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Remembering Spaw

08 Jun 19 - 07:19 AM (#3995628)
Subject: Remembering Spaw
From: John MacKenzie

My Facebook page reminds me that today would have been Pat's 70th birthday. So let's remember a very funny man, and the Reg Boys he wrote about, with affection.

08 Jun 19 - 08:50 AM (#3995635)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Jeri

I think the Reg boys were Rick Fielding's reply to Paw and Cletus, but maybe it a good time to find some of those old threads.
I miss the way we were when he was around...when a lot of those old (and maybe not-all-that-old)farts were around.

08 Jun 19 - 09:06 AM (#3995636)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: John MacKenzie

Sorry if I got them muddled up, it's been while, but they were great fun.
An old Fart

08 Jun 19 - 09:23 AM (#3995638)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: David C. Carter

You people are so right.

Thanks for reminding me.

Those were good times.



08 Jun 19 - 09:28 AM (#3995640)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Jeri

Hell, all of 'em kinda hung out together. See thread entitled "Paw, Cletus, Buford, & the Reg boys". I won't link to it because the thought that somebody'd post to it NOW feels the closest to sacrilegious that I get. Many of the posters are dead or just plain gone. The main lesson I learned from those threads is not to leave a lighter or matches around anywhere near those guys.

08 Jun 19 - 11:04 AM (#3995643)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Roger the Skiffler

...and not forgetting the NYCFTTS where he appointed me Chief Bedpan Operative!

08 Jun 19 - 01:13 PM (#3995664)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Bill D

So many great memories... and because of Mudcat's longevity, most of those times 'can' be revisited. I occasionally go back to some... unusual.... threads and laugh- and cry- at them & US. ?

08 Jun 19 - 01:47 PM (#3995671)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Dave the Gnome

Aye, I was reminded today as well. Hope he is giving them the treatment up there:-)

08 Jun 19 - 02:58 PM (#3995684)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Mrrzy

Miss him.

08 Jun 19 - 03:42 PM (#3995689)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Dave Hanson

Loved his posts, much missed.

Dave H

08 Jun 19 - 03:51 PM (#3995691)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Stilly River Sage

Catspaw49 for your reading pleasure. He mostly posted as a logged-in user, though I imagine you'll have to hunt for some of the monikers he used when Paw and Cletus were speaking.

10 Jun 19 - 05:15 PM (#3995870)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: leeneia

I miss Spaw.

11 Jun 19 - 03:02 AM (#3995905)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Mr Red

I wonder what he would have made of Brexshit or Trumparse?

11 Jun 19 - 04:43 AM (#3995926)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: alanabit

I miss him too. There was a kind heart beneath that brash banter.

11 Jun 19 - 07:58 AM (#3995948)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Sandra in Sydney

I remember a looooong line of text that really was a lot of four letter words ...

and his pride in his sons - especially when he he told us about the kind truck driver


11 Jun 19 - 03:45 PM (#3996014)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: CupOfTea

I knew a bunch of Mudcatters before I joined, sort of WHY I joined, but Spaw is the first Mudcat personage I only met here that I thought I was going to meet in person someday, being just downstate from me. That someday didn't happen, and that makes me sad anytime I see him mentioned. Here on the eastern fringes of the Midwest, there aren't as many folks who contribute to Mudcat. (#$%^!@ spellczech wants to turn it into Muscat every time!) I enjoyed an Ohio camaraderie with him about some of the peculiarities of living in this state & just generally enjoyed his bad attitude, gleefully expressed on all manner of things. Stellar bad boy. How cool is it to know someone who is so intensely unique?

Joanne in Cleveland

11 Jun 19 - 08:27 PM (#3996044)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: bbc

He was a lovely man! He & katlaughing were great counterpoints!


11 Jun 19 - 10:14 PM (#3996049)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Joe Offer

Early on, I knew I HAD to meet Spaw. He (like SRS and katlaughing) kept promising to show up at the Getaway, but they never made it. So, one time after the Getaway, I drove east and kept driving. I think it was 2001, just after September 11. I drove US 50 to Wheeling, and then followed the Ohio River to Louisville. I crossed over to Cincinnati, and then went up to Dayton and the Air Force Museum. I think it was there I decided to see Spaw. So I did the requisite tour of Columbus, and then headed down to the Spaw Shrine at Bremen. As I've said before, the road was littered with roadkill for miles before Bremen, so knew this was the right place. I got to Bremen, and it was a pretty little town with brick streets.
Finally, I got to Spaw's house. I rang the bell, and Spaw answered. He opened the door and cooly said, "Joe Offer, what the hell are YOU doing here?" I felt like this was something earth-shaking, that I would finally meet Spaw, and he acted like this was something that happened every day. I had tried to prove otherwise, but it was clear that Spaw was cool - really cool.
So, we had a nice conversation and I headed on back to my plane in Baltimore. Frankly, I don't remember anything else from my trip. I remember the first part of my trip very clearly, but nothing at all after Bremen. Once I met Spaw, it was like there was nothing else to do.
And I'm sure glad I met him. Wish I had met Katlaughing.

P.S. And I also met SRS. Glad I did that. Damn, that woman makes a mean eggplant Parmesan!

13 Jun 19 - 03:09 PM (#3996313)
Subject: RE: 'Spaw in the Stars
From: keberoxu

The Cat's Paw Nebula.

Maybe now I really HAVE seen everything.

13 Jun 19 - 04:38 PM (#3996332)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Helen

Sorry folks, but I'm going to lower the tone of this thread slightly. My memories of Spaw's contributions to the threads are many and almost always hilarious or right on point, but the comment from him that I always remember is his comment on a gift I sent to him from Oz once.

It was a jar of Vegemite, which had been under discussion in one of the threads. When he received it, as I recall he said he thought it was different but ok, but that he wasn't impressed by the Vegemite fragrance of his flatulence.

Sometimes, I think of Spaw and remember that comment, and sometimes I look at a jar of Vegemite and think of it too. I think the important point to remember here is that so many Oz people have lived on Vegemite for nearly 100 years, so it's a bit like everyone eating garlic - no-one notices that particular smell - if indeed it exists, which it might not, because he was always poking fun, especially at national icons. I prefer to think that he was making it up for jocular effect. We don't really smell like Vegemite. Do we?

I miss you Spaw, not least because our birthdays are so close. Geminis rule!!! Yeah!!!

13 Jun 19 - 05:44 PM (#3996347)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: GUEST, Bat Goddess

Ah, Spaw! Born the day before me -- same year.

I'll always cherish the advice he gave me (and Curmudgeon/Tom Hall) back in 2004 when Tom had a valve job, tune up, and some electrical work done. (Aortic valve replaced, tricuspid repaired, double bypass, and a defibrillator installed.) Made that adventure a little less scary.

I don't know what gods I've offended to get my cookie eaten. Mudcat won't even let me go to Log In.


13 Jun 19 - 08:33 PM (#3996359)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Bill D

When *I* met 'Spaw, I gave him several weeks notice I was coming down I-70, and he and Karen drove up to meet me near Columbus. We had a delightful couple of hours sharing lunch before we had to get back on the road.

Joe has surprise drop-initus. I went to a local sing, and someone behind me said "Hi, Bill!" Joe stood there grinning.....

13 Jun 19 - 09:47 PM (#3996364)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Rapparee

I had been planning the trip for some time, to drop in on Spaw. Then he up and left.

Once again, DAMN!

14 Jun 19 - 02:43 AM (#3996378)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: Ebbie

Spaw, like some other notables, has never really left us. KT and I often still quote some goodie of his- I doubt you'd be surprised at how well his expletives and explanations fit today.

14 Jun 19 - 12:20 PM (#3996435)
Subject: RE: Remembering Spaw
From: WalkaboutsVerse

Didn't appreciate all his posts but, having just clicked on his name (above), to catch-up, his last one does show a lot of selfless courage.