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Lyr/Chords Req: Diamond Queen (Don Williams?)

03 Mar 00 - 07:51 PM (#189058)
Subject: Don't ask me why.. but
From: Mick Lowe

Now I'm sure you all know where my musical allegiance lies.. so you may wonder why I am starting a thread that is about a song.. C&W in origin.. so I'll tell you.. a chap down my pub asked me if I knew the chords.. heck I didn't and still don't know the song..

It was written by Don Williams (hope I got the wrong Don and for that matter Williams).. and is called .. and here we get kinda vague, cos the guy doesn't know and I'm not likely to.. Diamond Queen.. hopefully this will mean something to somewhat out there in mudcat land and I can show how wonderful the mudcat is to this guy and try and persuade him he not only needs to learn how to play the guitar but get hooked into the internet with the sole purpose of being a mudcatter..



03 Mar 00 - 08:59 PM (#189079)
Subject: RE: Don't ask me why.. but
From: katlaughing

Dear Mick,

Don Williams is good, he has a beautiful voice and has written some really wonderful songs. Unfortunately, the copyright bullshit has gotten to him too. I found this on his official website at

"LYRICS - Sorry! Due to copyright issues we are not permitted to "publish" some lyrics here on the site."

That is so wrong that he cannot even post his own song lyrics because of copyright concerns!

I have one of his tapes, but it doesn't have that song on it and neither does Cowpie list it, that I could see, by the name you gave. If you go to Cowpie (in the Mudcat links) and do a search using his name, several songs will come up. Maybe your friend has the name incorrect?

Good luck,


03 Mar 00 - 09:10 PM (#189084)
Subject: RE: Don't ask me why.. but
From: Mbo

That's what I was thinking, too kat. I'm a big Don Williams fan "Lord I Hope This Day Is Good" RULES! I checked out Cowpie for an hour..used search engines, and check CD sites. The closest I could find was "Cracker Jack Diamond". Could that possibly be it? I know a lot of Don Williams songs, but I'm not familiar with this one. BTW does anyone know that Eric Clapton is a HUGE Don Williams fan, and modelled his own singing voice after Don's?


09 Sep 12 - 02:45 PM (#3402103)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Diamond Queen (Don Williams)
From: GUEST,999

How sure are you that D Williams wrote it?