed Baby
I Live in a Great Big Building
I've Got a Song
James, James
Little Johnny Brown
Magic Penny
Mama Lend Me Your Pigeon
Move Over
Opposite Song
This Is a Song
Watch the Stars
You Can't Make a Turtle Come Out

Folk-Legacy 100 Sandy and Caroline Paton - New Harmony
vocal and instrumental backing from Cathy Barton, Dave Para, David and Robin Paton and others.
All Gone For Grog
Didn't I Dance
Great Storm Is Over, The
Hori Horo
I Have Seen My Valley
Log Driver's Waltz
May the Roads Rise With You
New Harmony
Rambling Man
Roustabout Song
Rowdy Soul

Folk-Legacy 1002 Sandy and Caroline Paton - When the Spirit Says Sing
Apples and Bananas
Chickens They Are Crowing
Cousin Emmy's Blues
Dig a Geoduck
Farmer's Curst Wife
Flea Fly
Geoduck Reprise
Julian of Norwich
One Bottle Pop
Peace Like a River
Peanut Butter Jam
Peanut Butter Jam
River, Take Me Along
Rubber Blubber Whale
Skin and Bones
Vine and Fig Tree
Waltzing With Bears
When the Spirit Says Sing

Sandy Paton also appears on:

Folk-Legacy CD-41 New Golden Ring Vol.1

Folk-Legacy CD-42 New Golden Ring Vol.2

Folk-Legacy CD121 For All the Good People

Folk-Legacy CD132 Irish Songs from Old New England

Mudcat MUD 1 Rose
"When You and I Were Young, Maggie" Sandy Paton & Friends

Mudcat MUD 5 Orchid
All The Good People - Sandy Paton

John Patrick Collection: Sandy Paton - 27 April 2004
One-Balled Reilly    Time: 1:01
Fascinatin' Bitch    Time: 0:19
Strawberry Whore    Time: 0:50 Time: 0:31