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Mudcat Copyright Policy?

29 Jul 00 - 09:15 PM (#267570)
Subject: Is there one?
From: Sorcha

This may be an already answered question, but I did not find it with SuperSearch. Does Max allow/want copyrighted lyrics and tunes here? Is there a policy? I recently posted a copyrighted tune with a LyrAdd that has not been harvested. I understand you harvesters are v. busy (esp right now *sg*), but should I bother to send a cassette of the tune/melody to someone who can MIDI it? I can't MIDI yet. (and with the trouble I am having with abc, it will be a while before I try) refresh the thread, let harvest find it later, or just let it go? Thanks, friends.

29 Jul 00 - 10:36 PM (#267620)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Copyright Policy?
From: katlaughing

Hi, Sorcha, I think it depends on what licenses the Mudcat has which Max has talked about in relation to the Harry Foxx Agency, such as BMI, ASCAP, etc. If it is an individual, independent artist, I think all he needs is their permission.

29 Jul 00 - 10:38 PM (#267623)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Copyright Policy?
From: Sorcha

I think Shantih is independent, and I could get permission from the author, I think. He publishes his lyrics and puts them in the album jackets. I will check.

30 Jul 00 - 12:05 AM (#267667)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Copyright Policy?
From: Joe Offer

Yeah, the official copyright policy for the forum is:
Post what you want to post, and let Max and Dick sort out the copyright problems.
If the song is at another site and you think it should be here, post the lyrics, not just a link (although both a link and lyrics may be better). If the song has already been posted in the database or forum, please don't post it. It's a real drag to get almost done with the hassle of harvesting a song, only to find that the song is already in the database. There are a few rare situations where you might want to post something from the database to serve as basis for a discussion, but that should happen very rarely (and if you do that, please include the stuff from the bottom of the lyrics, so we'll know right off that it's from the database and not come after you with murderous intent...)
Yes, we want tunes, preferaby in Noteworthy, ABC, or MIDI format. If it's a song by Britney Spears, it may take us ten or fifteen years to get around to harvesting it, so maybe you'll want to think twice (and you may want to post just a link to Britney's lyrics). Dick's policy is that he'll take everything that's submitted. Susan and I do most of the harvesting. I admit that there are some songs I just can't get enthusiastic about working on (Britney Spears songs being one example), and I just might leave them for Susan to harvest. And it may well be that Susan leaves some for Dick to harvest.
And Dick is very busy trying to figure out those tunes you guys submit...
Forget it, Britney. You're cute, but we don't want your songs.
-Joe Offer-

30 Jul 00 - 12:48 AM (#267680)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Copyright Policy?
From: Sorcha

OK, thanks, and here is a refresh for "The Journey" and I will send a cassette to (Mbo?) who hopefully can transcibe it and get a MIDI to AllanOz. Or, would somebody else be a better choice? If so, who? Send cassette directly to Allan?

30 Jul 00 - 01:16 AM (#267699)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Copyright Policy?
From: Joe Offer

Nope, Alan gets really busy. Better to send a cassette to Mbo and lead Mbo away from his life of crime. Transcribing MIDI tunes will make an honest person out of anybody.
-Joe Offer, who has done several this week-

30 Jul 00 - 01:20 AM (#267702)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Copyright Policy?
From: Sorcha

YesdearUncleJoe. Will send to Mbo, who needs distractions.

30 Jul 00 - 02:58 AM (#267751)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Copyright Policy?
From: Bob Bolton

G'day Sorch, Joe and kat,

I'm glad to see this thread here, as I was just pondering the same sort of ethics, having just posted a tune from commercial sources (albeit 1954). Presumably the song will be in copyright for some time ... 50 years after the demise of the last of the named writers - and that might be another 50 years!

Normally this is not a worry for me because my forte is Australian folk song and most of this is squarely in the anon camp - and the others, where I do know an author are mostly ones submitted at some time to Singabout or Mulga Wire and generally let adrift toward the public domain. In the case of He Holds the Lanter ..., I reason that the song is way back in the pop music past, the sheet music long out of print and thereby somewhat fair game and, if the posting stirs someone to record and pay royalties, I am actually doing a service to the copyright owners. Maybe Harry Foxx Agency views it differently but I work in more realist interpretations.


Bob Bolton

30 Jul 00 - 03:41 PM (#268005)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Copyright Policy?
From: Bernard

Re MIDI from cassettes - there's another approach...

Record the tune onto your hard drive as a .WAV file, sample rate 11K, 8 bit mono, and you should have a wave file small enough to email. Send it to a few people (me, if you wish), who can MIDI it, then choose the version you like! Or is that too easy??!

If it's on CD, you could use MP3 software (if you have it!).

If I've assumed too much knowledge (I often do!), I can simplify the process if I know what sound recording software you have.