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PEL-More questions

12 Mar 02 - 04:49 AM (#667522)
Subject: PEL - More questions
From: GUEST,The Wonderer

I've had a look at previous threads on the PEL topic and there are a couple of questions I can't find the answer to and was wondering if anybody might be able to help:

1. If a landlord (say) hosts a session without a PEL, does this invalidate his public liability insurance?

2. Usually, in the various listings publications, a contact name is given with regards to pub sessions and quite often this is not the landlord but some local folkie who organises the thing. Does this person have any liability, either from the point of view of the landlord's failure to obtain a PEL, or, in the case of a venue's public liability insurance being invalidated could this 'organiser' be held liable if there was any kind of claim for injury or suchlike?

Thanks in advance.

13 Mar 02 - 08:00 AM (#668225)
Subject: RE: PEL-More questions
From: Trevor


13 Mar 02 - 05:13 PM (#668574)
Subject: RE: PEL-More questions
From: Gareth

An intersting couple of points. Its some years since I last looked at a Liabilty Policy for a Public House.

Give me a few days and I will try and find the answer.

On the second point I think one would have to demonstrat a liability for the injury on the organiser in any event.

ie was he/she responsible for the injury or tort.


14 Mar 02 - 01:41 AM (#668834)
Subject: RE: PEL-More questions
From: The Shambles

Q: Who needs a public entertainment licence (PEL)?

A: Anyone organising any public performance of live music virtually anywhere. Without first obtaining a PEL from their local authority they could face a criminal prosecution. Venues affected could include village halls, schools, hospitals, libraries and so on.

Whoever was charged, licensee or in the case of a public hall or an outside festival say, the organiser, it would be with a criminal offence. I don't think that any insurance can cover you for breaking the law - or can it?

If the licensee in question allows a session to take place, to be on the safe side they should first establish if their local authority considers this to be a public entertainment requiring a PEL. If they do, he is commiting a criminal offence without one.

If they don't - - - then we will have finally cracked it!

14 Mar 02 - 01:44 AM (#668835)
Subject: RE: PEL-More questions
From: The Shambles

Click here and look for Hamish Birchall's PEL Q&A

09 Apr 02 - 04:51 AM (#685993)
Subject: RE: PEL-More questions
From: Trevor

Sorry to refresh this but it's a bit current for us in Shropshire. The Wonderer's question, as I understand it, was about who is liable for a session; is it the landlord hosting or is it the person whose name appears in the contact mag as contact for the sesh? Who would be prosecuted under PEL legislation?

Also, any further thoughts on the effect that operating outside PEL legislation would have on Public Liability insurance, ie if the landlord was operating outside his statutory obligation (aand not just for PEL but, for instance, Health & Safety legislation or Food Hygiene laws; would his insurers be able to claim that he was not covered - a bit like the one where a car is MOT- or Excise Duty-less and the insurance becomes invalid)

18 Apr 02 - 05:08 AM (#692663)
Subject: RE: PEL-More questions
From: Trevor