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strumming help please

09 Jul 19 - 07:33 AM (#3999965)
Subject: stumming help please
From: GUEST,FloraG

My query is
how do you strum a triplet over the space of 2 notes?
the tune is in 4/4.
Should I strum 1234 and sing the triplet over the 3 and 4 or should it be 1 2 ( 345) ?

09 Jul 19 - 08:23 AM (#3999968)
Subject: RE: stumming help please
From: GUEST,Grishka

Flora, either is acceptable. If the triplet has an emphatic meaning, it may be more effective to have it in the accompaniment as well, even with different chords if suitable. In other cases, in particular if the song has a marching character, four strums of equal length are preferable.

09 Jul 19 - 08:26 AM (#3999969)
Subject: RE: stumming help please
From: Dave Hanson

A triplet is 3 notes in the time of 2 and counts 1&2 I really can't understand what you mean about strumming 1234 and singing a triplet, are you singing it or strumming it ?

Dave H

09 Jul 19 - 08:29 AM (#3999970)
Subject: RE: stumming help please
From: Stanron

You could do either as long as someone who is tapping their foot in 4/4 can continue doing that. If you can do the strum as basic 4/4 and sing the triplet you have the best of both worlds. If you try to strum the triplet as you sing it there is a chance that the underlying 4/4 might get lost.

A genuine triplet over two quarter notes does sound kind of 'out of time'. You could try singing three eighth notes and leaving the fourth silent. That will sound more 'in time' and will be easier to do.

10 Jul 19 - 11:38 AM (#4000142)
Subject: RE: strumming help please
From: leeneia

Tje 4/4 time might be a mistake. The tune might be in duple time, 2/4 or 2/2. with two strums per measure, not 4.

Pat your thighs slowly and count 1,2, 1,2. Use both hands, first right, then left. Do this for a while.

Next, fit the word 'wonderful' into the time that one pat requires. That's the triplet.

11 Jul 19 - 03:30 AM (#4000291)
Subject: RE: strumming help please
From: GUEST,FloraG

Leeneia - your right in that its easier to play it with only 2 strums to the bar - but most of it is 4/4.
I'm not a strummer but have a uke. I usually play the tune finger picking it with the occasional chord but I'm not sure what advice to give to a group of mostly non musicians who also play ukes and mostly just strum to words.
The tune is Sweet Caroline. I worry that they will play the triplet at the same speed as the rest thus having a bar of 5.

11 Jul 19 - 05:17 AM (#4000296)
Subject: RE: strumming help please
From: GUEST,Jerry

Would it better to get them to pause at the triplets and then pick up the rhythm on the next bar, which adds a bit of dynamic that is usually lacking with uke bands? I love your description of just strumming to words.

13 Jul 19 - 07:25 PM (#4000627)
Subject: RE: strumming help please
From: leeneia

You're right, I looked up some images (they only showed the first page), and it's in 4/4 all right. I listened to it on YouTube for a while, but I didn't hear any triplets. They must be further on.

What if you change the triplet to a quarter note followed by two eighths? Then make the quarter note staccato so it sounds short? That oughta fool a lotta people.

14 Jul 19 - 10:24 AM (#4000689)
Subject: RE: strumming help please
From: GUEST,Grishka

If you are talking about the well-known ND pop song: by all means let them strum in quarter notes. Pop singers tend to vary their rhythms slightly, which sheet music editors may approximate by notating triplets. In such cases, the whole accompaniment will keep the mechanical four-beat time, whether performed by amateurs or professionals.

17 Jul 19 - 07:14 AM (#4001007)
Subject: RE: strumming help please
From: banjoman

Flora make sure you bring your uke to Acol and we can try and sort it out between us

17 Jul 19 - 01:57 PM (#4001045)
Subject: RE: strumming help please
From: GUEST,Tunesmith

That is a tricky rhythm. I bet Youtube has a few lessons on the topic.

20 Jul 19 - 03:24 AM (#4001253)
Subject: RE: strumming help please
From: GUEST,FloraG

Looking forward to Broadstairs. So far I have managed to avoid any hospital appointments that week - but who knows.
A local guitarist suggested only playing one note then a rest - to avoid the problem - like Jerry's idea.
It would be interesting to find out what drummers do here.