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Lyr Add: Blue Waltz

07 Nov 01 - 10:48 AM (#587439)
Subject: Blue Waltz
From: Wolfgang

Another of Jerry's fine songs telling a timeless story of days gone by. This is my transcription from the 'Handful of songs' LP. Jerry has helped me with two lines. As for all other lines I guess that remaining errors are minor. Whether they are minor or not they are mine.


(Jerry Rasmussen)

Fresh from a hard day of work in the fields
They'd drive into town every Saturday night
To stand on the dance-floor all huddled like sheep
With their knuckles all scrubbed and their collars too tight.

Chorus: There was 'Evening in Paris' and a touch of 'Blue Waltz'
And the couples would dance from the room
Then they'd screw up their courage and ask for a dance
And it seemed like the evening would end all too soon.

They'd sit at the table and try not to glance,
In romance you try not to let your feelings show,
And life's not at all like in Photoplay magazine,
Boys are so infuriatingly slow.

But that was back when all the bands came to town
And the Foxtrot and quickstep were still in their prime
And we still believed love could last for a lifetime
With every heart beating in three-quarter time.