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Lyr Add: Hymn on St. Patrick, Teacher of the Irish

05 Mar 01 - 01:24 PM (#411263)
From: *#1 PEASANT*

"Hymn on St. Patrick, Teacher of the Irish"
by St. Secundinus

Hear ye all, lovers of God, the | holy merits
Of the man blessed in Christ, Pa- | trick the bishop,
How for his good ways he is likened to the an- | gels,
And because of his perfect life is deemed equal to | the Apostles.
Christ's holy precepts he keeps | in all things,
His works shine | bright among men,
And they follow his holy and wondrous exam- | ple,
And thus magnify God the Father | in the heavens.
Constant in the fear of God and steadfast | in his faith,
Upon whom the Church is built | as on Peter;
And his Apostleship has he received from | God--
The gates of Hell will not pre- | vail against him.
The Lord has chosen him to teach the barbar- | ian tribes,
To fish with the nets | of his teaching,
And to draw from the world unto grace the believ- | ers,
Men who would follow the Lord to His | heavenly seat.
He sells the choice talents of | Christ's Gospel
And collects them among the Irish hea- | thens with usury;
As a reward for the great labor of his voy- | age,
He will come into possession of joy with Christ in the hea- | venly kingdom.
God's faithful minister and His distinguished am- | bassador,
He gives the good an Apostolic ex- | ample and model,
Preaching as he does to God's people in words as well as in | deeds,
So that him whom he converts not with words he inspires | with good conduct.
Glory has he with Christ, honor | in the world,
He who is venerated by all as an | angel of God.
God has sent him, as He sent Paul, an Apostle to the gen- | tiles,
To offer men guidance to the | kingdom of God.
Humble is he of mind and body because of his | fear of God;
The Lord abides upon him because | of his good deeds;
In his righteous flesh he bears the stigmata of | Christ;
In His Cross alone, his sole comfort, | he glories.
Untiringly he feeds the faithful from the heaven- | ly banquet,
Lest those who are with Christ | faint on the way;
Like bread he gives to them the words of the Gos- | pel,
Which are multiplied like manna | in his hands.
He preserves his body chaste for love | of the Lord;
This body he has prepared as a temple for the | Holy Spirit,
And he keeps it such by purity in all his act- | ions;
He offers it as a living sacrifice, acceptable | to the Lord.
Enflaming light of the world, great one | of the Gospel,
Lifted up on a candlestick, shining un- | to all the age -
The fortified city of the King, founded upon a moun- | tain,
Wherein there is great abundance | of the Lord.
Greatest indeed will be called in the kingdom | of heaven
The man who fulfills with good deeds the holy | words he teaches,
Who by his good example is a leader and model to the faith-| ful,
Who in purity of heart has con- | fidence in God.
Boldly he proclaims the Name of the Lord to | the heathens,
And gives them eternal grace in the bath | of salvation.
He prays to God daily for their | sins,
For them he offers sacrifices, worthy in | the eyes of God.
For the sake of God's law he despises all | worldly glory;
Compared to His table he considers all | else as trifling;
He is not moved by the violence of this | world,
But, suffering for Christ, he rejoices in | adversity.
A good and faithful shepherd of the flock won for | the Gospel,
God has chosen him to watch o- | ver God's people
And to feed with divine teaching His | folk,
For whom, following Christ's example, he | gives forth his soul.
Who for his merits the Savior has raised him to the dignity of a | pontifex,
In heavenly things he instructs the army | of the clergy,
Providing them with heavenly rations, besides vest- | ments-
The rations of divine | and sacred texts.
He is the King's herald, inviting the faithful | to the wedding.
He is richly clad in a | wedding garment,
He drinks heavenly wine from heavenly | cups
And gives God's people the spiritual | cup to drink.
He finds a holy treasure in the Sa- | cred Volume
And perceives the Savior's divinity | in His flesh.
It is a treasure he purchases with holy and perfect | works.
ISRAEL his soul is called-- | "seeing God."
A faithful witness of the Lord in the Ca- | tholic Law,
His speech is spiced with divine | revelations,
That human flesh may not decay, eaten by | worms,
But be salted with heavenly savor | for sacrifice.
A true and renowned tiller of the | Gospel field,
His seeds | are Christ's Gospels.
These he sows from his God-inspired mouth into the ears of the | wise,
And cultivates their hearts and minds with the | Holy Spirit.
Christ chose him to be His vi- | car on earth.
He frees captives from a two-fold | servitude:
The great numbers whom he liberates from bondage to | men,
These countless ones he frees from the yoke | of the devil.
Hymns, and the Apocalypse, and the Psalms of | God he sings,
And explains them for the edification | of God's people.
He believes the law in the Trinity of the holy | Name,
And he teaches one Substance | in Three Persons.
Girt with the Lord's girdle | day and night,
He prays unceasingly | to God the Lord.
He will receive the reward for his immense la- | bor-
With the Apostles will he reign, holy, over | Israel.
May Bishop Patrick pray for | all of us,
That the sins which we have committed be blotted out | immediately,
May we ever sing Patrick's prais- | es,
That we may ever | live with him.

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