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20 Apr 01 - 11:07 AM (#445348)
Subject: NIC JONES
From: Fiddlin' Sid

Just bought Nic Jones - penguin eggs. Was a bit young when it was released and have only previously heard bits of it. What a magical album! Anyone know what else he recorded and what else is available to buy.

20 Apr 01 - 11:19 AM (#445354)
Subject: RE: NIC JONES
From: Malcolm Douglas

Just type nic jones in the very useful "Digitrad and Forum Search" box on the main Forum page for many previous discussions and interesting links.

20 Apr 01 - 08:06 PM (#445803)
Subject: RE: NIC JONES
From: GUEST,John Hill

The only other thing available is "In search of" released 3 years ago and is a collection of live recordings from before his accident in 1983. If you can get hold of any old LP's they are all worth having. "The Noah's Ark Trap" is particularly good.

21 Apr 01 - 03:48 AM (#445960)
Subject: RE: NIC JONES
From: Liz the Squeak

I have a vinyl one of his, something about the Devil and the Highwayman?? Haven't been down to the dining room for a while, so not played it, got bad case of CRS and need to go back to bed and start this day again!!