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OBIT: John Walters RIP

31 Jul 01 - 06:54 PM (#518680)
Subject: John Walters RIP
From: Ralphie

John Walters.
Trumpeter with the Alan Price set in the 60's, joined BBC Radio 1 in 1967, and went on to produce John Peel's show for 20 or so years...and then produced many other programmes for the beeb.
Sadly, the old bugger died two days ago. 2 years after his retirement.
There is no justice in the world.....I'll miss him.
Anyone who can book a BBC studio for 3 Pianos and 3 Chimpanzees (and get away with it!), is OK by me.
Rest Easy John, Glad I knew you

31 Jul 01 - 07:52 PM (#518725)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Peter K (Fionn)

Thanks Ralphie. I only heard today - didn't realise he'd been dead a couple of days.

Walters was truly one of life's great progressives. From the Alan Price set, which was easy to listen to, albeit a notch or two above "easy listening," it was a big and bold step to embrace punk and new wave like he did, especially when most radio stations were avoiding it like the plague.

As John Peel's producer throughout a classic 12-year stint on Radio 1, Walters played a major role in exposing new talent throughout that glorious era. Almost uniquely in radio, in my experience, he and Peel were always moving on, covering new ground. If only some of that adventurous spirit could invade Mike Harding's BBC Radio 2 folk slot, which is stuck in a cliquish rut by comparison.

But RIP? I'm not sure that John Walters would want to rest in peace.

01 Aug 01 - 02:51 AM (#518851)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Ralphie

Thanks for that. And Yes, John might be at rest, but, the angels are in for a helluva shock!
Listened to his R4 Doc, "Can Chipmunks sing?" last night, one of the funniest half hours ever.
All the best Ralphie

01 Aug 01 - 05:57 AM (#518903)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Skipjack K8

Hadn't heard this sad news at all, so thanks, Rafe. Agree with Fionn's sentiments entirely.

My favourite Walters era was the 'What's on Walters' radio show.

A great loss to radio, even though the he only enjoyed such a short retirement.


01 Aug 01 - 07:12 AM (#518934)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Ritchie

Yes Ralphie it was a bit of a shock to see the news posted up on Mudcat, how did I miss it ??

We were just reminiscing about him in the office,he had been on the tele about clubs in Newcastle some of which even we could n't remember. Apparently he taught one of my colleague's wife !

Even though he always looked 'a clip' I liked him.

Thanks for the memories John, gone but not forgotten.


01 Aug 01 - 08:21 AM (#518953)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Ralphie

Richie......What's "a clip" ????!!!

02 Aug 01 - 07:48 AM (#519578)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Ritchie

It was meant in an endearing way. My mother used to tell me that I could n't go out wearing certain clothes cos I would look a right 'clip' looking back at some of my photos I know what she meant !

You know how lovers of heavy metal tend to wear black and have their hair long and 'mods' would dress in union jack jackets and pink ankle swingers. Acker Bilk lovers would have daft little beards and even dafter waistcoats and George Melly would have some barmy suits and how the Beatles inspired loads of different styles and if you saw anyone out wearing Sgt Pepper gear or even a beatle jacket with perhaps a Dave Clark five shirt they would probably look 'a right clip' Well John seemed to encompass everyone of those at once.You certainly could n't 'pigeon hole' him. It was probably his jazz influence along with his diverse musical taste.

I mean this in the nicest possible way but ... most lovers of jazz look 'a bit of a clip' anyway, I think it goes with the territory.

all the best Ralphie and regards from Ritchie ( who at nearly 50 does n't give a damn )

02 Aug 01 - 09:28 AM (#519622)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Ralphie

Thanks for that Ritchie..!
And yes....I've seen him wearing the most ridiculous clothes over the years....Part of his charm.
And being not far short of 50 myself, I don't give a damn either!!
Best Wishes....Ralphie
PS....I've burnt most of my old photos.......! Kaftans??
WHY ?!

02 Aug 01 - 09:47 AM (#519638)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Brian Hoskin

I've listened to and enjoyed John Walters on both Radios 1 and 4 and was shocked by his death. Here's a link to some pictures and comments on the BBC website Click


02 Aug 01 - 10:57 AM (#519693)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Ralphie

Brian...thanks for the link....I should have known about it I suppose!
But well worth catching the "Chipmunks" prog next Sat am on BBC R4. (not sure of the time)...A typically hysterical Walters slant on the history of double speed voices....Chipmunks v Pinky & Perky, along with Napolean IV. Timeless Radio.

02 Aug 01 - 11:57 AM (#519739)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Jim Cheydi

John Walters introduced me to the Tansads, for which I shall always be grateful.

To paraphrase Ray Burns, 'There can be no God. What sort of a god would take Joey Ramone and John Walters but leaves Phil Collins?'

02 Aug 01 - 12:35 PM (#519760)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Paddy Plastique

Yep, I can hear his voice in me head - mostly came across him through Peel - shouting in the background/standing in for him/or programmes where the 2 of them rambled on. Too young to remember any of the rest or the dodgy clobber.

I think the god in question is a DJ on one of those 'More Muzak, Less Talk' stations...

Who be the Tansads??

02 Aug 01 - 12:39 PM (#519763)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: okthen

"So ordinary a thing as loss comes now and touches me" (Brian Patten)



02 Aug 01 - 12:53 PM (#519772)
Subject: RE: OBIT: John Walters RIP
From: Jim Cheydi

Paddy Plastique

The Tansads were what the Levellers have always wanted to be. Sort of punk/folk crossover with some fine tunes and very dubious lyrics. Did I say dubious? I meant crap!