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Lyr Req: hail glorious st. patrick (answered)

09 Mar 01 - 04:25 PM (#414225)
Subject: hailgloriousst.patrick
From: GUEST,big MICKS buddy LIAM

Hi I am a friend of big Mick and I am looking for the words to Hail Glorious St. Patrick and he said if their is anybody who could find it would be you guys.Thanks



09 Mar 01 - 04:49 PM (#414240)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: hailgloriousst.patrick

here you go.

10 Mar 01 - 02:12 PM (#414765)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: hailgloriousst.patrick (answered)
From: Big Mick

Who put the "answered" tag on this request?

Thanks, JTT, for helping my buddy, Liam. He is a Publican in the Grand Rapids area and a wonderful chap. I appreciate you making my prediction come true. I was on the carphone with him when he wanted to know where to get the lyrics. I directed him to the site and told him what to do (should have told him how to put spaces and how to capitalize.........LOL). I then told him he would have what he needed in no time at all. In about 24 minutes, there is was. Wonderful place, our little cyber village, is it not?

All the best,

Big Mick

10 Mar 01 - 04:37 PM (#414816)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: hailgloriousst.patrick (answered)
From: Joe Offer

I suppose you might be able to guess who put the "answered" tag on the thread title, Mick. Max gave me the ability to edit thread names, and I've been exploring productive uses for the feature. Since there was a very productive thread on this song last week, I hate to see a discussion develop here in this thread - it's better if it all stays together in one thread. I haven't figured out the best way to handle it. Sometimes I copy the messages from one thread and paste them into the other, and then delete the extra thread - but that's a lot of work.
I should have looked closer at the link provided by JTT. It goes to another site that has three verses of the hymn. The Mudcat has FIVE verses, plus commentary. Tell your friend to take another look.
-Joe Offer-

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