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The WORST Band You Were Ever In

02 Apr 01 - 02:39 PM (#431371)
Subject: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: Justa Picker

Taking a cue from the "WORST Audience" thread, how about the worst band or musical group you inadvertently found yourself in? (We all had lapses in judgement right?)

When I was a younger person, I joined a professional rock band that did all top 40 covers. The musicians were pretty good, and the band worked steadily. (I needed steady work at the time.) Rehearsed with the band for 2 weeks, and then went on our first road trip which was to last 3 weeks.

The first week was uneventful with audiences and room managers enjoying the band's music. But once we got to the weekend, the situation changed.

I was informed by two of the band members (leader and a sideman)in a very humorous and back slapping kind of way that to be properly "initiated" into the band and be accepted as "one of the guys" I had to participate in a gang bang situation, with whatever girl the band leader picked up (and of course he would find someone attractive but extremely naive, and would tell her as well that this was her "initiation right" if she wanted to hang out with the band and "be one of the guys" as he put it. (For what it's worth all of the band members were married.)

I had been living with someone at the time for about 3 months that I was absolutely in love with and the thought of infidelity to her, whether in a one on one situation or otherwise (as previously described) was unthinkable and unconscionable to me. I told the band leader, thanks but no thanks. He then told me that I didn't have to actively participate, just hang out and watch. Again I refused. Told him it wasn't what I was into, and the thought of it made me extremely uncomfortable, not only for myself, but for the girl(s). He looked at me like I was insane.

On the Saturday night, at the end of the first week, the band leader and one of the side men, pick up 2 drunken and apparently willing participants...and again I am practically commanded to come to the Leader's hotel room in a half an hour. I steadfastly refuse. I go to my room and double lock the door. At 4:00 am, I am awakened by the sound of pounding on my door telling me I have to come to their band room right away. I tell them to f--k off and leave me alone.

The following morning, I give the Leader my notice and tell him under these circumstances I'm quitting, and he can go to hell as far as 2 weeks notice, and if he tried to take it up with the musicians union, I'd be sure to inform the union boys of all the details which led up to my departure. Drove home, never heard from any of them again, and found a more comfortable gig within a couple of weeks after this fiasco.

Was I a prude? I didn't think so. I just didn't appreciate the coercion nor the lack of respect for my wishes.

02 Apr 01 - 05:50 PM (#431523)
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: hesperis

Wow, that is a pretty awful experience!

I don't think that anything I've experienced with a performing group has come to that level of "ick".

Youth Choir was the worst, and it was pretty good. The only problem was that the Music Director always wanted us to sing "kiddie songs" that the rest of the choir had sung since Cherub Choir. They were sick of the songs, and trying to assert their independence and adulthood, and the adults wanted them to remain kids.

The other worst group I was in, was the production of Godspell at that same church. The Director (a different one,) constantly bullied me, and refused to acknowledge the work that I did for the group. I was the first one "off the book" a full week before the lead star, and she only acknowledged him. She gave me no direction as to the interpretation of my lines. Three days before the show, she told me in private that I could't act, and she had only let me be in the cast because the music director had insisted on it, because I had a beautiful voice. She said she would have preferred someone else for the part. Such an encouraging thing to say to a young performer!
It was my second show ever, and my first one with any lines. I had a solo, which I did beautifully. But I don't act anymore. She is the first choice for directors in this area, and I refuse to work with her.

02 Apr 01 - 05:53 PM (#431528)
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: GUEST,marty D

So THAT'S why the beatles replaced you Justa!


02 Apr 01 - 06:01 PM (#431534)
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: GUEST,ApparentDefense

Barbara and the Star Rockers. 1957. Played local bars in and around Highlandtown. Barbara sang and danced, brother played guitar, boyfriend played drums, mom and dad drove the car. I played whatever piano was in the house. We played a high school dance on Kent Island and had to fight our way out we were so obnoxious. Way punk long before punk was punk.

03 Apr 01 - 11:03 AM (#432037)
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: Willie-O

Justa Picker, you not only did the right thing morally, you did the smart thing. Those hosers had apparently an extremely hazy concept or no awareness at all of what constitutes, or can be construed as, sexual assault. Especially since he was trying to coerce you, the dude has probably since gotten himself into some richly deserved legal trouble.

Worst band I was ever in? Well, there've been so many.

But I'd have to say the very first one we tried to start. when I was not yet 16 I believe. Consisting of me the neophyte guitarist, a sax player named Rob and a trumpeter named Clyde, and my pothead buddy the drummer.

The only trouble with this ensemble was that my playing at that time was absolutely execrably wretched. I had no sense of time at all, I think. Tried to do things like the intro to "Octopuses Garden" and my pothead buddy the drummer looked at me and said "that didn't sound anything like Octopuses Garden".

Never performed anywhere. I think we practiced twice. The sax and trumpet players are well established jazz musicians now. I still wince a little at the sounds my cheapo electric guitar made. I'm glad my sound has improved, I'd shoot myself otherwise.


03 Apr 01 - 11:33 AM (#432065)
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: mkebenn

Rock group, late seventies, in which the drummer f***ed(literaly) me out of my first wife. I'm much better off without her, though, and the band was dismal. Mike
P.S. Justa, you were right, they be assholes

03 Apr 01 - 11:42 AM (#432074)
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: Little Hawk

Justa - That was a true horror story! I wonder if Blind DRunk in Blind River was in that band? If not, he would wish he was! I wonder if they ever played Blind River? I can just picture them trolling the streets for "skanks"!

In my case, I have not been in very many bands, since I usually play solo, but I've been in a few here and there. I'd say the worst was an impromptu group that formed from 3 or 4 young fellas when I was visiting a communal community in Southern Ontario back in the 70's. I had ambitions to live in such a community at the time and was looking around for the right one (never did find it, however).

Anyway, these kids backed me on a couple of Dylan songs, with bass, drums, and guitar, as I recall. They had little or no idea what they were doing, and it was godawful. I particularly remember the drummer...he was BA-A-A-A-A-D! And I don't mean like Michael Jackson, either. Thankfully, it was over in less than half an hour.

- LH

03 Apr 01 - 11:47 PM (#432713)
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: GUEST,Blind DRunk in Blind River

Geez, Justa Picker, you shure know how to fold when you're packin a full howse, eh? What good is bein a rock nad roller if you don;t get to party? You must be crazy or somethin!

Little hawk, you are a major loser. If you got a band you don't play lowsy Dylan songs, man. You play somethin that kicks ass, like maybe a Guns n Roses song or somethin. Like knockin on Heavens Door, man.

Your last sentance there sounds like what the Scotch guy said about the sheep. Get a job, man. Either play metal or play dead.


04 Apr 01 - 11:01 AM (#432991)
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: GUEST,Jerry Garcia

Far out Blind Drunk. Glad you dig our music!

I WILL survive.


05 Apr 01 - 11:55 AM (#433781)
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
From: GUEST,Jenny Carter

We had a band in the early eighty's called 'Leicester Violents'. We were probably the most unviolent band you're ever likely to find. I suppose it could be described very loosley as punk, and consisted of everyone playing any old thing on their instruments (drums, bass, guitar, clarinet)at once. We used to make 'albums' by recording live into a portable cassette recorder, the singer didn't have a mike so he just shouted into the built in microphone on the cassette recorder. The rest of the band got to know the tune & the words (made up as Dave went along) afterwards. We had about 2 live gigs - after one of these we were famously described as 'an abuse of the venue' - we were proud of this.

I think the rest of them have grown up & got sensible jobs. i've got the sensible job but i'm still waiting to grow up & i still play in lots of bands.