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Elixir Guitar Strings

01 Jul 01 - 03:56 PM (#495990)
Subject: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: 53

Hi Catters,

Our Big Baby Guitars (by Taylor) came with Elixer strings. They are great. The life of them is longer than other phosphor bronze strings we have used and now that we have had to buy new ones, we see why. The US list price is above $25.

Has anyone else tried them? How do you like them? And what price do YOU have to pay for them?

Glenda and Bob

01 Jul 01 - 04:17 PM (#496000)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Murray MacLeod

The problem with Elixir (for me at any rate) is that they never actually sound new. They do keep their tone a long time, but that tone is not to my taste. Still, everyone to his own.

D#Addario make a string similar to Elixir, which Martin Simpson was using last time I saw him. He swears by them. Can't remember what they are called, but I remember they cost more than I would have paid.


01 Jul 01 - 04:35 PM (#496016)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Richard Bridge

Wasn't there a thread on this a few months back?

I tried Elixir's as a result, and I like them. I like them a lot. But my guitar is very bright. Not everyone does.

The new D'Addario is i think filled with teflon over the core but inside the winding whereas Elixir's ahve the teflon on the top.

01 Jul 01 - 05:05 PM (#496046)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Clinton Hammond

I've tried 'em... not bad... I never liked the sound of brand new strings in the first place... The problem was, I tried them at a time when I was breaking a lot of strings, so at almost 40 bucks a pack, they were deffinatly NOT worth it...

Maybe I'll try them again, now that I've fixed that problem, but it's gonna have to be really impressive to get me away from good old Martin Light Gauge...

01 Jul 01 - 06:18 PM (#496087)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Bluebelle

The D'Addario strings, to which you refer, are called Nanowebs. GHS has also come out with a coated string, called EXP's, and considered to be several cuts above, both the Elixirs and D'Addario Nanowebs.

Coated strings seem to work best for those whose hands sweat profusely or whose acidity is high. In addition, pickers who play several hours a day say they last longer than uncoated strings.

I've tried Elixirs twice and I absolutely do not like them. My personal preference for strings is Martin SP Phosphor Bronze. A flatpicker friend equates Elixirs to strings with a condom.

01 Jul 01 - 06:53 PM (#496111)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: mooman

Since I tried Elixir strings I will use no other on my fingerpicking guitar and mandolin as both instruments are bright already. I like the sound of the Elixirs on these instruments and they last for ages (more than one year on my fingerpicking guitar which is used for at least an hour daily, except for changing the top two unwound strings, with no really discernable loss in tone). This is just as wll as they are very pricey here in Belgium.

On my other guitar which I use mainly for rhythm playing and jazz, the Elixirs just do not sound right and I stick with D'Addario phosphor bronze on this.

There have been acouple of threads on this topic. Here is one and here is another.



01 Jul 01 - 07:15 PM (#496127)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: davidg

I once let some kid in a music store talk me into buying a set of Elixirs. I brought them home, put them on my guitar and hated them. They produce, at least on my guitar, a thin, metallic piercing kind of sound. No bottom end. I suppose they're fine if you want to sound like the Byrds ca. 1966. I'll stick with the phosphor bronze D'Addarios.

01 Jul 01 - 07:47 PM (#496153)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Little Hawk

I love the Elixirs and will use nothing else at this point, but it's a matter of taste. Just like with guitars.

- LH

01 Jul 01 - 09:32 PM (#496209)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Bugsy

I've put them on my Maton and they sound great. Mind you the Maton has a big sound anyway. I've had them on for about 2 month now so they have more than paid for themselves (I usually change them every 3 weeks or so.

For mine, they're well worth the money.



01 Jul 01 - 09:33 PM (#496210)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: 53

Thank you, Mooman, for the links to the other TWO posts on Elixer strings.

I have read every comment and enjoyed them.

Sorry, Catspaw, looks like I might have done the same thing others do at times, and started a thread without doing my research.

But I can learn and am glad to find out when I err. So... next time I will remember to do the research.

I sure am glad the 'Catters are a forgiving lot.


01 Jul 01 - 09:45 PM (#496217)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: catspaw49

That's OK Glenda.....happens to everyone occasionally and as long as someone comes along and links them as the Mooman did, it's sometimes a good idea. When you refresh a thread with, say 65 posts on it, some people will figure the discusiion hass gone on without them and no one will read their post anyway. So a fresh thread can be beneficial at times......Here it has brought up the other makers getting into the coated string market.

I'm trying a set next string change myself, just hadn't got around to trying them and I'm in a string rut since I've been using the same thing for years.


02 Jul 01 - 12:08 AM (#496296)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Pseudolus

I love the Elixer strings mostly because of their longevity... I usually change my strings (or should) every two to three weeks. With Elixers, I usually go at least two months or more before they need to be changed. In my area there's a music store that has them for $14.95 per set. I was able to talk them into selling me 10 sets for $100.00 which makes the savings huge considering how long they last.

I agree they don't start as bright as other strings but how long does that "brand new strings" sound last anyway? For me not even a whole gig.... jmho.....


02 Jul 01 - 12:41 AM (#496316)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Murray MacLeod

Frank, you are right, the "new" sound doesn't last a whole gig. That is why Martin Simpson changes his strings not only prior to each and every gig, but also during the intermission. And may I say that he used to do this even before he got the D'Addario endorsement deal.


02 Jul 01 - 07:55 AM (#496469)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Mike Byers

www.elderly.com has Elixirs at a reasonable price. I like them pretty well, but during a conversation with El McMeen yesterday, El said he thought the Nanoweb's were brighter. I haven't tried these yet, but based on his recommendation I will.

02 Jul 01 - 08:06 AM (#496480)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: bigchuck

Elixer's new strings are called nanowebs, D'Addario's are EXPs. I just tried a set of nanowebs on my new Martin (000-15S) and liked the sound a lot, but broke two strings in the first week (mediums too). I've now got a set of EXPs on, which sound good too. Hopefully they'll last longer. A number of folks on the Flatpick-L have reported breakage problems with Nanowebs also.

02 Jul 01 - 08:25 AM (#496488)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Whistleworks

Hi everyone,

I did a CD earlier this year which featured Celtic fingerstyle monster El McMeen. He uses Elixer strings exclusively. I thought his guitar (a Tippen) sounded magnificent to this whistle player's tin ear. Then, last week, El released a new CD called The Lea Rig. I am personally convinced that the Elixer strings, combined with the masterful playing of this great guy, resulted in a CD which I still have yet to remove from both my home and car CD players.

If the strings had anything to do with this (I have definitely got a "tin" ear; maybe from playing too much tin whistle..??) then I'm going to get him at truckload of these.

Just my $0.02. Have a wonderful week, one and all.

Bob Pegritz

02 Jul 01 - 09:06 AM (#496508)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Whistle Stop

I've had mixed experiences with the Elixirs. They do hold their tone, but it starts out slightly "muddier" than the uncoated strings I typically use. At about $15.00 a set, they are significantly more expensive than the mail-order strings I generally buy (phosphor bronze mediums, comparable to D'Addario EJ-17's, cost around $2.00 a set when I buy them in bulk).

I've had two problems with the Elixirs. First is their quality control -- I have gotten more than one set where the coating on one or more strings was applied too heavily, totally killing the tone. Also, I have broken my share of these, partly because I use a lot of altered tunings, but I think they're a little more prone to breakage than my usual strings. Again, at $15 a set, these kind of problems are unacceptable. I don't use them any more, although I'll occasionally pick up a set for recording (reduced finger noise).

02 Jul 01 - 09:26 AM (#496518)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Bluebelle

Oops, my mistake. Thanks Bigchuck for the clarification! I guess if I liked coated strings or used them, I'd know better who was making them. I am sure that I prefer Martin SP's or Bluegrass strings the best.

02 Jul 01 - 01:55 PM (#496720)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: marty D

There sure seems to be a wide difference in price on Elixers. 40 dollars down to 14 something. Are they cheaper in the big cities? I'd try something out at the lesser price, but 40 bucks? Not a chance.


02 Jul 01 - 02:00 PM (#496723)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: UB Ed

Elixirs may last longer, but I think either the Dean Markley extra lights (.11) or D'Addario intially sound better.


02 Jul 01 - 03:25 PM (#496789)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Phil Cooper

I hadn't tried Elixers before, but just got a Santa Cruz OM/PW which came with a set. I like the lower finger noise, but kind of miss the phosphor bronze twang, rattle that can sometimes occur. I haven't had the heart to take the elixer's off and put on a regular set of Martin marquis. I believe I have a set of light guages on the new guitar, and think the high E is a bit too light for my taste (slips off the finger board if I'm not careful).

03 Jul 01 - 01:11 AM (#497220)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings


03 Jul 01 - 09:22 AM (#497417)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Midchuck

The original Elixrs sound good, but have a "slimy" feel that bothers me.

I tried one set of EXPs and found them to be very good strings overall - just not enough better than plain-vanilla D'addario PBs to justify 2 1/2 times the price.

I haven't tried the Nanowebs, but I hear a lot of talk about excessive breakage.

I suspect I'll go on buying the regular D'Addario PBs as cheap as I can, and change them when they seem to need it.

Just my take.


03 Jul 01 - 09:32 AM (#497428)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Pontiac Joe

I love Elixirs I turned them on to others with the same results. Not sure where you live but $40.00 is outragous I live near Reading Pa. and the cheapest I've seen them was $ 11.99,ZESWITZ $13.00,PENN AVENUE MUSIC $14.99 FREDS WWW.FREDSMUSIC.COM you can buy them in bulk.


03 Jul 01 - 10:23 AM (#497475)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: LR Mole

I boil mine in Wildroot Creme oil and put condoms on my fingers. No, I don't. I'm fond of Earthwoods (which I think are Ernie Ball) but probably because I like the package, or something equally silly.

04 Jul 01 - 01:17 AM (#498028)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Fstpicker

I used to use regular Elixirs. Now I use the Elixir Nanowebs and love 'em. I haven't had any breakage problem and I've played 'em for 6 weeks every day, sometimes several hours. They don't lose their coating near as much as reg. Elixirs. Tried the D'Addario EXP...pretty good but not as much bottom end depth on my dread. Try JustStrings.com for a good low price on them.

05 Jul 01 - 01:03 AM (#498699)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Kaleea

I have used martin Marquis on my good old 1964 Gibson for 20 or so years, but heard so much about the Elixirs, I thought I would try them. I put them on, fingerpicked a couple of tunes, and a couple of days later, went to a big bluegrass jam. I got out my guitar and on the first strum broke my fourth string. Odd, I thought, I can't remember when I broke a fourth string. A couple of tunes later, I broke my sixth string. Odd, I thought, I don't ever remember breaking my sixth string in the 30-odd years I have been picking (and boy, have they been odd!). A few tunes later, the third string broke. I gave up and replaced the other three strings as well--along with the rest of the Martin Marquis package I had opened--and never looked back. The price of the Elixirs? $17.95 + tax. The cost of the Martin Marquis? $3.50 from a bargain catalog. I have deduced that the higher the cost of the strings, the higher the ratio of the breakage factor.

05 Jul 01 - 04:21 PM (#499221)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: rush

I own 2 Taylor Guitars both Dreadnoughts , a 410 & an 810. I think the 410 sounds great with Elixir Guitar Strings ( Have not checked out the Nanowebs yet ), however this 410 sounded great in the studio with D'Addairio Phosphur/Bronze medium guage as well. I will admit that Elixir strings do last a few weeks longer and maintain fairly good brightness. Now on my 810 ( which has much more bottom ,then the 410 because of the Rosewood back and sides ) , the Elixir strings sound OK , however, I need to put D'Adddario's back on this guitar ( and Martin Marquis's and John Pearce Strings ) to do a true comparison. In the States ,you can purchase on -line or via phone from JustStrings.com . The Price of Elixirs about $11.50 per set . This does not include shipping. I'm really learning that your guitar and your own subjective ear will let you know what strings are really the best !!

Mike Strobel

05 Jul 01 - 11:41 PM (#499517)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Louie Roy

The elixer Guitar string here in Oregon costs $ 13.99 and there is no tax here,but at $ 40.00 you are being ripped off.In fact I guess you could call it robbery without a gun.Louie Roy

06 Jul 01 - 10:19 AM (#499765)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: GUEST,djh

I love the elixers. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but bronze strings turn my finger tips green and black, elixers don't and they last much longer. I pay $18 for a set at local music store in NY burbs. It is worth it, I am sick of walking round with green fingers. Anyone know why some folks' fingers respond to bronze like that?

06 Jul 01 - 10:48 AM (#499789)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: mooman

Guest djh,

That will be the problem some people have alluded to already, i.e. some of us are more prone to acidic sweat from our hands and fingers. This can react with the copper and other metals in bronze producing the corrosion products of the colours you describe which are then transferred to your fingers and sometimes hands, e.g. I get more of this type of staining on the heel of my rings hand when resting it just behind the bridge when playing mandolin or mandola. The same corrosion reaction can also dramatically reduce string life.

I like the Elixirs on two of my main instruments both for these reasons and because they sound excellent as well. As I mentioned above, for me the higher price is more than offset by the length of time they last.

Best regards


06 Jul 01 - 08:10 PM (#500256)
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: GUEST,Reynardine

I bought a Taylor Big Baby about a month and a half ago, which came with Elixirs. I don't like that bright tone, but after a while they rounded off a little. Something odd I've noticed; the coating seems to fray around the soundhole, and has become impregnated with what I can only hope is finger-oil/grease/dirt. It's green, as usual.

PS I used to use Gibson Bronze (ultra)light on my old guitar, a cheap dreadnought, but they always broke. One set lasted less that 24 hours. I switched to medium J-200s but with the high action could barely finger an F.

PPS Like djh, the J-200s used to turn my fingertips green, which has yet to happen with the Elixirs.

13 Jul 11 - 01:52 PM (#3186851)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: GUEST,Jayne Lloyd Guitar Teacher

I use Elixir strings - they are a bit 'thuddy' sounding but they don't deteriorate from that point until the coating either peels away (nanoweb) or they become hairy (polyweb). I buy them in bulk and pay around Ģ10 a set - they last two to three months with me playing them around 5 - 7 hours daily (so approximately 300 hours).

D'addarios appear to be very shoddily annealed in the production winding and process and, coated or not, they are extremely brittle and cannot cope with the 'hammering' I have to give them - they last 3 -5 days, usually with the 'G' and the 'D' snapping in the first few hours.

I buy Exlxir 12's and supplement the D nd G strings with slightly heavier guages. I've used 13's for DADGAD and other tunings - the 13's work well on a low 'F' tuning I use a lot.

I loved Martin SP's but now only use them in studio - my playing has changed and I squeak when I use them.

All the electric have Ernie Balls - Elixirs are no good for them.

Verdict: For my style of playing and the amount of hours I play Elixir's are the only alternative I've tried the others and they don't cut it for me.


13 Jul 11 - 02:04 PM (#3186857)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: GUEST,999

I use them on the Larrivee and they last. A bit of Fastfret from time to time and it beats paying for a new set of strings every week.

13 Jul 11 - 03:46 PM (#3186935)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: DonMeixner

I like the way they feel. I can slide around on them which I can't do with any other brand. They sound ok. I have used the Martin Bronze Lights since 1972 and I prefer the sound of them.... or maybe its the price I prefer.

I find that strings is strings and all the rest is marketing.


14 Jul 11 - 07:54 AM (#3187360)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings

They're the cannine's testicles.

Got them on all three Martins and swear by them.

Expensive yes, but why have a real quality instrument without spending a bit on the wires?

Personal taste at the end of day (how unusual).

14 Jul 11 - 12:05 PM (#3187518)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Brian May

Guest above was me, perhaps my cookie at work has been snaffled.

14 Jul 11 - 02:39 PM (#3187613)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: John MacKenzie

I can't find any string to beat Newtones. I tried Elixir, found them too 'slippy'

14 Jul 11 - 05:01 PM (#3187711)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Brian May

Yep, I liked Newtones too, but must admit (for me) the Elixirs have it.

I had a couple of Newtones that actually unravelled from the ball end - I've never seen that before.

I've got a set of Newtone DADGAD strings knocking around if anyone wants them. PM me if you you're interested (UK only).

I'll be sticking with Elixirs between now and death

14 Jul 11 - 10:09 PM (#3187947)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Louie Roy

I've used the elixirs light gauge on both of my guitars the acoustic and the electric and in my opinion there isn't a better string on the market today however this again is up to the opinion of all other guitar players

15 Jul 11 - 06:53 AM (#3188128)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings

Great for 6 and 12 string guitars
If they

15 Jul 11 - 12:16 PM (#3188301)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: GUEST,999

One drawback to Elixirs is that they do not have the 'brightness' of many other strings. The coating likely accounts for that. However, I'm from a time when strings were about $3.00 a set. Today . . . Of course, I'm also from a time when jujubes were four for a penny (Canadian penny).

15 Jul 11 - 05:21 PM (#3188447)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: skarpi

Elixirs strings are ok , but cost lung and liver here in
iceland about 80$ so I donīt use them , I use spectrum or daddario

15 Jul 11 - 06:54 PM (#3188496)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Zen

I used to use them on one guitar and liked them but now prefer Cleartones which have a thinner coating. I use flatwounds on my other (archtop) guitar.

15 Jul 11 - 07:00 PM (#3188500)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: GUEST,999

How long will the Cleartones last for, Zen.

15 Jul 11 - 08:03 PM (#3188523)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Mark Ross

To 999; $3 a set? The Folklore Center sets were a buck and a half I seem to remember.

Mark Ross

16 Jul 11 - 04:25 AM (#3188640)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: John MacKenzie

That's appropriate Mark. It's halfway between a Loonie and a Toonie.

16 Jul 11 - 04:56 AM (#3188647)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: John MacKenzie

Skarpi, what gauge you use, I may have some Elixirs spare.

16 Jul 11 - 05:57 AM (#3188673)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Zen

Guest,999... the Cleartones seem to be more or less equivalent to Elixirs in longevity.

16 Jul 11 - 08:42 AM (#3188724)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: skarpi

I use 0,11 on my 6 string but 0,10 on my 12 string

16 Jul 11 - 09:16 AM (#3188734)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Musket

I started using them when I bought my Rainsong, as a new set came with the guitar, (plus the ones on from the factory were unused.)

Since then, I have found them excellent on every guitar other than a Jim Harley dreadnought I use occasionally. For that, they are too bright. Also, as this is the only acoustic I use a plectrum on, I like a heavier string. Elixir seem to shine better on the lighter strings, or is it just me?

The longevity is one aspect, but I also find they squeak less when sliding up and down the frets. Some feel the squeak is part of the music, I don't. Hence I love them.

I buy quite a few strings and although they last a long time, I still get through a few sets a month all told and have found a supplier on Amazon seems to give best price / delivery.

17 Jul 11 - 08:03 AM (#3189354)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: GUEST,999

Mark, your memory's better 'n mine. But those were the days of Marlboro being $.35 a pack when ice still covered much of North America . . . .

Zen, many thanks. I'll give them a try. Appreciate the input.

07 Nov 13 - 06:56 AM (#3573550)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: GUEST,shayleen

I agree with Murray over Elixir though etring preference is a personal thing. I use La Bella and /Gibson strings. Elixirs in the Uk cost around 16 pounds a set for the nenowebs :-)

07 Nov 13 - 07:23 PM (#3573747)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Betsy

I've got a couple of Martins - wouldn't dream of buying Martin Strings as I think they go dead too quickly. Tried Elixir they're OK but don't have the crispness of D'Addario 11 > 52 Phosphor bronze which suit me in all departments of sound ,price and longevity.
Horses for courses I suppose - what suits one may not suit others , but the price is also fairly restrictive so the manufacturers may need to think again.
I am reminded of an old mate of mine who used to used to sell Christmas trees during THAT particular season.
When asked by older women (Mams and Grandmas) why he charges slightly more for his trees ,he replied "They've been specially treated to avoid the needles falling off".
What do you treat them with asked the old ladies ," Ah " came the reply
" It's a special chemical which is not dangerous in the household setting - and it's called H 2 O ".
Notwithstanding water , I feel that Elixir might be a fad that is being totally overpriced / marketing.
I won't be buying anymore

08 Nov 13 - 03:57 AM (#3573825)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Will Fly

I've said this on other threads regarding Elixir strings, but I'll repeat it here.

I have hands that kill conventional phosphor bronze strings stone dead in a day - just skin acidity. Elixir Nanowebs last me 6-8 weeks, depending on the current playing level; even when starting to shred the coating down over the soundhole area, they still sound reasonable.

So, on pure economics alone - from my perspective - even if Elixirs are double the price of other strings (and the price in the UK has been affected by rising postage costs), I'm still getting better value from them than other makes. I've also tried D'Addario and they didn't last me either.

If you don't have the acidic skin problem, or you're happy with dead strings - which many guitarists prefer - then that equation might not work for you. But it does for me.

08 Feb 16 - 09:04 AM (#3771390)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: GUEST,Shayleen

Elixir strings are good. I preter d'addario exp. Dr sunbeam are quiite good and work well on rosewood/sitka guitars like the martin d35 :-)

08 Feb 16 - 10:11 AM (#3771396)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Brian Peters

I've used Elixir for years now (same reason as Will Fly)and been very happy with them, but in an attempt to cut costs I recently bought a pack of three sets off Ebay for something resembling a cut price.

The first set went dead after one gig. The second set nearly as bad. Not sure whether they are fakes - the packaging looks authentic enough.

Be warned.

08 Feb 16 - 10:43 AM (#3771398)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Will Fly

That's odd, Brian - I've also bought a 3-pack set, from one of the usual Amazon suppliers, and so far the first set is holding up nicely. They were no cheaper after postage, though.

The pack was the .012-.053 Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb type.

For my smaller 0 model guitar, I use the .011-.052 set - also Nanoweb, but just Bronze, not Phosphor Bronze.

The Tenor guitar takes the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string from a standard .010 Phosphor Bronze Nanowen set - but I use any old .009 as a first, as the .010 top string from the set is on the edge of snapping if overtightened. (Tenor tuning is CGDA).

It's always possible that quality control varies, even with the best of firms. There was a period some years ago when the 3rd and 4th Elixirs from the .012 set were snapping very quickly. I and several other players formally complained to Elixir's European office - and they seemed to improve, but probably coincidentally!

08 Feb 16 - 11:00 AM (#3771401)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Brian Peters

I just did a search, Will, and it seems I'm not the first:

Counterfeit Elixir strings

Just to stress, they were bought from Ebay, not Amazon. I've never had a bad set before.

08 Feb 16 - 11:44 AM (#3771405)
Subject: RE: Elixir Guitar Strings
From: Will Fly

Thanks for that info, Brian - appreciated, and I'll keep a watch out in future.