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Help: Copyright question

08 May 00 - 10:04 AM (#224609)
Subject: Copyright question
From: joeler

If I tape a song that is copyrighted, and give the tape to friends, do I have to ask permission of the composer? If so, how do I go about this? Also, does anybody out there ever do this?

08 May 00 - 11:14 AM (#224631)
Subject: RE: Help: Copyright question
From: George Seto -

According to what I understand of copyright law, you can ONLY make a copy of any copyrighted product for archival purposes. What I think they mean is, you may make a copy, put the original away and use the copy so you don't ruin it.

Copying to give away is not allowed. You buy it, you use it.

08 May 00 - 11:19 AM (#224635)
Subject: RE: Help: Copyright question
From: Jed at Work

No (or probably not). If you tape a song from an audio recording that has been published, you may be in violation (every time I watch a moive in my VCR the tape tells me the FBI will bust me if I copy the tape) ... however, this type of copying of audio and video tape is done by millions of people every day, and laws against it are generally unenforceable. What will get you busted is if you do this to sell to others.

If you are live recording; that is playing and signing a song owned by someone else, and a song that is published (note;a song is published when a recording of it - CD, tape, LP, printed music, any other - has been made avaible for distribution in excess of 2000 copies) then you are not bound to obtain the copyright owner's permission, but are bound to pay him/her the standard rate if you publish his song (the standard rate is about 8 cents per copy).