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Nic Jones CD

21 Nov 00 - 05:38 PM (#344766)
Subject: Nic Jones CD
From: McGrath of Harlow

Here's a post by a bloke called Alistair Banfield that I just found the news-group, and I thought it might interest people here - especially with Christmas coming up and all.

I know most people on this newsgroup will have heard of Nic Jones or be intimately familiar with his work.

What you may not know is that since his terrible car crash in the 1980's a CD of live material and BBC sessions is available from Nic directly.

The great thing about this is that, since none of his earlier Trailer recordings are available it is the only way of getting hold of his music (apart from the fantastic Penguin Eggs, which is still available on Topic CD)

The details of how to contact Nic and purchase this very reasonably priced CD are below.

I might add that I have no personal financial interest. I just received it this morning and was "wowed" by its contents.


Mollie Music,
52 Newland Park Drive,
York YO10 3HP
United Kingdom

12.99 UK
13.50 Europe
14.00 USA
Prices in pounds stirling, post and packing included Stirling cheques or International Money Orders - regret no Credit Cards.
Cheques payable to N. Jones

Track Listing:

1.) Seven Yellow Gypsies
2.) Texas Girl at the funeral of her father
3.) Lord Franklin
4.) Swimming song (the Loudon Wainwright song!)
5.) Ploughman Lads
6.) Ruins by the shore
7.) On board the kangaroo
8.) Hardiman the fiddler
9.) Green to grey
10.) Rose of Allendale
11.) Teddy Bears Picnic
12.) Thanksgiving

21 Nov 00 - 05:51 PM (#344775)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: GUEST,Zebedee


Great that you've mentioned this. However that album has been out for a while. (and splendid it is too)

We've been promised a second volume for quite some while.

Can anyone supply info on the possibility of 'In search of 2?'


21 Nov 00 - 06:03 PM (#344784)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: Iarf

Thanks again McGrath of Harlow. I am a Nic Jones fan and I know the roumours about why his earlier recordings are not available as re-releases on CD format. If what I was told is remotely true then shame on the guy holding them. Thanks for the info I didn't know this existed and I am dropping hint's and addresses all over my family right now!

21 Nov 00 - 06:21 PM (#344788)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: Morticia

Dear Santa,
you remember the list I sent you which had vials of plague and the machete and the Uzi 9mm on it? Could you add this album too, please?
P.S I have been a very good girl all year.........mostly.

21 Nov 00 - 06:41 PM (#344799)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: GUEST,Alistair Banfield

Glad my posting sparked a response. The news on "In search of Nic Jones volume 2" is that there appears to be enough material for the 2nd but it is not ready yet for release. I'll keep my eyes peeled (what a horrible thought!)

21 Nov 00 - 06:57 PM (#344811)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: GUEST,CraigS

I will buy this CD tomorrow. Nic Jones has fantastic talent, which he is no longer able to exploit. We must enjoy what is left to us. Bugger the sympathy vote - it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, but it shouldn't have happened to a dog. I'm sure Spaw would agree (NB: Spaw: I've never seen Nic Jones pick up a banjo in public, although I'm CERTAIN he could play one).

21 Nov 00 - 08:54 PM (#344869)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: Malcolm Douglas

Thanks are due to McGrath for bringing this up at a seasonal moment; everybody with the slightest interest in the contemporary interpretation of traditional song ought to get themselves a copy of this one; Nic was a fundamental influence on a lot of performers (Kate Rusby and Christy Moore to name but two).  Here is an earlier discussion, with some additional background information:>Nic Jones


22 Nov 00 - 07:59 PM (#345423)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: McGrath of Harlow

Here's a Nic Jones website with discography and addresses and so forth - and a mention of the Mudcat (as well as the second archive album, which was supposed to be out6 at the start of this year.)

23 Nov 00 - 09:10 AM (#345651)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: GUEST,Brian

We have had a copy of this CD for a few months - sorry, I forgot to even mention it. Definitely recommend it, though. I don't know Nic personally, but know someone who does (hence us getting a very early copy). I'll see what I can find out about any possible future CD. I guess it's not going to be for a while though. As I understand it, this one was totally self financed. So, unless it sells there won't be any more released.



23 Nov 00 - 04:30 PM (#345756)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: dick greenhaus

And, of course, CAMSCO carries it.

28 Nov 00 - 02:19 PM (#347641)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: Marc

So, How does one go about getting a money order in pounds sterling, when one lives in rural New England? The Fleet Bank Here in town will sell me a money order for a $30 fee but thats more than the cd.

28 Nov 00 - 05:29 PM (#347822)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: Marc

Dick, I went to the Camsco sight and couldn't find any Nic Jones, except some back up accompanyment he did. Someone please he,lp me I sure would like a copy of this.

Thankyou Marc Bernier

28 Nov 00 - 06:58 PM (#347892)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: McGrath of Harlow

The easiest way, Marc, might be to find out what the current exchange rate is for dollars and pounds (off a newspaper, or the Internet), and then put the folding money in dollars in an envelope and send it off by letter post to Nic folded inside a Christmas Card, allowing a little extra for the hassle of them having to change it at a bank, and the bank maybe making a small extra transaction charge.

All right, it might go astray - but the chances are against that happening, provided you dont put anything in the envelope that makes it look like it's got cash in it.

28 Nov 00 - 09:23 PM (#347985)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: Barbara

Actually, I got it thru Camsco this summer and simply paid Dick american dollars for it on my credit card. Or is that too easy for you?

29 Nov 00 - 07:33 AM (#348147)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: GUEST,Marc

Thanks Folks:

I was actualy considering the cash thing , I just didn't not what kind of response that would get on the other end. Barbara I really did go to the Camsco sight allready, I just didn't see it. I'll try Camsco once again if my incompetence proves to be thorough, and my search comes up with nothing again, I'll do the cash thing.

Thanks Marc

29 Nov 00 - 11:42 AM (#348309)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: dick greenhaus

Mea culpa, folks---The Camsco site is in desperate need of updating and overhauling. Our policy is, simply enough:

If it's folk, we'll get it for you.

If you're looking for something, E-mail me at:

or call me at 800/548-FOLK (3655)

and I'll let you know what it costs (we've had very few availability problems). If you need recommwendations, or are looking for an artist and don't know what's available, just let me know. Nic Jones is available on two CDs: Penguin Eggs($13.49) and In Search of Nic Jones (Import-$18.00).

We take care of currency conversion.

29 Nov 00 - 04:45 PM (#348472)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: Doctor John

There's enough fuss here about the Euro from the Keep the Pound, the Mark, the Groat Brigade; and Bring Back the Ten Bob Note. The only advantage for keeping the Pound would seem to be that currency buyers and sellers make a lot of money doing sod all. How about a universal currency (the Uno?) then all above problems solved. Vote here. Dr John

30 Nov 00 - 07:14 AM (#348790)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: GeorgeH

Dr John . . There's two issues, actually . . "Keeping the Pound/Mark/Franc" etc. and the European Exchange Rates. Currency speculators can't make money trading between most European currencies, as the exchange rates are fixed. The pound is the exception to this. When the Danes voted not to adopt the Euro it did not affect their membership of the exchange rate mechanism.

This is, of course, highly relevent to comparisons between the UK and Danish situations . . unfortunately, however, it's altogether too complex a distinction for our media to grasp (except in the very small print which no-one reads).

Rant over, buy the Nic Jones CD, and his Topic one (Penguin Eggs) if you don't have them, they are "essentials" for anyone with an interest in UK folk music and how it got where it is today.

As I recall, the "In search of Nic Jones" idea started while Nic was either still in a coma or suffering from memory loss; his wife appealed for recordings of Nic in live performance to play to him in the hopes of jogging his memory. From that collection (its job having been done, pretty well) the CD was born.

There was a wonderfull Nic Jones article (with some material from speaking to him and his family) in Folk Roots a year or so back.


30 Nov 00 - 01:53 PM (#349061)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: Doctor John

George, I find this pretty hard to understand too; quantum physics is easier!
The excellent article was by Mike Raven, brilliant and eclectic guitarist and folkie . Dr John

01 Dec 00 - 09:39 AM (#349568)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones CD
From: GeorgeH

Dr J: Re: Your analogy . . I reckon Heisenberg (bound to be spelt wrong; he of the uncertainty) could be applied . . Also to the marketing strategies of Celtic Music.

I'd absolutely no recollection of the Nic Jones article being by Mike - I must be getting REALLY old . . As I recall, there are some albums where Mike had Nic recording with him . .