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ABC player and tune plotter

24 Feb 01 - 02:53 AM (#405170)
Subject: ABC player and tune plotter
From: GUEST,Bruce O.

I've added a frill to the ABC player on my website. You can now specify up to 10 tunes of your choice, from a single large file of ABCs, for simultaneous plotting, offset one above the other.

The vertical position is the logarithm of the frequency (or number of semitones) for a given note, and the horizonal position is proportional to time from the start of the tune. Starting point is changeable in an edit subroutine and you can compress or expand the time for tunes (one at a time). [Those nasty dips one somtimes gets are rests, 'z', they can't go to 0 on a logarithmic scale, so they go to C in my 0 octave = 16.5 Hz, where you can't hear them.]

Further details can be found in the file USEABZ.TXT on my website.

No account is taken of timing change, M:mspec, or key change, K:kspec/ J:jspec, so tunes with these in them won't be completely accurate after such a change.

I hope this will prove of some use, because I sure couldn't sell it on the basis of beauty of the plots. That they surely aren't.

26 Feb 01 - 01:40 AM (#406310)
Subject: RE: ABC player and tune plotter
From: GUEST,Bruce O.

More frills. I've added vertical offset and vertical scale factoring options to the horizontal ones for the 'saved' files on the ABC player on my website, and (optionally) a display of the % time that the tune spends on each note (rest included, octave ignored).

One thing interesting is to compare a tune and its gigga version. [e.g., 4/4 "St. Patrick's Day" in James Oswald's 'Caledonian Pocket Companion' with the 6/8 version following it (T025A and B in file T1.HTM on my website)]. Multiply the x scale of the 6/8 version by 4/3 to match the time scales and see how very similar the tunes are.

Even better, offset the vertical so they are on top of each other. The last tune plotted will be continuous in color #2, but the first will show only the differences in the other color, #1, because all that's the same gets overwritten by color #2.

I think my plot display works now. I had troubles from the fact that the display in the compiled version is a bit different from that in the developmental working version.

13 May 15 - 02:13 PM (#3708704)
Subject: RE: ABC player and tune plotter


T:Merch Megan






d2|g2 gaga|f2 fgfg|e2 efge|f2d2 ef|g2 gabg|f2 fgaf|eba gfe|d4 dc|

B2G2G2|e4d2|c2B2AG|F2D2 dc|B2G2G2|e4d2|c2B2A2|G4||

13 May 15 - 07:46 PM (#3708762)
Subject: RE: ABC player and tune plotter
From: Mr Red

if you are having difficulty with posting ABC on Mudcat try
Mr Red's "HTML for Mudcat" page

what it can do is monospace text with an (ABC button) because the Mudcat allows some but not all HTML TAGs.
Basically copy & paste to the "monospace box", check ABC, click the button and copy all red text and paste here. It should then look like the original, when in preview.