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Lyr Req: Moth (Anne Lister)

18 Aug 01 - 02:37 PM (#530837)
Subject: 'The Moth'
From: Mad Maudlin

Hi all, I'm looking for the words to a song called "The Moth". I can recall the tune perfectly, but all I can remember of the words are the lines "There should be some kind of warning/To those moths that fly by night/To.../And keep away from the light".

Thanks in advance!

Mad M.

18 Aug 01 - 07:16 PM (#530899)
Subject: Lyr Add: MOTH (Anne Lister)^^
From: Stewie

Great song. Here it is from an album by Anonyma [Anne Lister and Mary McLaughlin]. Martin Simpson also did a beaut recording of it:

(Anne Lister)

I flew too close to the candle
And I think that my wings are aflame
I should never have come so close to you
It seems I won't leave again

There should be some kind of warning
To those of us who fly by night
To beware of the cold air of morning
And to keep away from the light

Oh the light that it cast out was gentle
And I'd been far too long in the cold
And all of the dark seemed so lonely
And all of your welcome seemed gold

And alone outside your window
There's just the pale gleam of far distant stars
You could search for heaven for ever
But at least you'd be safe where you are

Words and music by Anne Lister.
Source: lyric sheet accompanying Anonyma 'Burnt Feathers' Fellside LP FE059 (1987)


19 Aug 01 - 01:45 AM (#531024)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'The Moth'
From: Mad Maudlin

Thanks Stewie! It's a great song indeed, and now I'll be able to play it at last!

19 Aug 01 - 08:59 PM (#531475)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'The Moth'

I have the words to this - but do not nkow the tune wel . can you send me the tune pls. Gerald Argyl at Mny Thnx

20 Aug 01 - 12:46 PM (#531859)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'The Moth'
From: Mad Maudlin

I'd love to, but don't know how. Can anybody help?