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June Tabor concerts

16 Mar 02 - 07:57 PM (#670452)
Subject: June Tabor concerts
From: 8_Pints

Hi all,

Just returned from concert at the "Citadel" in St. Helens, Lancashire.

This was an 150 seat concert hall, very intimate, and superbly presented.

She is on next in Sheffield today (Sunday), so go and see her if you can!

Bob & Sue vG

16 Mar 02 - 09:57 PM (#670498)
Subject: RE: June Tabor concerts
From: Mark Cohen

I wish I could! I've loved her voice for years. She's a treasure, for sure. A couple of months ago, the FolkScene online folk music radio show played an old concert of hers, and it was magnificent. Sure wish she'd come out to this neck of the ocean!


17 Mar 02 - 02:16 PM (#670804)
Subject: RE: June Tabor concerts
From: lamarca

June Tabor is one of my favorite singers! I was lucky enough to hear her and the Oyster Band when they were touring together doing rock'n'roll folk - one of the encores was June singing Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" - it made chills run up and down my spine...

Tabor's smoky voice and torch song arrangements of traditional material aren't everyone's cup of tea (some folk purist friends of mine walked out of one of her solo concerts once), but I've learned a lot of ballads from her recordings. "A Cut Above" got me hooked on ballad singing when it first came out. I'm glad she left the restaurant business and went back to singing!

17 Mar 02 - 03:41 PM (#670850)
Subject: RE: June Tabor concerts
From: Bat Goddess

Was fortunate to see June Tabor in a fairly intimate concert setting (local Unitarian church with wonderful acoustics) about 10 years ago. Dual concert June Tabor in the first half and Garnett Rogers in the second half.

What a voice!


17 Mar 02 - 03:55 PM (#670856)
Subject: RE: June Tabor concerts
From: Watson

June is at the Bridgehouse Theatre Warwick on Tuesday 19th March
She's working with a 3 piece band now - Mark Emerson on fiddle, Huw Warren on piano and Tim Harries on double bass.

17 Mar 02 - 04:28 PM (#670878)
Subject: RE: June Tabor concerts
From: Big Tim

I love JT. Twice I have booked tickets to see her, twice she cancelled. Coincidence?

18 Mar 02 - 07:42 AM (#671204)
Subject: RE: June Tabor concerts
From: GUEST,Dagenham Doc.

Sidmouth 2000 brilliant!! I also saw her at The Festival hall and Colchester Folk Club within ten days,what a bonus Doc

19 Mar 02 - 01:23 AM (#671707)
Subject: RE: June Tabor concerts
From: GUEST,BigDaddy

I've seen her every time she's been to The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA). She's as gracious as she is talented. Hope to see her on this side of the pond again.