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Guilty Pleasures

09 Mar 00 - 11:34 AM (#192485)
Subject: Guilty Pleasures
From: Peg

well I just read through the "saccharine" thread and laughed my ass off!!!
Then I thought, okay, what about those songs we actually *love* that a great many people think are goofy or dated or what have you?
And I am talking here about *good* songs which are inherently *not* treacly or sentimental, but which, with overplaying or time or forgotten context, perhaps, have somewhat lost their relevance or zip?
I will get the ball rolling with:
In the Year 2525 by Zagar and Evans
Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues
San Francisco Girls by Fever Tree
American Pie by Don McLean
White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Lady by Styx
The Spirit or Radio (or anything) by Rush
Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
Dust in the Wind by Kansas
Piano Man by Billy Joel
Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin
California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papas


*grinning evilly*

09 Mar 00 - 11:44 AM (#192490)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Patrish(inactive)

My list would have to contain,
Crazy Crazy nights - KIss
Jump - David Lee Roth
Reason to Believe - Rod Stewart
Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
Devil gate drive - Susie Quatro

09 Mar 00 - 12:05 PM (#192497)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GUEST,

How about:

Body Language (?) Love is like Oxygen (ELO?) Seasons in the Sun (Terry Jacks) Year of the Cat (Al Stuart)

09 Mar 00 - 12:37 PM (#192521)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Sorcha


09 Mar 00 - 12:54 PM (#192537)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Peg

ooh, yes, "Love is Like Oxygen" is a great song! But it is not by ELO, it is by Sweet (I think???? am I wrong here?)

thought of another one:
"The Things We Do For Love" by 10cc...

09 Mar 00 - 02:17 PM (#192587)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: McGrath of Harlow

The "played out thing" might be valid for the record, but most of them don't get done too often in folk sessions, and so long as you aren't trying to make like the record, any good song is welcome by me.

And half the ones mentioned I've never consciously heard anyway.

09 Mar 00 - 04:55 PM (#192656)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Mbo

As Mudcat's resident Electric Light Orchestra authority, I can inform you that "Love is Like Oxygen" is definately NOT and ELO song, it is, though by Sweet..hee hee! BTW "Body Language" is by Queen. Here's my list:

The Fields of Athenry
My Sweet Lord--George Harrison
Stairway to Heaven--Led Zeppelin
Closing Time--Semisonic
Let Her Cry--Hootie & The Blowfish
All Star--Smash Mouth
Anything by America (I LOVE them!)


09 Mar 00 - 05:26 PM (#192668)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Amos

Take the first 25 cuts (if there are that man unrepeated!) from an Oldies staion and tack them on to the list..."When a Man Loves a Woman" although stunning in its simplicity, should be on the overworn list; "Respect", "Midnight Hour", "Ferry Cross the Mersey", "Silly Love Songs", bletchhhhh, "Teenager in Love", etc., the list goes on and on...

09 Mar 00 - 05:31 PM (#192671)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Caitrin

There are some overplayed folk songs, too. I cannot begin to count the times I've heard "Rocky Top".
However, I still think it's fun. : )
I'm with ya on Stairway, DUst in the Wind, and Don't Fear the Reaper. Overdone, but I love 'em anyway.

09 Mar 00 - 06:34 PM (#192683)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: tradsteve

Buddy Holly- Weezer No Action- Elvis Costello I saw her standing there- Beatles Times They Are a-changin- Dylan Where Did Our Love Go- Supremes Blowin' In the Wind- Dylan Where Have All the Flowers Gone- Seeger I'm so lonesome I could Cry- Hank Williams

09 Mar 00 - 07:40 PM (#192731)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are:

...posting anonymously here and flaming every person on this forum who pisses me off with their off topic tripe, and who continue to deface the principles for discussion on which this forum was originally founded.

''I will not go quietly.''-Don Henley

09 Mar 00 - 08:19 PM (#192754)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Amos

Deface this, garg! I gotcher deeface, right here!

Sanctimonious lil brat...

09 Mar 00 - 08:27 PM (#192757)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GUEST,The Beanster

Tiny font, tiny mind.

09 Mar 00 - 09:00 PM (#192774)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Metchosin

Angel of the Morning by Meriee Rush
Come and Stay with Me by Mariane Faithful
Different Drum by the Stone Ponies Kaw-liga by Hank Williams
Mule Train by Frankie Lane
Louisiana Man by Doug Kershaw
Riannon by Fleetwood Mac Money for Nothin by Dire Straits
Closing Time by Leonard Cohen

All of these songs, at one time or other, have driven various family members from the room when I have played them (of course, it could be the volume levels, at which I play them). I now only indulge when I am alone.

09 Mar 00 - 09:05 PM (#192776)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Metchosin

Darn, I forgot Mercury Blues by David Lindley and Working on the Highway by Bruce Springsteen and The Walls by John Cougar Mellancamp please stop me.

09 Mar 00 - 09:29 PM (#192790)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures

Amiss.....tis better to be thought a fool and keep thy wretched mouth closed.... ...then to open it, and remove all doubt...

09 Mar 00 - 11:16 PM (#192848)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Bill D

the damn thing is..I also wish that this place would stay more nearly on a folk/trad topic. And I used to say so all the time...but I also MUST shrug and grit my teeth, and sort thru the pop/rock nonsense because Max does not want to limit things, and it would NOT be easy to do...

having said that, I would cheerfully kick gg's butt..(and his elves, if there really are such) for making it 10 times worse with those stupid flames!.....

(I PROMISED myself I would stay out of this,,,but CRAP!)

if everyone would PLEASE limit non-folk/trad references more,(that is, NOT post stuff that is TOTALLY pop/rock oriented like most of the stuff above) and gg etc. would cool it, we'd all do better.....

Ok...that's my once per year grump.....

09 Mar 00 - 11:22 PM (#192852)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Mbo

Ok, I'll bite.

Bile Them Cabbage Down
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Fire On The Mountain
Cotton Eyed Joe

Hey! I'm serious here! Played them all myself too!


09 Mar 00 - 11:33 PM (#192862)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Bill D

well, fine...*grin*...that's a start...(do I detect a TINY bit of cynicism there?)... I, of course have no power to enforce anything...just trying to point the way, In this big a group, we will NEVER all see things the same way, but the sign on the door "Blues and Folk Music" is a sort of guideline

09 Mar 00 - 11:34 PM (#192863)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GUEST,The true conscience of Mudcat

Bill D. I can assure you it is not the revered Gargoyle posting these messages.

It is merely a student and admirer of Gargoyle, and one who attempts to emulates his style of posting so as to confuse people like yourself, and, one, who like Gargoyle, wishes to see this place return to its roots.

I say again. Gargoyle is NOT responsible or encouraging these posts...

...but if HE likes what he is reading within them...then I am blessed that such an intellect would nod silently but approvingly.

09 Mar 00 - 11:37 PM (#192864)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Mbo

No, I really do like Cotton Eyed Joe! The Chieftains/Rocky Scaggs version RULES! And my old guitar teacher was big on bluegrass, so we used to play these tunes together all the time, even though some folks have played them to death.


09 Mar 00 - 11:47 PM (#192866)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Bill D

gee, Mr..(or Ms..)'true conscience' you REALLY think you'll get anywhere with this tack?...if this were a room full of people having difficulties about the rules and procedures, would you STILL try to stir up animosities and fan flames...if you could be SEEN?......*shaking my head sadly at the idea that making trouble solves anything*

09 Mar 00 - 11:50 PM (#192867)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Mbo

Rocky Scaggs? What am I thinking? That should be Ricky Scaggs!


09 Mar 00 - 11:51 PM (#192870)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Bill D

like playing that bluegrass tune "Rickytop"

10 Mar 00 - 12:03 AM (#192878)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GUEST,The true conscience of Mudcat

Bill D. :

Make no mistake. There are many people on this forum who are as disgusted as I am, as to what it has become over the past several months, and are in silent agreement with many of my postings.

Whether you choose to believe that or not is your perrogative.

10 Mar 00 - 12:10 AM (#192882)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: rangeroger

Hey, while hiking the Appalachian Trail,I sang Rocky Top as I stood on Rocky Top.

10 Mar 00 - 12:13 AM (#192885)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: ddw

Can't say I agree with the tack taken by Gargoyle or the GG wannabe or whoever it it, but it's occurred to me lately that the threads are getting cluttered with a lot of rock stuff, most of which I've never heard of, let alone heard. Some might consider that my loss, but I have sampled enough of it to know it's something I don't like and I think Bill D had a good point — some references to rock (or classical or opera or rap or whatever) may logically creep in here, "but the sign on the door 'Blues and Folk Music' is a sort of guideline."


10 Mar 00 - 12:15 AM (#192886)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Bill D

I don't doubt it..*shrug*..but the tiny, furtive script, and personal attacks will not get you anywhere,...I want it a bit different too...BUT, I'm not running the joint, and I WILL support it for the GOOD parts and not engage in stupid sniping which does no good...'nuff said!

10 Mar 00 - 12:16 AM (#192887)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GUEST,The true conscience of Mudact

"but the sign on the door 'Blues and Folk Music' is a sort of guideline."

Amen, David.

10 Mar 00 - 12:43 AM (#192896)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GUEST,The Beanster

Dear Bill D. and ddw,

I am very new here and don't know what the "old" place was like and I admit, I have brought in references to rock, pop and classical in some of my postings--that's because that's what I know. You guys have a very good point that this site is a blues/folk forum and I will from now on, try to keep my mouth shut :) instead of listing pop/rock songs, but dismayed as you seem to be with the recent turn of events here, I don't know that there's much you can do, unfortunately. Maybe someone out there has a bright idea...

The thing is, even though I don't know most of the traditional/folk songs you guys mention, I really enjoy coming here simply because, no matter what the subject matter, 9 times out of 10, it's thoroughly entertaining, educational or moving, in some way. And it seems to me that these threads mostly deal in the genre for which this site was originally intended. But I suppose it's a natural progression...the more people who come to Mudcat, the more diversity you will have.

10 Mar 00 - 08:05 AM (#192969)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Grab

Anji (Davey Graham et al) drives my wife nuts. Probably cos I spent 2 months getting it sorted and played it about every day. :-)

And how come no-one's mentioned Streets of London, or Wild Rover, or Whiskey in the Jar? Or The Leaving of Liverpool, Clementine, Walzing Matilda? Pretty much every folk song has some origin which was once relevant and possibly controversial, but now there's kiddies singing them the same as Three Blind Mice.

"The world has moved on, gunslinger..." - Stephen King

Moving away from folk a bit, how's about Moonlight Shadow (Mike Oldfield), Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits), Road to Hell (Chris Rea), Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)?


10 Mar 00 - 01:01 PM (#193098)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Peg

jeezis, what a bunch of hotheads...okay, I am *sorry* I left BS off the thread title!!!
I fail to see how this is any more off-topic than many of the other off-topic threads which actually have nothing at all to do with music...
feel free to ignore it, hit the delete key, what have you...
I have been posting here for a while, and am a lover of traditional music, and since the "saccharine" thread contained a number of rock songs in addition to folk and traditional ones, I did not think this was all that unrelated...
so spare me the condescension, okay???? I *can* read and I *do* understand the purpose this forum...and I do not think I was out of line to start this thread...

who usually loves it here...

10 Mar 00 - 01:56 PM (#193134)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Bill D

I do understand, Peg, that is hard to censor your creative juices when you have both a neat idea and a neat forum...but you oughta see the bluegrass forums..or the jazz forums. There are places where you "walk the line" or you are OUT!...This place ain't like that..Max is tolerant. Folk/trad/blues music is a pretty small piece of the whole musical spectrum these days, and if just 'anything' goes, the 'folk/blues' part would be quickly overwhelmed by chat about the latest singer/songwriter stuff and the pop/rock stuff. Having a forum where there is a general agreement to focus on the traditional music aspects gives some of us a tiny piece of real estate where we can explore that interest. Yes, some of the good folk who come here have VERY eclectic musical tastes and can chat knowlegeably about LOTS of musical forms...and it ain't easy to draw clear lines about where to stop. I simply hope that people will not create entire topics and threads which ignore the 'sign on the door'....

It's like going to a jazz club with your bluegrass band...tain't appreciated, even if some of the patrons also like bluegrass sometimes. I have long ago given up on keeping the place "pure"..*grin*...just trying to keep from being trampled.

10 Mar 00 - 02:52 PM (#193160)
Subject: Springhill Mine Diaster
From: Philj200

Followed very closely by The First Time (the Ewan McColl song).

While both are admirable songs, they were done to death by poor musicians with faned emotions. Have broken up in giggling fits over renditions more than once. Others, who did not share my opinions, were not amused (which set me off even more).

11 Mar 00 - 01:01 AM (#193352)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GutBucketeer

Too stay on topic: My guilty pleasures include Blue Jean Baby Queen prettiest girl I've ever seen,,,,and any old song by Van Morrison.

Now I'm a lover of traditional music, and the older I get the more fascinated I am by the history and times past that traditional songs convey. (I walk in people like Bruce O's shadow). When I learn a tune I like to trace it back to its origins and find as many variations as I can. Then I learn it.

At the same time I'm dead set against setting up barriers to folk and the music I love. According to "Blue Grass" nazis an autoharp can't play bluegrass. According to Celtic traditionalist Steeleye Span, Mr. Fox, and Horslips shouldn't be tolerated. I hate it when someone tells me the version that I have learned of a song is WRONG. Or that I forgot a verse, etc. etc. I get very tired of folk oldsters continually trying to impress each other about how long they have been involved in the folk community, or if you could have only been there when X sang that song... It was so much better... The folk community is alive and vibrant TODAY and if it takes new directions and changes frome when we knew it in the 60s and 70s then so be it. Listen to Bela Fleck,Eliza Carthy, Cordelia's Dad, Mouth Music, Shooglenifty, Afro Celt Sound System,and even people like Sinead O'Connor, or Shane Macgowan. They are doing NEAT STUFF. They are, however, breaking the bounds of what we call folk.

Think back on how odd some of the Incredible String Band stuff is.

That is one of the things I like about the Mudcat. We do (and should) try to stay in the folk vein, but beyond that there seems to be an openess here that doesn't exist in other forums. It lets us exlpore new territory.

So Hurray for the Guilty Pleasures!


11 Mar 00 - 01:16 AM (#193355)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Hagbardr

Hey True Conscience, If you really feel that way, speak out with your name. If not, I'll ignore you like any other anonymous troll poster.


11 Mar 00 - 01:01 PM (#193461)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: The Shambles

I think that my 'Guilty Pleasures' must be listening to all those songs that Bill D considers not to be folk.

As to the thread creep or secondary issue here-

Just start a thread on the forum using any title you choose. If Max asks you not to do it on that subject (which is indeed rare), then don't do it but don't take any notice of any other opinion. For the only opinion that matters is shown by the contributions to that thread. If the subject is not generally appreciated the thread will die of 'starvation'. Which is the very best criticism and the only effective method of dealing with an 'unsuitable' subject (or poster). If contributors keep posting to that thread to say how unsuitable the subject is and try to 'bully' their opinions on others, then they are defeating their own end and should start their own thread and open up their opinions to the same "effective method".

I would make a distinction to posts to existing threads, where the tone set by the originator of the thread should be respected.

11 Mar 00 - 01:19 PM (#193470)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GUEST,Neil Lowe

In a general folk/blues vein, depending on your definition of folk/blues:

"House of The Risin' Sun"
"This Land Is Your Land"
"Good Mornin' Little School Girl"
"Jimmy Crack Corn (Bluetail Fly?)"
"Big Boss Man"
"Leavin' (On A Jet Plane)"
"Puff The Magic Dragon"


11 Mar 00 - 02:20 PM (#193492)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Mbo

Yes JAB! Shooglenifty & Afro Celt Sound System RULES! Throw Burach, Martyn Bennett, and Tartan Amoebas in there, and I'd go MAD with joy! Oh, and the Horslips are one kickin' band too!


11 Mar 00 - 06:17 PM (#193552)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Bill D

"According to "Blue Grass" nazis an autoharp can't play bluegrass"

and when I am around them folk with my autoharp, I shrug and respect their wishes. They wish to play in certain ways with a limited set of instruments. If I WANT to play bluegrass on my autoharp (and I DO sometimes), I can find places to do it.
I do NOT go to bluegrass sessions and argue that they are just being 'narrow-minded' and limiting themselves. If I were inclined to do that, and found enough supporters to go with me, I suppose I could crowd out those petty, narrow 'Bluegrass Nazis' and play and sing and discuss any durn thing I wanted to and rationalize to myself that 'openness' justified altering the character of the place, and if they didn't like it, they could go 'somewhere else'. ...ah, well..I seem to be unable to even make the point to some that it is NOT whether " Bela Fleck,Eliza Carthy, Cordelia's Dad, Mouth Music, Shooglenifty, Afro Celt Sound System,and even people like Sinead O'Connor, or Shane Macgowan" are doing "neat stuff"....perhaps they fact, I have no doubt that they are. But WHERE would you have those with narrower interests go?....4 years ago, we thought this WAS our refuge!

Shambles suggests that the 'tone' of the original poster be respected, and that's a nice idea...but unless the original poster gets downright belligerent and adds to his post..."now I don't want to see any singer-songwriters posting in here", you WILL see them. You just can't MAKE threads like that.

I am NOT against new music...I don't LIKE all of it, but I even listen to and sing SOME of it. I even admit that in a place like this, we have to allow wider latitude than what I might choose!!!!!!!....does that mean ANYTHING goes?...if so, I'd suggest the "sign on the door" be changed to just read **MUSIC**..those words 'blues and folk' are seeming a bit superfluous

for various reasons, I have been in a bad mood the last 3-4 days and I should not even be trying to post to this thread, but I got carried away and spent a hour on this goes.....

11 Mar 00 - 08:31 PM (#193606)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Metchosin

Mbo, I'm listening to the Weird Set by Búrach right now and do not feel the least bit guilty. (Well maybe a little as Vincent Black Lightning 1952 is my favorite cut). So I must check out the Hoseslips and Shooglenifty too. I do have trouble getting my head around The Tartan Amoebas, however, my daughters like them and they are almost into folk (one of them plays mandolin in an alternative band so they are starting to head in that direction...maybe...)

11 Mar 00 - 08:57 PM (#193614)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Jeri

We did "Love Potion Number Nine" in our usually very trad session. Even the curmudgeons were singing along and laughing their asses off.

Wouldn't it be a horrible thing if the only songs allowed to be sung or discussed were the ones already considered traditional? "No New Songs." (Alright, so I don't think "Love Potion" has a chance in heck - who gets to decide for society?)

11 Mar 00 - 10:24 PM (#193629)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Lonesome EJ

Regarding the pollution of this forum by rock n roll fans: Let's not delude ourselves into thinking that any Nine Inch Nails or Smashing Pumpkins fans are going to spend 5 minutes among the group of graying curmudgeons that populate this place. So grant us our occasional Beatles, Led Zeppelin or ELO allusions....the bedrock here shall remain undisturbed.

11 Mar 00 - 10:42 PM (#193633)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Mbo

Thanks EJ! Any Pumpkins aren't so bad...I'll sing you one on Sunday.


12 Mar 00 - 12:17 AM (#193660)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: WyoWoman

I have a good friend who does "Stairway to Heaven" as a bluegrass song and it works pretty well. Also does "Smoke on the Water" on his banjo.

Freedom of speech is a bitch, ain't it? But that was part of the "original" design of the place, as far as I can tell from talking to Max and reading his stuff from past posts. It ought to be self-regulating, and would be, if people who don't like the discussion in any one particular thread would just walk out of that room and go to another one.

And this very well may be a generational thing, in which case, why on earth would a bunch of musicians and music lovers whose time on this earth may be somewhat, um, limited, be working so hard to alienate and dismiss the younger ones who might not be quite so orthodox but have an obvious and enormous enthusiasm for traditional music and blues, in addition to other musical interests?


12 Mar 00 - 01:01 AM (#193681)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: wysiwyg

Well, I dunno if we feel guilty exactly, but in the big sound chamber that is our church, every once in awhile we (the clergy family) will let loose in the great acoustics for just us. It started with a deep bass version of Swing Low Sweet Chariot, as if done by a bunch of black street corner crooners, completely exaggerated, and a welcome chest-voiced relief to the 2 sopranos involved in that night's praise service just a while earelier that night.

Another time our band was practicing in there, and we got pretty jazzy with one of the most overdone praise pieces, and I think I started it, kind of jazzy and scatty with an odd quirk to the melody in the place where one of us ALWAYS screws up the rhythm. They were kinda taken aback and then went with it. Now we can't do the thing in public anymore because the new version would be a scandal and the old one just cracks us up, remembering.

Now when my step daughter and I warm up in there before the service, I can't seem to resist using my fingerpicks on the rock maple stand my autoharp sits on, to rap out a tap dance. God help us all if I take the claves to church. And I'll whistle whatever has been in my head all day (of course it sounds GREAT), and the people filter in grinning at me because they just know that isn't church music-- it's blues!!

Not sure how much longer I'm good for in church ministry. I just put a better amp on layaway-- and I'm goin' up the road with Hardiman, to the empty restaurant, to try me a regular set in a couple of weeks. The waitresses assure us we'll be welcome to try it out, and they have no evening business to speak of, to scare away!

12 Mar 00 - 04:21 PM (#193900)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GutBucketeer

I suspected it, Now I know it.

Praise is an Autoharp Player!!!!!

It Explains a lot.

Autoharp players are the nicest group of people I've ever come across. Must come from all that huggin' of their instruments. :-) I never met one that I didn't like.


Praise, When you make your secular debut, be sure to tell us about it!

13 Mar 00 - 12:01 PM (#194261)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Peg

hey I love all you and yer conflicting opinions and passionate rants and wonderfully circumspect (or not) efforts to refrain from ruffling feathers (or not)...

Yeah, it's me the thread originator...;0

I just wanted to mention I started working on adding a new song to my repertoire this weekend, "Sweet Thames Flow Softly" by Ewan McColl, far from being a traditional song in terms of its date of creation, but one which has entered the canon of traditional music, nonetheless, and has found a warm and comfy place there...


13 Mar 00 - 12:43 PM (#194278)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Amos

Well, Peg, I have to confess...

When I first saw this thread you originated, called Guilty Pleasures, you were the only one I could think of! :>)

I have no problem swinging from John henry into Who Wrote the Book of Love and Green Door, if that is what people love. What people keep in their hearts as much loved music is bound to shift in an era when oral tradition has given way to LPs, FM, CDs and Real Audio files, and from one perspective you could argue that "At the Hop" is a folk song as much as "The Muckin' of Geordie's Byer" in its inherent nature.

But I respect those who are interested in keeping alive the traditions that preceded our whing-ding electrical century, and who appreciate the fine touch of purely acoustic music. I am sure we have enough room here for both camps, being the kind generous, big-hearted folks we are :>).


14 Mar 00 - 08:53 AM (#194665)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Whistle Stop

I'm a relative newcomer here, but I have noticed that the most commen discussion in this forum is "what is folk music?". Given that there is no consensus on that question, I have a hard time figuring out who should be the gatekeeper, or what his/her criteria should be. It's also worth remembering that today's orthodoxy is yesterday's radicalism, so too much rigidity now will lead to a pretty dismal future. Either this music is alive, or it's dead -- if it's alive, it will grow where it wants and needs to, despite any attemps to stifle its growth.

However, to please those who want to stay close to the original Mudcat concept, I offer my own overplayed favorite: O'Carolan's "Sheebeg and Sheemore" (I'm sure someone can correct my spelling). It's right up there with "Anji" as a tired staple of fingerstyle guitarists everywhere.

14 Mar 00 - 12:20 PM (#194755)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Peg

Amos you are too funny!
since we are on the subject, I must say as a lyrical ballad singer I quickly grew tired of being asked to sing "Danny Boy" whenever asking for requests...
Not only is it way overdone (s shame since it is a lovely air) but it is a bitch to sing! And everyone of course expects Frank Patterson-perfection!
BTW for those with HBO, interested in watching a harrowing true-crime documentary which will cause you to NEVER again hear "Danny Boy" in the same way again, watch "Revelations: Paradise Lost 2" when it airs this month...


14 Mar 00 - 01:33 PM (#194793)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Amos

After the one occasion I agreed to play an Irish bar on Paddy's day, cuz I needed the dough, I swore I would never sing that blankety blank tune again as long as I lived. But I have mellowed now -- it's been seventeen years -- and will agree to sing it once more, in my life, if the price is right :>). See Peg for bids placement. She's the High Priestess of the LOFFUSDB. (League of Folkies Fed Up with Singing Danny Boy). Fifty per cent of the winning bid goes to the Mudcat. Gentlemen, start yer checkbooks...

15 Mar 00 - 12:13 AM (#195161)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: simon-pierre

Great balls of fire, by the New Grass Revival

15 Mar 00 - 12:38 AM (#195186)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Mbo

HEY I like Danny Boy, and it's easyyyyyyy to sing! Word of advice--when you get to the high note, sing LOUDER!!

--Mbo (Chairperson of TSFPWHHDBETHIY)

15 Mar 00 - 12:42 AM (#195188)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Amos

That society of yours, Emblo, sounds like a Bronx Cheer during possum-playing season...

15 Mar 00 - 12:46 AM (#195193)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: Mbo

That's The Society For People Who Haven't Heard Danny Boy Enough To Hate It Yet. And besides, a very special person likes me to sing it, so I ain't stopping now!


21 Jul 10 - 06:47 AM (#2948870)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GUEST,Patsy Warren

Bread of Heaven and Men of Harlech. It is just so Welsh.

22 Jul 10 - 04:46 AM (#2949575)
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
From: GUEST,Patsy Warren

Oh yes Teenage Rampage and Ballroom Blitz by Sweet full blast. I know I shouldn't......