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Nic Jones records

22 Mar 01 - 10:03 AM (#423148)
Subject: Nic Jones records
From: GUEST,Dita (at work)

I posted the following at the end of the Perma thread. I decided to re-post in the hope that it would catch the eye. After all that's been posted round here, if this is true, it's great news for all.

Unsubstantiated information. I was recently informed by a reliable source that Dave Bulmer, who was sitting on the Trailer tapes, claims he has handed them, and the rights, over to the Jones family. Bulmer has of late started to release bits of the Trailer/Rubber/Black Crow material, (Rab Noakes, Mike and Lal Waterson, Alan Taylor, Dick Gaughan, Woody Guthrie tribute, etc). The quality is pretty shoddy, thin paper insert copy of LP cover, burned CDs, but at least he is putting them out. It was while I was bemoaning him sitting on Nic's stuff, while releasing the above, that I was told Bulmer claimed that Nic was now in possesion of them. If anyone who is in touch with the Jonses, can verify this, we can stop campaining and get on with promoting them when they are released. love, john.