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Lyr Add: The Quiet People (Anne Lister)

22 Nov 01 - 04:36 PM (#597876)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE QUIET PEOPLE (Anne Lister)
From: Noreen

I mentioned this on a thread recently, (Do you sing songs at particular times?) as an appropriate song for the time of year, and particularly appropriate this year.

(Anne Lister)

And the evening shadows
Swoop and fall and lengthen
And we hear the sound
Of a church bell ringing
And we pass the statue,
A black angel flying
And beneath it written
Names and dates of dying.

Oh your father hated mine
And my father killed yours
In the time-honoured fashion,
In the ways of long-outdated wars
For politicians never know
And commanders soon forget
That a country is more than
The men in a government.

And the history books make sure
That traditions last and last
And that we never can forget
Any injury done in the past
And the quiet people
Believe that wars will never end
Never knowing that if they linked hands,
They could make the world a friend.

So now I'll sing no anthems,
Songs of death and glory
And I'll stand beneath no flag,
Shout no cheers for victory
And I vow that I will
Live my life in harmony
And teach my children's children
To love my father's enemies.

As sung by Sara Grey and Ellie Ellis on You Gave Me a Song (August 1986) Greenwich Village Records, Sowerby Bridge.

10 Nov 17 - 03:12 PM (#3887914)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Quiet People
From: GUEST,Noreen

Refreshing this thread as I'm refreshing the song to sing later today.
Sing it people!

10 Nov 17 - 03:28 PM (#3887917)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Quiet People

Also recorded by Australian band The Fagans on their 1991 CD, Common Treasury.

12 Nov 17 - 07:21 AM (#3888122)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Quiet People (Anne Lister)
From: Mrrzy

Lovely song, I love my Tabster CD.

13 Nov 17 - 06:03 PM (#3888414)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Quiet People (Anne Lister)
From: Anne Lister

Sneakily coming in on the thread .. new album is in preparation, probably ready in the spring. Will include "Mametz", a song inspired by an extraordinary production by the National Theatre of Wales, in turn based on Owen Sheer's poem of the same title and the writings of poets at the time. Mametz was one of the battles that made up the Somme offensive, and one in which a horrifying number of Welsh soldiers died. The theatrical event took us, the audience, into farmland similar to the terrain in which the battle was fought, and introduced us to the soldiers and their families, and culminated in us being taken "over the top" through the trenches and up into the wood which doubled as Mametz wood. It's taken me a few years to be able to talk or write about it without tears - probably one of the most profound theatrical experiences I've ever had, and one which taught me a lot about war.
There are other songs on the album as well, and I'm including some recordings made of me singing in 1973 (not a typo).
Might do a crowd funder to help pay for some promo and manufacturing, but recording costs are being covered by an extraordinarily generous gift from an American supporter of my music. Album will be called "Astrolabe".