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Lyr Req: Life of Sorrow (Stanley Brothers)

10 Oct 01 - 06:18 PM (#569312)
Subject: Life of Sorrow
From: GUEST,Dobro Bob (Bob Sisco)

I'm looking for the lyrics to the old Stanley Brothers song "Life of Sorrow." It's similar in chord structure and melody line to "Man of Cosntant Sorrow," which Carter also wrote, but that one has been overdone lately. I'm hoping to do something fresh, and I'm too lazy right now to sit down with the CD and type the words into my computer if someone else has them out there. You can always send them to me at if you like. Thanks!

10 Oct 01 - 06:57 PM (#569345)
Subject: Lyr Add: LIFE OF SORROW
From: masato sakurai

This seems to be the one.


After traveling through this world of sorrow
No one on earth to call my friend
I'm on my way back to old Kentucky
Where I met and loved but couldn't win

I have always loved you little darling
My heart will always feel the same
I could never do one thing to hurt you
I'd rather die than bring you shame

When the cold dark shroud is wrapped around me
They lay my weary head to rest
Will you stand around and gaze upon me
For I'm the one that loved you best

When the golden hair has turned to silver
The Master called your soul to Him
Where we can be free from all our troubles
I'll meet you there at journey's end

SOURCE: From this.


10 Oct 01 - 07:24 PM (#569368)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Life of Sorrow
From: masato sakurai

The same lyrics are also in another site, which says, "taken from: Stanley Brothers."


22 Oct 01 - 06:30 PM (#577630)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Life of Sorrow
From: GUEST,DobroBob

That's the one. Thanks a million!