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Sands Family

10 Mar 02 - 01:23 PM (#666348)
Subject: Sands Family Recordings
From: GUEST,Jimmy Mac

Hello to all in this fount of great wisdom and knowledge. For some time I've been trying to get my hands on Sands Family recordings. I know they still record and tour very successfully, particularly in Europe and have made over a dozen albums as a group, apart from quite a few solo CDs by Tommy, Ben and Colum, which are marginally easier to locate. Any sources for recent Family recordings? I first heard them in New York in early 1970s but not sure if they still cross the Atlantic other than on solo missions.

J Mac

10 Mar 02 - 02:35 PM (#666382)
Subject: RE: Sands Family
From: GUEST,

I think they still record etc. I remember the beautiful voice of Anne, the sister. There was another brother, Eugene, I think, who was killed in an accident. He was (I think) a whiz on the mandolin. I saw them several times when I was at a convention in Halifax..mid-70's I guess. I know there is a web site so just do a google search. mg

10 Mar 02 - 03:17 PM (#666403)
Subject: RE: Sands Family
From: KT

You might be able to get the Sands family tour info through this on contact information....They're very good about responding....

I hope this works.....

Tommy Sands

10 Mar 02 - 03:19 PM (#666404)
Subject: RE: Sands Family
From: KT

oops. First, click on tour dates, then go to the bottom and click on contact info....Good luck.

10 Mar 02 - 03:23 PM (#666411)
Subject: RE: Sands Family
From: Dicho (Frank Staplin)

Latest cd, "To Shorten the Winter," on Green Linnet.

10 Mar 02 - 07:21 PM (#666537)
Subject: RE: Sands Family
From: Susanne (skw)

Or else, try this. Should get you to Colum Sands' mail order business. The eMail addy is (sorry, I've mislaid my instructions for eMail clickies). I'm just now looking forward to an old LP he promised to send me when the Sands Family was doing a gig in Kiel recently. Great musicians, very nice people, all of them!