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Lyr Req: Joe Hill

08 Feb 98 - 12:47 AM (#20929)
Subject: Lyrics for
From: Bill Lindemann ""

I need the lyrics and chords for the song JOE HILL which starts: I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night, Alive as you and I...

08 Feb 98 - 01:52 AM (#20935)
Subject: RE: Lyrics for
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Bill - Always search the database before you request lyrics. We have over 6,500 songs already on file. Enter [Joe Hill] in square brackets in the search box on most pages of this Web site, and you'll find every song by or about Joe Hill. If you enter the words without the brackets, you'll get all the songs that have both "Joe" and "Hill" in no particular order, so you might end up with a few extra songs. But, since you asked, here is a link that will take you direct to your song.
-Joe Offer-

08 Feb 98 - 03:09 AM (#20938)
Subject: RE: Lyrics for
From: rosebrook

Joe (or anyone else as informed/talented),

How did you make it so you can click HERE and it takes you right to the place where someone wants to go? I hope it's OK to mix the technical with the music....


08 Feb 98 - 03:34 AM (#20939)
Subject: RE: Lyrics for
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Rosebrook - here is a thread that discusses links and other such stuff. It's probably best to talk tech mostly in the tech threads. I certainly don't want to type up my links treatise again. I goofed it up twice, and had to do it over both times. The best hint, though, is to point your cursor to an open white spot on a screen here, press your right mouse button, and choose "view source" from the menu that comes up. Then you can see how Max did it. Max always does it right.
-Joe Offer-

27 Feb 99 - 12:31 PM (#60597)
Subject: RE: Lyrics for

]joe hill]