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PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances

15 May 19 - 04:16 AM (#3992463)
Subject: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes


      This is an edited PermaThread® about Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances, edited by Geoff Lawes. Feel free to post to this thread, but remember that all messages posted here are subject to editing or deletion.
      -Joe Offer-

Contributions to this PermaThread are posted below in chronological order but they will be consolidated and organised under the names of performers in order to make them easy to locate
Blue clickable links to the location of these consolidated and organised postings are provided in the PERFORMER LIST. The Performer List will contain information showing where and when each performer lived . Below, there is also a section called ON -LINE COLLECTIONS OF SOURCE RECORDINGS This section can be reached by clicking this named blue link. It is included in the hope that it will encourage everyone to participate in researching and posting material on this permaThread.



Edgar Allington ........ENGLAND.......... (?–?) .......... singer
George Attrill ........ ENGLAND.......... (?–?) .......... singer of Fittleworth in Sussex
HarryAdams .......... ENGLAND..........(1903-1982)…. singer and melodeon player from Isle Abbotts, Somerset
Billy Ballantine ......ENGLAND.......... (?–?)..........  piccolo player North East England
Jim Baldry ............ENGLAND .......... (?–?).......... singer of Woodbridge, Suffolk
Margaret Barry ... IRELAND............ (1917–1989) .......... traveller,singer and banjo player from Cork, came to prominence in London after starting as a street singer
Charlie Bate ........ ENGLAND .......... (1919-1977) ..........singer, accordion player, from Padstow, Cornwall
Séamus Begley ........ IRELAND .......... (?–?).......... Singer and accordian player from Dingle, County Kerry
Billy Bennington ......ENGLAND ..........(1900 –1986) ......... hammered dulcimer player from Barford, Norfolk
Paddy Berry, ....... IRELAND .......... (1937- ?) .......... Singer and songwriter from Wexford
Alec Bloomfield ..... ENGLAND.......... (20th C) .......... singer  
Harry Boardman ...... ENGLAND.......... (1917–1989) .......... singer from, Lancashire
Billy Bolton ............ENGLAND .......... (20th C) ..........Singer from Peasenhall, Suffolk, England, UK
William“Jumbo”Brightwell ..ENGLAND........(1900- ?) .......... Singer from Suffolk
Percy Brown ...........ENGLAND .......... (1903 -? ) .......... melodeon player Aylsham Norfolk
Walter Bulwer ........ ENGLAND .......... (1888 –1968) ..........singer, fiddle, mandolin-banjo, from Shipdham, Norfolk
Eddie Butcher ...........IRELAND.......... 1900-1980) ..........singer and songwriter born in Magilligan North Co.Derry
Edgar Button ........... ENGLAND .......... (20th C) ..........singer 
Bob Cann .............ENGLAND .......... (1916 – 1990) .......... melodeon player from Dartmoor,Devon  
Luke Cheevers ........ IRELAND .......... (1940- ?) .......... singer from Dublin  

David Clements .......ENGLAND ....... (19th & early 20thC) .......... singer from Basingstoke, Hampshire
Robert Cinnamond .......IRELAND .......... ( 1884 -I968) .......... singer and collector of songs , from Antrim
Johnny Collins .........ENGLAND .......... (1938 – 2009).......... singer
The Copper Family .....ENGLAND .......... ( ?–? ).......... singers from Rottingdean ,Sussex
Cecilia Costello ........ENGLAND .......... (1884 –1976) .......... singer from Birmingham
Harry Cox ………...........ENGLAND......... (1885 - 1971) .......... singer from Norfolk
Togo and Burns Crawford..SCOTLAND.......... (?–?).......... singers, Mossdale, Kirkcudbrightshire
Elizabeth "Bess" Cronin ..IRELAND .......... (1879 - 1956) .......... singer/songwriter from Baile Bhuirne, Cork
Mary Delaney ..............IRELAND .......... (died around 2005) .......... singer,traveller,originally from Cashel, Co Tipperary
Seán 'ac Dhonncha … .......IRELAND .......... (1919–1996) .......... singer in Irish and English.Born in Carna ,Conamara,Co. Galway
Paddy Doran ....…..........IRELAND ....... ( ? – ? ).......... singer  
Felix Doran .............IRELAND .......... (1915–1972) .......... traveller, uilleann piper
Johnny Doughty ..........ENGLAND .......... (1903 - 1986) ..........singer, born in Brighton, England
Eli Durrant .............ENGLAND .......... ( 20th C ) .......... singer from Suffolk
Louie Fuller ...........ENGLAND .......... (1914 -? ).......... born Woolwich, London, later lived in Surrey
Sean Garvey ..........IRELAND.......... ( 1944 -?).......... singer, song collector County Antrim, N. Ireland
Len Graham ............IRELAND .......... ( 1944 -?)..........singer, song collector County Antrim, N. Ireland
Con Greaney ............IRELAND.......... ( ?–? )…............ singer from Athea, West Limerick
Geordie Hanna ..........IRELAND .......... ( ?–? ).......... singer and guitarist from Derrytresk, County Tyrone
Frank Harte ............IRELAND..........(1933 –2005) ..........singer and song collector from Dublin
Bob Hart ...............ENGLAND .......... 1892- 1978) ..........singer from Suffolk, East Anglia  
Mary Ann Haynes ........ENGLAND..........(1905 – 1977) ..........singer, traveller who settled in Brighton
Hamish Henderson ........SCOTLAND .........(1919 – 2002).........singer,poet,song collector born in Blairgowrie, Perthshire
Lizzie Higgins ........SCOTLAND .........(1929- 1993).........singer from Aberdeen
Dick Hogan .............IRELAND..........( ?–? )..........singer from Tipperary
Queen Caroline Hughes ..ENGLAND........(1900 – 1971)........singer, traveller
Fred Jordan ...........ENGLAND..........(1922 –2002)..........singer from Ludlow, Shropshire
William Kimber ........ENGLAND..........(1872–1961)..........concertina player from Oxfordshire
Sam Larner ..........ENGLAND.......... (1878–1965) ..........singer from Winterton, Norfolk
Tom Lenihan .........IRELAND .......... (1908–1990).........singer from Milltown Malbay , County Clare
The Ling Family .....ENGLAND..........(20th C).......... singers
Fred Ling ..........ENGLAND.......... (20th C)..........singer from Suffolk
Geoff Ling ..........ENGLAND.......... (20th C)..........singer from Suffolk &
Harry List ..........ENGLAND .......... (20th C) ..........singer from Suffolk
Sarah Makem ..........IRELAND.......(1900 –1983) ..........source singer from Armagh Northern Ireland
Willie Mathieson .....SCOTLAND .......... (1879- 1958 )..........singer from Ellon, Aberdeenshire
George ‘Pop’ Maynard ...ENGLAND.......... (1872 – 1962 ).......... singer of Surrey
Jimmy McBeath ..........SCOTLAND..........(1894 -1972)..........singer born in Portsoy, Banffshire
Mikeen McCarthy ........IRELAND…...(1931-2004)...........traveller,singer and storyteller
Maureen Melly (neeTunney) ..IRELAND........( ? ) ..........singer
Labhras O'Cadhla .......IRELAND..........(1889 - 1961)........Irish language singer from Waterford
Darach Ó Catháin .......IRELAND .......... (1922 –1987)..........Irish language singer from Connemara
Stiofán Ó Cualáin ...IRELAND..........( ? )..........Irish Language singer
Seosamh Ó hÉanaí(Joe Heaney)...IRELAND..... (1919 – 1984).......singer from County Galway
Walter Pardon ........ENGLAND.......... (1914 –1996)…singer from Knapton, Norfolk
Billy Pigg ..........ENGLAND.......... (1902–1968).........small pipes player from Northumberland
Cyril Poacher ..…...ENGLAND.......... (1910 - ? )...... singer from Suffolk
John Reilly .........IRELAND.......... (1926 -1969) ..........singer, settled traveller lived in Boyle, Co. Roscommon, originally from Carrick-on-Shannon in County Leitrim
Bob Roberts .........ENGLAND.......... (1907–1982).......... singer and melodian player born in Dorset, associated with East Anglian coast
Jeannie Robertson ..SCOTLAND ........(1908 - 1975).......... singer from Aberdeen
Bob Scarce ..........ENGLAND .......... (1885-1974).......... singer from Suffolk
Willie Scott .......SCOTLAND.......... (1897 – 1989).......... singer, born Dumfriesshire
Albert Smith .......ENGLAND.......... (20th C) ...... jews harp player, Butley, Suffolk
Arthur Smith .......ENGLAND .......... (20th C) ..........singer from Suffolk
Phoebe Smith ........ENGLAND .......... (1913-2001).......... singer, traveller moved around Kent and Essex before settling in Woodbridge, Suffolk
George Spicer .......ENGLAND .......... (20th C) ..........
Luke Stanley ........ENGLAND .......... (20th C) .......... singer from Barton on Humber, N. Lincolnshire
Belle Stewart ......SCOTLAND.......... (1906-1997).......... traveller,singer born Caputh, near Blairgowrie
Lucy Stewart ........SCOTLAND........(1901-1982).......... singer, traveller -Fetterangus, Aberdeenshire
John Strachan ......SCOTLAND .......... (1875-1958).......... singer of bothy ballads from Aberdeenshire
Phil Tanner ..........WALES.......... (1862–1950).......... singer of Llangenith in the Gower Peninsula
Joseph Taylor ........ENGLAND .......... (1833-1910) .......... singer from Saxby-All-Saints, Lincolnshire
Scan Tester ..........ENGLAND.......... (1886 –1972).........concertina player & singer from Sussex
Nioclás Tóibín ......IRELAND........(1928–1994).......... ; Sean-nós singer from the Déise tradition of County Waterford
Bridget Tunney ......IRELAND.......... (1886 – 1975) .......... grew up in Rushen, South Donegal, lived in Glasgow, returned to Donegal then Garvery in Co. Fermanagh
Paddy Tunney ........IRELAND.......... (1921- 2002),.......... singer, born in Glasgow to Irish parents,later settled in County Fermanagh
Harry Upton ...........ENGLAND.......... (1900 - ? ).......... singer, lived in Balcombe ,Sussex
Liam Weldon ..........IRELAND ........ (1917–1989) ..... singer born in Dublin
William“Jinky”Wells ..ENGLAND.......... (1868-1953)..........fiddler from Bampton Oxfordshire
Eely Whent ...........ENGLAND .......... ( 20th C ).......... fiddler from Suffolk
Fred Whiting .........ENGLAND .......... (1905-?)......... left-handed fiddle player and singer from Suffolk
Willett Family ........ENGLAND .......... ( 20th C) .......... family of travellers and singers Tom, and sons, Chris and Ben from southern England
Brenda Wooton ........CORNWALL,UK......(1928 –1994)........singer


Most of the recordings initially included in this PermaThread have been found on the YouTube site.
If someone knows appropriate search words, such as performers’ names, then they can easily find a great many recordings of traditional singers and musicians.
By adding “ top tracks “ in a YouTube search you can often access multiple recordings of a chosen performer. This is a device adopted to discover many of the links included here because it gives one internet address for a number of recordings and displays a track list. Multiple recordings are also sometimes
easily found by entering the name of a Cd or LP on which the performer appears.

The following sites are well informed, authoritative and include recordings which can be heard on-line although it is sometimes less straightforward than accessing recordings on YouTube. If you know of other free publicly accessible on-line sites please post the links and details on this PermaThread

TOBAR AN DUALCHAIS / KIST o RICHES This website contains over 40,000 oral recordings made in Scotland and
further afield, from the 1930s onwards. The items you can listen to include stories, songs, music, poetry and factual information.

NOTE Links to search results on this site appear to be time limited and so to reach the recordings it may be necessary for you to repeat the search process from the home page. The Permathread editor will test links already given here to TOBAR AN DUALCHAIS and try to make access to recordings as painless as possible


The role of ITMA is to collect, preserve, organise and make accessible the contemporary and historical materials of Irish traditional song, instrumental music and dance.

Itma home page
itma catalogue
Itma Simple Search

Listen to a selection from the British Library’s extensive collections of sound recordings, which come from all over the world and cover the entire range of recorded sound: music, drama and literature, oral history, wildlife and environmental sounds.
Jacqueline Patten English Folk Music Collection, Bob Davenport English Folk Music Collection, Carol Tingey Nepal Collection , Carole Pegg English & Scottish Folk Music Collection, Desmond & Shelagh Herring English Folk Music Collection, Dinka songs from South Sudan, Endangered Micronesian recordings, Interviews with ethnomusicologists, John Howson English, Irish & Scottish Folk Music Collection, Keith Summers English Folk Music Collection, Middle Eastern music on shellac disc, Nick & Mally Dow English Folk Music Collection, Odeon record label recordings from the Indian subcontinent,, Peter Kennedy Collection Reg Hall English, Irish & Scottish Folk Music & Customs Collection, Roy Palmer English Folk Music Collection, Steve Gardham English Folk Music Collection, Syliphone record label recordings from Guinea, Syriac liturgical music, Terry Yarnell English & Irish Folk Music Collection, The Golha radio programmes: Flowers of Persian song & music, Vanishing voices from Russia & Eastern Europe, Violeta Ruano Portraits of Saharawi Music, Young India record label collection ,, Arthur Morris Jones Africa Collection, Percy Grainger ethnographic wax cylinders, John Low East Africa Collection, Kenneth Gourlay Uganda Collection, Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Collection, Peter Cooke Uganda Collection, David Rycroft South Africa Collection, Hans-Joachim Heinz Botswana Collection, John Brearley Botswana Collection, Kevin Volans Southern Africa Music Collection, Decca West African recordings, Giles Swayne Senegal Collection , Trevor Wiggins Ghana Music Collection , Brian Moser & Donald Tayler Colombia Collection, Colin Huehns Asia Collection, Arnold Adriaan Bake South Asian Music Collection, Guy Adam & Niel Nicholson Nepal Collection, James Kippen North India Collection, Music from India, Nicholas Pierce Balochistan Collection, George Kingsley Roth Fiji Collection, Raymond Firth Tikopia Collection , Simon Seligmann Kiribati Collection, Ethnographic wax cylinder music, drama and literature, oral history.
There may be problems listening on line to recordings in The British Library Sounds collection. In another Mudcat thread Nick Dow posted
From: GUEST,Nick Dow - PM Date: 04 Sep 20 - 10:49 AM

Quite independently I contacted The B.L. about the failure of the sound files to play and was told that there is a problem as follows....
There is a known issue with playing our sounds using Microsoft Edge and Chrome. If possible please try a different browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari).

BRITISH LIBRARY SOUND MAP - Traditional music in England

When there you need to move the hand over the red location dots until the hand changes into a pointing finger and clicking then will take you to the recording .


30 on -line recordings with some limited information


Alan Lomax Recordings in England
Alan Lomax Archive US Recordings
Ballads and Songs of the Blue Ridge Mountains
Instrumental Music Of The Southern Appalachians


20 hours of field recordings of music recorded between 1967 and 1988 by Steve Gardham in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.


Over 120 songs native to or sung for generations in Yorkshire, to play and download for free.


Irish song collection which has short clips of some songs


holds 278 recordings of Singers and Songs of County Clare from the Carroll Mackenzie Collection

When reaching the Singers and Songs of County Clare page of the Clare Library site you will probably need to click the grey area
down on the right labelled Playlist (Clare songs only) in order to activate the Adobe Flash Player Then the click links to
individual recordings listed on the left under The Songs will give access to playback of the recording as well as information and lyrics

(You may not get playback without enpowering Adobe)


Large collection of digitized phonograph cylinder recordings made in New England ,USA by Helen Hartness Flanders (1890-1972) Springfield, Vermont.
digitised cassette tapes

This gives access to mostly ‘ Catalog Record Only’ entries but there are some recordings which can be heared online.


The Digital Library of Appalachia provides online access to archival and historical materials related to the culture of the southern and central Appalachian region. The contents of the DLA are drawn from special collections of Appalachian College Association member libraries. Over 3,000 rare tunes and songs played by master old-time musicians from across the region. All the tracks are carefully indexed and hyperlinked. You can search by artist, title, or instrument, or just browse for tunes and download them for free without limit.

15 May 19 - 05:17 AM (#3992473)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll


15 May 19 - 07:30 AM (#3992493)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Yes exactly Jim - and it's one of your wonderful recordings ( Joe Offer told me to be sure to check out your recordings for this project). I can't find much personal information about Mary Delaney on the internet. Do you know her dates and where she was from?

15 May 19 - 07:43 AM (#3992495)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

Mary was a Travelling woman originally from Cashel, Co Tipperary
Blind from birth, she brought up 18 children on the road, in the latter days, without a husband
She had a large repertoire of traditional songs and an equally large one of Country and Western ones, which she refused to sing because, "I only remember them because that's what the lads ask for in the pub"
We recorded her in London for about five years when she moved off and we lost touch - she died sometime around 2005, in Blackpool, Cork City - that was the last place we met her
She can be heard on' the double CD, 'From Puck to Appleby' and is included on the Topic, 'Voice of the People' series
Irish, 'Lyric Radio' ran a very pleasing series of 3 programmes on our work with Travellers entitled, 'Come All You Loyal Travellers' on which Mary and other Irish singers feature
If anybody would like to hear them I can send copies - just ask

15 May 19 - 11:27 AM (#3992522)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Thank you Jim, I have slotted bits of your information into the material that I am waiting to post here when this thread is changed into a Permathread Regards, Geoff

15 May 19 - 11:37 AM (#3992523)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

If anybody is looking or the Song Carriers (ten programme analysis of British and Irish Song made in 1965 and never surpassed) that is permanently on offer, as is Bert Lloyd's wonderful 13 programme 'Songs of the People'
Both are indispensable

15 May 19 - 03:01 PM (#3992537)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances

Either or both would be gratefully received Jim, thanks!

15 May 19 - 03:04 PM (#3992539)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

You'll have to let me have an e-mail address somehow so I cal link you to my box
Joe offer is usually happy to pass on mine to anybody

15 May 19 - 03:55 PM (#3992548)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GUEST,Bob Blair. Guest

To save Jim C some trouble and also so that everyone else who is interested can access them, here’s a link where you can download “The Song Carriers’.

Best thing I’ve ever digitised

Bob Blair

15 May 19 - 05:25 PM (#3992567)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Thank you Bob, Here is the link as a blue click link

15 May 19 - 06:09 PM (#3992573)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GUEST,Bob Blair

Thanks for the blue click Geoff. Must get on board with the blue clicky thing.

I think that this idea of sharing trad stuff on-line is a great idea. Look forward to seeing what comes up.

There’s a whole stack of stuff out there that I’m sure folk have got hoarded away, just wanting to be listened to.

Bob. Blair

16 May 19 - 12:35 PM (#3992642)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes


Edgar Allington

The Herring


George Attrill

The Broken-down Gentleman


Harry Adams

163 Recordings from British Library Sounds (then enter Harry Adams & World & Traditional Music)


Billy Ballantine

15 recordings on YouTube


Jim Baldry

The Northamptonshire Poacher Hares in the Plantation


Margaret Barry

82 Tracks on U Tube
Margaret Barry Documentary
Margaret Barry Queen of the gypsies
4 Recordings in British Library Sounds
1) The Mantle So Green 2) The Boston Burglar 3) Gradh mo Chroidhe 4) 'The Bonny Irish Boy.
Alan Lomax Archive an interview with Alan Lomax


Charlie Bate

Down in the diving bell
Maggie May

Tavistock goosey fair
Down in the fields where the buttercups grow


Séamus Begley

25 Recordings on Youtube


Billy Bennington

13 Recordings on YouTube
1)Waltz: Dulcie Belle 2)- 3)In & Out the Windows 4)Turn Your Face Towards the Sun 5)The Nutting Girl 6)Jack's the Lad (The Sailor's Hornpipe) 7)Dick Hewitt's Favourite Stepdance 8)Step Dance: Yarmouth Hornpipe 9)Gay Ladies 10)March: On Parade 11) - 12)Polka: On the Green 13)Sailors Hornpipe 14)Old Song Medley 15)Dark Town Strutters Ball


Paddy Berry

5 recordings of Paddy Berry on Youtube 1) Bannow's Lonely Shore 2) The Running Dog 3) 2013 Farmers Kitchen Singing 4Yola Language Song 5) Self Composed song
INFORMATION Paddy Berry Top # 7 Facts


Alec Bloomfield

12 Recordings from British Library Sounds
1. Man that Lived in a Wood 2. Wild Rover (Father Grumbie) 3. Stand You Up (Sprig of Thyme) 4. Foggy Dew 5. The Little Cobbler 6. Mole Catcher [ 7. Burlington Fair (Ramble Away) 8. Poor Little Soldier's Boy 9. Georgie Oxbury 10. General Wolfe 11. Highwayman (There was an Old Farmer) 12. Ship that Never Returned
20 Recordings from British Library Sounds & Enter keywordsAlec Bloomfield


Harry Boardman

42 Recordings on YouTube
17 Recordings on YouTube from CD Golden Stream (Click on SHOW MORE tab for playlist )
6 Recordings on YouTube from CD Deep Lancashire Click on SHOW MORE tab for playlist


Billy Bolton

4 Recordings from British Library Sounds
( enter Billy Bolton & World & Traditional music) >br> Jolly Jack the Sailor, The Barley Mow, The Jolly Tinker, What is the reason daddy [fragment]



19 recordings on YouTube from Topic Records
1) The Parson's Creed 2)The Derby Miller 3)The Loss of the Ramilly 4)Down in the Fields Where the Buttercups Grow 5)The Oak and the Ash 6)Muddley Barracks 7)The Life of a Man 8)The Bold Princess Royal 9)The Indian Lass 10)The Flower of London 11)The Blacksmith's Daughter 12)The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea 13)The Banks of the Nile 14)Rambleaway 15)Newlyn Town 16)Blow the Candle Out 17)The Lost Heiress 18)Newry Town 19)The False Hearted Knight
46 Recordings from British Library Sounds ( enter William“Jumbo” Brightwell


Walter Bulwer

87 Recordings from British Library Sounds ( & enter Walter Bulwer & World & Traditional music)


Percy Brown



Eddie Butcher

39 recordings from itma site
13 Recordings on YOUTUBE 5
1) The Naming of the Child 2) Flower of Corbymill 3) The Paisley Canal 4) for Tommy 5)Teddy Regan 6) Lovely Bann Water 7)Girl I Left Behind 8) The Marriage 9 )The Titanic 10) The Tractor11) The Hedges Of County Down 12 ) Danny Mick McCluskey 13) Laurel Hill


Edgar Button

The Oak and the Ash Blow the Candle Out


Luke Cheevers

15 YOUTUBE RECORDINGS ( some talking)
18 Recordings from itma< /B>


Robert Cinnamond

16 Recordings on YOUTUBE


The Copper Family

12 Recordings on YouTube
1)Spencer the Rover 2)Babes in the wood 3)The Birds In The Spring 4)- 5)Thousands or More 6)Come Write Me Down
7) Adieu, Sweet Lovely Nancy 8)The brisk young ploughboy 9)Warlike Seamen10) - 11)The Banks of the Sweet Primroses 12) -13)My Father Had an Acre of Land 14)
15)Talking 16)Rose of Allendale



Harry Cox

54 Recordings on YouTube
1.You Must Get the Tune First...2.The Female Drummer3.People What Don't Like to Hear an Old Song...4.Two Jolly Brothers5.Polka6.When I Sing a Song My Mind Is on It...7.Bold Archer8.There's Bound to Be a Row9.Betsy the Servant Maid10.Firelock Stile11.The Green Mossy Banks of the Lee12.The Pretty Ploughboy13.The Watercress Girl14.A Week's Matrimon15.The Black Velvet Band16.A Hornpipe (Fiddle)17.The Maid of Australia18.Alone, Alone in London19.Miss Doxy20.The Bonny Labouring Boy21.The Good Luck Ship22.The Fowler23.In Scarborough Fair Town24.I Had an Old Hos25.The Green Bed26.A Jig27.The Bold Drover28.Georgie29.A Schottische30.Black-hearted Gypsies O31.The Rigs of the Times32.The Grand Hotel33.The Transports34.Where the Shamrocks Gro35.Barton Broad Ditty36.Adieu to Old England37.Bold Fisherma38.A Polka39.Ekefield Town40.A Happy Family41.Old Joe, the Boat Is Going Over42.Blackberry Fold43.They Told Me in the Gaol44.The Fowler

4 recordings from the Alan Lomax Archive

7 recordings & 7 PHOTOS in British Library Sounds ( & enter Harry Cox + World & Traditional music)


Johnny Collins

29 Recordings on YouTube INFORMATION


Cecilia Costello

29 recordings and a Photo in British Library Sounds ( then enter Cecilia Costello and World & Traditional music) INFORMATION Cecilia Costello –
Birmingham, UK folk singer


Bob Cann

11 recordings on YouTube from “West Country Melodeon” , Topic Records
1)Uncle George’s Hornpipe (The Cliff) / Tommy Robert’s Hornpipe 2) Hot Punch / Uncle’s Jig 3) Uncle George’s Waltz / Uncle Jim’s Waltz 4) The Primrose Polka 5) Dorsetshire Hornpipe 6) The Kester Rocky Waltz 7)Family Jig / Uncle George’s8) Woodland Flowers / Uncle Jim’s 9)Ford Farm Reel / Cornish Quickstep 10)Harry Gidley’s Waltz 11) When its Nightime in Italy (It’s Wednesday Over Here) / ClimbUp de Golden Stairs 12)Lyrinka 13)Schottische Hornpipe / Cokey Hornpipe


Togo and Burns Crawford

1 recording , 3 songs In British Library Sounds
1.Kirkcudbright Town. 2. Canada-i-o. 3. Farmers Boy
1 recording , 2 songs (1.The Old Beggar Man 2.Ca the Yowes to the Knowes Molly and Me)


Elizabeth "Bess" Cronin

6 Recordings on YOUTUBE
The Little Pack of Tailors 2 Lannigan's Ball 3) Dance to Your Daddy & Cucanady-Nandy 4 What Would You Do If You Married a Soldier?
5 ) The Little Pack of Tailors - 6) Jack O'Donahue



Mary Delaney

Buried in Kilkenny


Sean ac Dhonncha

11 Recordings on YouTube


Paddy Doran

6 recordings on YouTube


Felix Doran

11 recordings on YouTube
1.The Fox Hunt 2.Pigeon on the Gate / Miss Monaghan (Reels) 3.The Lark in the Morning 4.FREE SPIRITS This book is all about the travelling musicians and there life 5.The Coolin (Air) 6.George White's Favourite / The Ivy Leaf (Reels) 7.Boys of the Lough (Reel) 8.Rakish Paddy (Reel)9.Mary of Murroe (Air) / The Green Gates (Reel) 10.Rolandstown Churchtown 11.The Ash Plant (Reel)


Johnny Doughty

21 recordings on YouTube from “ Round Rye Bay for More - Traditional Songs from the Sussex Coast “ Topic Records
1)Herring's Heads 2) The Wreck of the ‘Northfleet’ 3)When I Was Single Again The Golden Vanity 5)The Saucy Sailor Boy 6)Baltimore 7)While Going Round the Cape / Round Rye Bay for More 8)Spanish Ladies 9)The Sailor's Alphabet 10)The Mermaid 11)Marry Me 12)I’m Going to Be Mother Today 13)Barbara Allen 14)My Boy Billy 15)Dick Turpin / Let Her Go Back 16)Rye Harbour Girl 17)The Streets of Port Arthur


Eli Durrant

The Yellow Handkerchief


Louie Fuller

8 Recordings and INFORMATION from Sussex Traditions
4 recordings on YouTube from “ Green Grow the Laurels - Country Singers from the South ” ,Topic Records
1) Green Grow the Laurels 7 .The Molecatcher 8. Hopping Down in Kent 10. Young Maria


Sean Garvey

6 recordings on itma 9 Recordings on YOUTUBE


Len Graham
39 Recordings on YOUTUBE
3 recordings on itma


Con Greaney

13 recordings on itma


Geordie Hanna

12 recordings on YouTube from “On the Shores of Lough Neagh - Traditional Songs of a Tyrone Family” - Topic Records Ltd.


Frank Harte

20 Recordings on YOUTUBE From CD Dublin Street Songs / Through Dublin City ? 2007 Hummingbird Records 37 recordings on itma,%20singing


Bob Hart

Bob Hart singing The Miner's Dream of Home


Mary Ann Haynes

15 Recordings on YouTube
1)Riding Down to Portsmouth 2 )The Colour of Amber 3)Poor Leonard 4)Hopping Down in Kent 5 ) At the Atchin Tan 6)All Through Mi Rakli 7) The Female Drummer 8 )Erin's Lovely Home 9)The Little Ball of Yarn 10)The Old Miser 11 )Lovely Johnny 12 )Long A-growing13) Hopping Down in Kent / My Lovely Hops14)The Ball of Yarn 15Wexford Town


Lizzie Higgins

27 Recordings on Youtube
The College Boy 2.Lovely Molly 3.The Banks Of Red Roses 4.Wha's At The Windy 5.The Seasons 6.Laird Of The Dainty Doonby 7.Lord Lovat 8.A Beggar Man 9.The Lassie Gathering Nuts 10.Young Emsley 11.Up and Awa' Wi' the Laverock 12.Macdonald of Glencoe 13.Far Over The Forth 14.Tammy Toddles 15.Aul'roguie Gray 16.The Maid Of Glenshea 17.The Fair Of Ballnafannin 18.Lady Mary Ann 19.My Bonny Boy 20.The Twa Brothers 21.Davy Faa 22.Soo Sewin' Silk 23.The Cruel Mother 24.Sandy's a Sailor 25.Bonnie Udny 26.The Forester 27.Bogieside

217 recordings on Tobar an Dualchais / Kist o Riches - some songs some interviews (there enter Lizzie Ann Higgins in the About search box and leave other boxes)
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16 May 19 - 12:37 PM (#3992643)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes


Dick Hogan

154 Recordings on YouTube



Queen Caroline Hughes

31 Recordings on Youtube 1)Blackdog and Sheepcrook 2)Meet Me Tonight in the Moonlight 3)The Cuckoo 4)Georgie 5)Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender 6)The Draggle-tail Gypsies 7)The London Murder 8)The Famous Flower of Serving Men 9)Once I Had a Colour 10)Young Willie 11)Blackwaterside / Down by the Riverside 12)Died for Love 13)Catch Me Bold Rogue If You Can 14)The Sprig of Thyme 15)The Brake of Briars 16)If I Were a Blackbird 17)Flash Girls and Airy 18)Tuning 19)Lady Maisry 20)My Love Was a Sailor Lad 21)The Game of Cards 22)A Blacksmith Courted Me 23)The Bird in the Bush 24)The Banks of Sweet Primroses 25)The Butcher Boy 26)The Broomfield Wager 27)The Long Lost Child 28)Adieu to Old England 29)The Soldier and the Lady 30)"Tuning Up" / Paddies Lay Down / Mandi Went to Poove the Grys / The Leaving of Glen Urquhart 31) Billy Boy
From: FreddyHeadey - PM Date: 01 Jun 19 - 09:38 AM THANKS for finding these recordings FreddyHeadey



Fred Jordan

26 recordings on Youtube from Topic Records

1We Shepherds Are the Best of Men2Three Old Crows3We're All Jolly Fellows That Follow the Plough4When Jones's Ale Was New5Down the Road6The Seeds of Love7The Farmer's Boy8The Ship That Never Returned9Polly's Father Lived in Lincolnshire10The Horn of the Hunter11Six Pretty Maids (The Outlandish Knight)12When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin13Turmot Hoeing14The Banks of Claudy15The Volunteer Organist16 The Bonny Boy17 Six Pretty Maids18 The Watery Grave19 The Bonny Bunch of Roses20Down the Green Groves21The Royal Albert22 Break the News to Mother23 The Dark-eyed Sailor24 The Banks of Sweet Primroses John Barleycorn26 Barbara Allen

Fred Jordan @ Whitby Folk Week

11 recordings from When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin on Youtube

14 recordings on Youtube from “Songs of a Shropshire Farm Worker “Topic Records


William Kimber

17 Recordings on YouTube from “The Art of William Kimber” Topic Records

Morris dances(cont.).- Laudanum Bunches Getting Upstairs repeated [0'30"].- Morris off The Quakers wife Country dance Hilly-go filly-go Double lead through Ribbon dance Pop goes the Weasel Over the hills to glory - Bonnets so blue The triumph (step & fetch her) Four hand reel (Soldier's joy) The fool's dance The bold hussar Manchester hornpipe Cliff hornpipe Schottische Cliff Hornpipe Schottische



Sam Larner

40 recordings on Youtube

1.Alphabet Song 2.Green Broom 3.Haisboro Light Song 4.Now Is the Time for Fishing / Windy Old Weather - Up Jumped the Herring / The Dogger Bank /... 5.Blow Away the Morning Dew 6.Buster and Cheese 7.The Wild Rover 8.Merry Month of May 9.The Ghost Ship 10.Raking the Hay 11.The Bold Princess Royal 12.The London Steamer 13.Sealore and Rhymes 14.The Drowned Lover - Scarborough Fair Town / The Dolphin / The Bold Princess Royal / The Ghost...15.Pleasant and Delightful 16.The Reckless Young Fellow / Blow Away the Morning Dew / All Fours / Green Broom / The Dockyard... 17.Pretty Lady 18.Happy and Delightful - Pleasant and Delightful / Maids, When You're Young, Never Wed an Old Man... 19- 20.Pretty Polly 21.The Reckless Young Fellow 22.All Fours 23.The Dockyard Gate 24.Will Watch 25.Old Bob Ridley-o 26.Barbara Allen 27.The Lofty Tall Ship 28.The Dogger Bank 29.Napoleon's Dream 30.The Outlandish Knight 31.The Drowned Lover 32.No Sir, No Sir 33.Bonny Bunch of Roses 34.The Smacksman 35.Now Is the Time for Fishing 36.Henry Martin 37.The Dolphin 38.In Scarborough Town39.Maids, When You're Young, Never Wed an Old Man 40.Up Jumped the Herring



Tom Lenihan

17 recordings on YouTube

1Paddy's Panacea2Farewell to Miltown Malbay3The Holland Handkerchief4Pat O'brienTalk of Music at Lenihan's6Talk: Fair Days in Miltown Malbay7A Wintry Evening8Paddy, the Cockney and the AssFair London Town10Sixteen Years, Mama11The Lake of Coolfin12St. James' Hospital13The Bobbed Hair14The Cranbally Farmer15Talk: Garrett Barry and 'hurry the Jug' (Lilted)16Talk of Thady Casey the Dancing Master17Talk: Straw Boys



Harry List

1.The Light Dragoon 2. The Knife in the Window (If Maidens were Sheep) .3. Alec Broomfield: The Knife in the Window (another version) 4. Harry List: Barbara Allen .- 5. Miss Annie Howard (of Thorpeness), Leiston, Suffolk: The House of Ill Fame (with description)- 6. The Sailor Boy (Died for Love) accomp. Mr Howard (Melodeon) (with description) "Velvet" William Brightwell 7. Was of a Young Couple in Scarborough Did Dwell 8. Adam was a Ploughman 9. The Loss of the Ramillies - 10. Alec Broomfield: The Cobbler (The Butcher's wife) 11. The Foggy Dew " 12. Jumbo Brightwell, (Eels Foot, East Bridge): Army Song


Fred Ling

Nancy of Yarmouth


Geoff Ling

3 Recordings on YouTube

1)Maggie May 2) The Green Bushes 3) Died for Love


The Ling Family

14 Recordings on YouTube from “Singing Traditions of a Suffolk Family”

1Jolly Jack the Sailor2The Bonny Bunch of Roses3The Man All Tattered and TornUnderneath Your Apron5The Deserter6Fagin the Cobbler7Nancy of Yarmouth8Little Ball of Yarn9Little Sweetheart10A Group of Young Squaddies11On the Banks of the Clyde12On Board the Leicester Castle13The Lobster14The Lakes of Coolfin


George ‘Pop’ Maynard

8 Recordings on YouTube

1(blocked)2The Aylesbury Girl 3(blocked)4Rolling in the Dew5 Ground for the Floor 6 Three Sons of Rogues 7 Potty on the Shore 8 (blocked) 9 The Weaver's Daughter 10 Our Captain Calls All Hands 11 A Sailor in the North Country



Sarah Makem

23 recordings on YouTube

I Courted a Wee Girl 2 As I Roved Out 3 The Factory Girl 4 The Banks of Red Roses 5 The Jolly Thresher 6 Robert Burns and His Highland Mary 7 Our Ship She's Ready 8 Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold 9 Farewell My Love, Remember Me 10 The Butcher Boy 11 The Laurel Wear 12 Derry Gaol 13 A Servant in Her Master's Garden 14 The Wind That Shakes the Barley 15 (blocked) 16 Barbara Allen 17 In The Month of January 18 Jackets Green 19 The Little Beggarman 20 The Canny Ould Lad 21 A Servant Maid in Her Father's Garden 22 It Was in the Month of January 23 The Little Beggarman 24 Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold



Willie Mathieson

284 ecordings on

alternative route enter the site Home link and there enter Song in the I'm searching for box, the performer's name Willie Mathieson in About box and hit arrow button)



Jimmy McBeath

29 Recordings on Youtube from Topic Records

1Come A' Ye Tramps An'hawkers 2Hielan' Rory 3The Magdalen Green 4Nicky Tams 5The Wind Blew the Bonnie Lassie's Plaidie Awa' 6The Highlandman's Ball 7The Barnyards O' Delgaty 8Drumdelgie 9The Cow Wi' the Iron Tail 10Wild Rover No More 11Grat for Gruel 12The Merchant and the Beggar Maid 13Bound to Be a Row 14 (blocked) 15Johnny Mcindoe 16 Mcpherson's Rant 17The Boston Smuggler 18 I'm a Stranger in This Country 19Pittenweem Jo 20The Feeing Time 21The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie 22 Marnin' Fair 23 Ye Canna Pit It on Tae Sandy 24The Moss O' Burredale 25Ythanside 26Erin Go Bragh 27 The Banks of Inverurie 28 The Bold English Navvy 29(blocked)30The Muckin" O" Geordie"s Byre 31The Moss O" Burreldale / The Gay Gordons March



Mikeen McCarthy

6 recordings on itma

1 recording on YouTube
The Herring



Maureen Melly (neeTunney)
1)Paddy Shinahan's Cow 2)Buachaillín Donn 3)The Trip over the Mountain 4)The Blackbird of Avondale 5)Farewell Green Erin 6)My Dark Slender Boy


Labhras O'Cadhla

17 Recordings on YouTube
1)Cití Na Gcumann 2)Caoineadh Iníon Uí Mhuiríosa 3)Ar Mo Ghabháilt Dom Thríd An Mbaile Beag 4)The Avonree 5)Donncha Rua Agus Scoileanna Scairte Shliabh gCua 6)Na Conairígh 7)Carabhataí Agus Seanvestaí 8)A Mhaimí Nach Tú An Cladhaire 9)Willy Crotty 10)Táilliúir Chroí Mhóir 11)Pilib Séimh Ó Fathaigh 12)2:57)Caoineadh Dhiarmuid Stokes 13)An Pílear Agus An Sáirsint 14)Seoladh Na Ngamhna 15)Portaireacht, Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh 16)Sliabh Geal gCua Na Féile 17)Cathair Na Léige


Darach Ó Catháin

<18 Recordings on YouTube + tracklist
Radio Documentary


Stiofán Ó Cualáin

An Spailpín Fánach
Amhrán na Trá Báine
Tá Mo Theachín Ar An Árdán
An Caiptín Ó Máille
Sí do Mhamó Í - Corn Uí Riada


Seosamh Ó hÉanaí(Joe Heaney)

90 Recordings on YouTube
1)The Rocks of Bawn )Sadhbh Ní Bhruinneallaigh 3)Anach Cuain 4)Amhrán Na Trá Báine 5)Caoineadh Na dTrí Mhuire 6)The Valley of Knockanure 7)A Stor mo Chroi 8)Cuaichín Ghleann Néifin 9)Will You Come Over the Mountain?)10)Peigín Is Peadar 11)Amhrán Rinn Mhaoile 12)Bean an Leanna 13)The Wife of the Bold Tenant Farmer 14)An Buinnean Bui 15)Púcán Mhicil Pháidín 16)Curachaí Na Trá Báine 17)Casadh an T-sugain (The Twisting of the Rope) 18)Amhrán Na Páise 19)Eileanoir A Ruin 20)Skibbereen 21)My Bonny Boy Is Young22)As I Roved Out 23)John Mitchel 24)Barbary Ellen 25)Tá Na Páipéir Á Saighneáil 26)Amárach Lá 'Le Pádraig 27)Cunnla}28)The Lonely Woods of Upton 29)I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me 30)The Trees They Grow Tall 31)The Old Woman of Wexford 32)The Jug of Punch 33)Song of the Drowning 34)The Old Man Rocking the Cradle 35)The Glen of Aherlow 36)The Song of the Eel 37)Bean Pháidín 38)An Tiarna Randall 39)Neainsín Bhán 40)Seothin Seo Ho/Oro mo Bhaidin/Coochenanty41)The Galway Shawl 42)Spailpin Fanac 43)Casadh an tSúgáin 44)Róisín Dubh 45)O'brian from Tipperary 46)My Boy Willy 47)The Banks of Claudy 48)Ireland, Love of My Heart49)An Tighearna Randal (Lord Randal) 50)Fishing in Connemara 51)Pasty Mccann 52)Bean Dubh An Ghleanna 53)The Claddagh Ring 54)An Raibh Tu ar an gCarraig? 55)Oro, Se do Bheatha 'Bhaile! 56)Morrissey and the Russian Sailor 57)The Two Greyhounds 58)Singing in Connemara 59)The Harp Without the Crown 60)The Hag with the Money 61)There Is a Fair Tomorrow in the County Clare- the Shoemaker 62)Farewell to the Worries of Life 63)The Widow from Mayo 64)Éamonn an Chnoie 65)Who Are You, My Pretty Fair Maid? 66)The West of Ireland 67)Whiskey O Roudeldum-row 68)The Ferocious O' Flahertys 69)The Tennis Right 70)Red is the Rose 71)A Chailín Bhig Na Luachra (Song) 72)Caolneadh na dTri Muire 73)Seachrán Chearbhaill74)Cailleach an Airgid 75)Úna Bhán 76)Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold 77)Suantraí 78)The Brown Blackthorn 79)Story and Song 80)Adice to Young Singers 81)D'éirigh Mé Ar Maidin 82 )Oiche Nollag 83)Eileanór Na Rún 84)Is Measa Liom Bródach 85)My Love She's in America/Off to California 86) An Sagairtín 87)Baile Uí Laí 88)Dónal Óg 89)Contae Mhaigh Eo 90)Deoindí



Walter Pardon

39 Recordings on YouTube

1The Pretty Ploughboy2A British Man'o'war3The Deserter4Two Jolly Butchers5The Handsome Cabin Boy6The Bold Fisherman7The Loss of the Ramillies8The Rambling Blade9Raggle Taggle Gypsies10Lord Lovell11Bold Princess Royal12The Rakish Young Fellow13The Banks of Sweet Dundee14 I Wish, I Wish15The Trees They Do Grow High16Uncle Walter's Tune17The Lawyer (Or Mowing the Barley)18One Cold Morning in December19Talk About Ownership of Songs20The Cunning Cobbler21The Maid of Australia22The Jolly Waggoner23Jack Hall24Peggy Bawn25Let the Wind Blow High or Low26Broomfield Hill27A Country Life28The Dandy Man29The Hungry Army30The Devil and the Farmer's Wife31The Bush of Australia32Cupid the Ploughboy33The Female Drummer 34 An Old Man's Advice 35 The Dark Eyed Sailor 36 The Poachers' Fate 37 Jack Tar Ashore38 A Ship to Old England Came39Van Dieman's Land



Billy Pigg

7 recordings on YouTube 



Cyril Poacher

13 recordings on YouTube

1.A Broadside 2. The Nutting Girl 3[blocked]] 4.Flash Company 5. Australia 6. The Black Velvet Band 7. The Maid and the Magpie 8. A Sailor and His True Love 9. Young Man From The Country 10. Nancy of Yarmouth 11. Plenty of Thyme 12 [blocked]13.The Faithful Sailor Boy 14.Joe Moggins 15 .The Bog Down in the Valley 16. [blocked]




John Reilly

14 Recordings on YouTube

1.)Adieu Unto All True Lovers 2) The Raggle Taggle Gypsy 3) The Well Below the Valley 4) Tipping lt Up to Nancy      5) Lord Baker 6) Old Caravee 7) The Bonny Green Tree 8) Once There Lived a Captain 9.) Peter Heany 10). What Put the Blood? 11). Rozzin Box 12) The Braes of Strawblane 13)One Morning I Rambled from Glasgow 14)The Pride of Cloonkeen



Bob Roberts   

36 recordings on YouTube

1.Windy Old Weather 2.Whiskey Johnny 3.The Worst Old Ship (Waiting for the Day) 4.Stormy Weather Boys 5.Mister Stormalong 6.The Bold Princess Royal 7.Maggie May 8.High Barbaree 9,The Candlelight Fisherman 10.Can't You Dance the Polka? 11.Little Boy Billee 12.The Collier Brig 13.The Black Shawl 14.The London Waterman 15.Leave Her, Johnny 16.The Oily Rig (Recitation) 17.Bob Robert's Waltz 18.Bell Bottom Trousers 19.The Little Ball of Yarn 20.The Single Sailor 21.Holiday for Strings (Live) 22.Hanging Johnny 23.Haul Away Joe24.The Fish and Chip Ship 25. Time For Us to Leave Her 26.The Foggy Dew



Jeannie Robertson

43 recordings on YouTube

1.The Gypsy Laddies_2.The Bonnie Wee Lass Who Never Said No 3.A Aul' Man Cam' Coortin' Me 4.When I Was Noo but Sweet Sixteen5. What a Voice6.I'm a Man Youse Don't Meet Every Day 7.Cutty's Wedding 8.The Laird O' Windywa's 9. Tak’ the Buckles Frae Your Sheen 10.Wi' My Rovin' Eye11.Aberdeen Street Games and Songs12.My Rovin' Eye13.The Butcher Boy 14.The Laird O' Dainty Doon-by 15.Are You Sleeping, Maggie?16.Silly Jack and the Factor17.Never Wed An Old Man18.Maccrimmon's Lament19.My Son David20.Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch21.Twa Bonnie Black Een 22.Johnny the Brine (Child No. 114)23.Ten O'clock is Ringing 24.The Four Marys (Child #173) 25.Twa Brothers26.A Maiden Come from London Town 27.The Deadly Wars28.Son David (Child No. 13) 29.Davy Faa 30.Lord Lovat (Child #75) 31.Soo Sewin' Silk 32.Brennan on the Moor 33.My Pladdie's Awa'34.The Deadly Wars Are Blast and Blawn 35.The Choring Song 36.She is a Rum One 37.Dandling Song / Bonny Lassie-O / Cuckoos"s Nest 38.The Overgate 39.The Lady O" The Dainty Doon-By 40.Harlaw 41 .Go Away From My Window 42. [blocked] Johnnie Cock 43.The Broken token 44. [blocked]An Old Man Came Courting Me 45.The Lady O' the Dainty Doon By

755 Recordings available at (there enter Jeannie Robertson in About box and hit arrow)

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Bob Scarce

6 recordings on YouTube

1Three Jolly Sportsmen2The Poaching Song3Newlyn Town4General Wolfe5The Bonny Bunch of Roses6How Paddy Stole the Rope


Albert Smith

Sailor's hornpipe / Pigeon on the gate


Arthur Smith   

The Sailor and His Truelove


Phoebe Smith

21 Recordings on YOUTUBE

1)I'm a Romany Rai 2)A Blacksmith Courted Me 3)Johnny Abourne 4)The Yellow Handkerchief 5)Dear Father, Pray Build Me a Boat 6)Captain Thunderbolt 7)Higher Germanie 8)Young Leonard 9)Molly Vaughan 10)Green Bushes 11)The Oxford Girl 12)The Tan Yard Side 13)Young Ellender 14) Raking the Hay 15)Barbara Allen 16) Once I Had a True Love 17)Sweet William 18) The Sheepfold 19)The Wexport Girl 20) Down by the Sheepfold 21)The Dear Little Maiden



Luke Stanley

15 Recordings from Alan Lomax Archive

1.[mummer's play] 2.The Plough Play (part1) 3.Follow Me Down To London / Luke's Tune 4. The Plough Play (part 2) 5.The Courtship Song 6.The Plough Play (part 3)8.The Farmer's Boy 9.Interview with Luke Stanley and Jack Martin about the Plough Play 10.The Bonny Blue Handkerchief 11.Interview with Bill Stanley about The Bonny Blue Handkerchief12.Interview with Luke Stanley about The Bold Grenadier 13.The Bold Grenadier (The Nightingales Sing)14.The Outlandish Knight (Lady Isabel And The Elf Knight) 15.Interview with Luke Stanley about The Outlandish Knight (Lady Isabel And The Elf Knight) and Lincolnshire animal commands


Photo of Luke Stanley


Willie Scott

1 RecordingThe Boys O'Callieburn on YouTube


Belle Stewart

20 YouTube recordings

1.The Berryfields of Blair 2.Busk, Busk, Bonnie Lassie 3.Ower Yon Hill There Lives a Lassie 4.The Berry Fields O'blair 5.Bonnie House O' Airlie 6.Queen Among the Heather 7.Frank and Ruby 8.Bogie's Bonnie Belle 9.The Two Brothers 10.Here's a Health to All True Lovers 11.Whistlin' at the Ploo' 12.Late Last Night 13.The Bonnie Wee Lassie Frae Gourock 14.The Festival O' Blair 15.Betsy Belle 16.The Overgate 17.Leezie Lindsay 18.The Soft Country Chiel (The Toon O' Dalry) 19.Blooming Caroline O' Edinburgh Toon 20.The Tenpenny Bit / She Moves Through the Fair



Lucy Stewart

12YouTube recordings
1.Tifty's Annie 2.Barbary Allen 3.Two Pretty Boys The Two Brothers 4 The Battle O' Harlaw 5 Swan Swims So Bonnie O, The - The Two Sisters 6 The Laird O' Drum 7 The Doon by the Greenwood Sidie O - Cruel Mother, 8 The Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie 9 The Jolly Beggar 10 The Beggar King, 11 The Twa Sisters 12 Two Pretty Boys


George Spicer

14 Recordings on YouTube from LP “Blackberry Fold”

1.I Wish There Was No Prisons2.[ blocked]The Faithful Sailor Boy 3.Blackberry Fold 4.The Cunning Cobbler 5.The Irish Hop-pole Puller 6.The German Clockmender 7.The Folkestone Murder 8.Coming Home Late 9.The Old Militia Drum 10.[ blocked ]Searching for Young Lambs 11.Cut Away Mike 12.Henry My Son 13.The Lily White Hand 14.The Thrashing Machine 15.[ blocked] 16.The Oyster Girl 17.Three Jolly Boys


John Strachan

18 Recordings on Youtube

1. Binnorie, O Binnorie Video blocked 2.Rhynie Robin Hood and Little John 4.Jock Macgraw 5.Johnny O'Braides-Lee 6. blocked Clyde's Water 7.( blocked )The Merchant's Son 8. The Hairst O Rettie(blocked ) 9. The Minister's Daughters They Were There(blocked )10 The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter 11 The Miller of Straloch 12 The Laird O Drum (blocked) 13. Bonny Udny (blocked) 14.MacPherson's Rant 15Harrowing Time (blocked)16.Jock MacGraw 17 The Bonny Lass of Fyvie 18 The Bogheid Crew (blocked) 19 Fin the Bed Began tae Heat (blocked)20 The Jolly Miller 21Where the Gadie Rins 22 The Guise O Tough(blocked) 23 Johnnie O Braidislea 24 I Had Some Far Better Verses Than That (interview) 25 [blocked] The Beggar Man 26.Glenlogie 27.Lang Johnnie More

109 recordings onTobar an Dualchais / Kist o Riches
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Joseph Taylor

YouTube Recordings
Sprig O' Thyme

Creeping Jane 

Brigg Fair

Rufford Park Poachers -

Bold William Taylor

Worcester City    

Over 50 recordings from wax cylinder in British Library Sounds



Phil Tanner

5 YouTube recordings

1.Young Henry Martin 2.The Sweet Primroses 3.The Four-hand Reel 4.The Bonny Bunch of Roses 5.The Wassail Song

Other YouTube recordings

Fair Phoebe & The Dark-Eyed Sailor

Welsh Folk Singer Phil Tanner Diddles the Gower Reel and Sings the Wassail Song 1947



Scan Tester

55 Recordings on YouTube from Topic Records



Nioclás Tóibín

20 Recordings on YouTube
1)Sliabh Na Mban 2)Eochaill 3)Máirín De Barra 4)Sliabh Geal Gcua 5)Lá Fhéil' Pádraig 6)Cath Chéim an Fhia 7)Cití Na Gcumann 8)Ó Fill, A Bhruinneall 9)Ar Maidin Is Mé I Dtaisce Mo Chúraim 10)Cois Abha Móire Na Ndéise 11)Aonach Bhearna Na Gaoithe 12)Ar Thaobh Chill an Fhuarthainn 13)Na Conneries 14)Mo Thig Beag Aerach 15)I Dtosach Mo Shaoil 16)Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé Hí 17)An Carabhat 18)Seoladh Na Ngamhna 19)Aréir Is Mé Ag Machnamh 20)An Buachaillín Bán

1 wax cylinder recording in itma Cáit Ní Dhuibhir



Bridget Tunney

4 Recordings on YouTube
1)The Soldier & the Sailor 2)The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow 3)The Heathery Hills 4)Wee Paddy Molloy


Paddy Tunney

62 Recordings on YouTube
1)Sweet Omagh Town 2)Roisin Dubh (Little Black Rose) 3)The Lowlands of Holland - Paddy Tunney 4)The Wearing of the Britches 5)The Green Fields of Canada 6)Lovely Willie 7)Craigie Hill 8)Coinleach Glas an Fhomhair 9)Siubhan Ni Dhuibhir 10)Lilting: The Bird in the Bush/The Sligo Maid/The Longford Collector/The Sailor's Bonnet 11)The Cow That Drank the Poteen 12)Paddy Molloy 13)Roisin Dubh 14)blocked The Old Man Rocking the Cradle 15)The Hills of Glenswilly 16)The Old Petticoat 17)Rockin' The Cradle 18)As I Roved Out 19)One Morning in June 20)When a Man's in Love He Feels No Cold 21)Lough Erne Shore 22)Maggy Pickens 23)Drahaareen-O Mochree (Dreathhairin O Mo Chroi) 24)The Lark In The Morning 25)Sheela Nee Eyre 26)My Bonny Boy 27)The Twisting of the Rope 28)The Lowlands Of Holland 29)The Month of January 30)The Banks of Dunmore 31)Easter Snow 32)Moorlough Mary 33)Captain Coulson34)Lady Margaret 35)The Pretty to Be in Ballinderry 36)I Once Had a True Love 37)Johnny, Lovely Johnny38)Old Ardboe 39)Drinking Good Whiskey 40)The Boys of Mullaghbawn 41)She's a Gay Old Hag 42)1:59)blocked Inis Dhun Ramha 43)The Buachaill (Buachall) Roe 44)Reel 45)St. Peter's Day Was A-dawning 46)The Reaping of the Rushes Green 47)Out of the Window 48)Bonny Tavern Green 49) blocked What Brought the Blood 50)blocked Ta Me Mo Shui 51)blocked The Blackbird 52)The Flower of Sweet Strabane 53) blocked The Blighted Lover 54)The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow 55)blocked Going to Mass Last Sunday56)blocked The Old Oak Tree 57) blocked 58)Donall Og 59)The Colleen Rue 60)The Waterford Boys 61)What Put the Blood on Your Right Shoulder, Son? (Child 13) 62)The Wee Weaver 63)Blackwater Side 64) Whiskey you're the Devil 65)The Rambling Boys of Pleasure 66)The Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee 67)Castlehyde


Harry Upton

10 YouTube Recordings from Topic Records

1.The Rich Lady Gay 2.A Woman's Work Is Never Done 3.Canadee-i-o 4.The Freckless Young Girl 5.The Royal Albion 6.I Am a Donkey Driver 7.The Wreck of the Northfleet 8.Poison in a Glass of Wine 9.Tha Banks of the Sweet Dundee 10.A Single Life



Liam Weldon

11 Recordings on YOUTUBE from “Dark Horse on the Wind”, Mulligan Records

1.Dark Horse On The Wind 2.Smuggling The Tin 3.The Blue Tar Road The Town Of Castle d'Oliver 5.James Connolly 6.My Love Is A Well 7.Via Extasia 8.The Well Below The Valley .Wild Croppy Tailor .10.Barbary Allen 11.Jinny Joe



William “Jinky” Wells

4 recordings on YouTube

1)Jinky Wells Traditional English Fiddling 2)The Maid of the Mill3)Live Performance - Banbury Hill 4)Flowers of Edinburgh / Bobbing Around


Eely Whent

4 Recordings on YouTube

1Old Country Waltz 2Two Step 3Polka Medley: 1,2,3,4,5/The Bells of Love/Jingle Bells4(blocked) 5 Sailor's Hornpipe Medley


Fred Whiting

7 Youtube recordings from Topic Records

1.Harkie's Polkas 2.The Weaver's / The Bristol Sailorman / Ballinalig in the Morning – Hornpipes 3.The Hurling Boys ('old Country Dance') / Jack Tar Hornpipe 4.Off to California / Will the Waggoner (Gypsy Hornpipe) 5.The Maid at the Well / The Old Kerry Fiddler / The Priest and His Boots – Jigs 6.The Earl Soham Slog / Flowers of Edinburgh 7.The Earl Soham Slog / Harkie Nestling's Stepdance



The Willett Family

12 Recordings on YouTube from CD “The Roving Journeymen”

1Lord Bateman2 The Blacksmith Courted Me3 The Little Ball of Yarn4 Died for Love5 The Rambling Sailor6 Riding Down to Portsmouth7 As I Was Going to Salisbury8 The Roving Journeyman (Tom)9 The Roving Journeyman (Chris)10 While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping11The Old Miser12The Game of Cards


Brenda Wooton
73 Recordings on YouTube 1)Delyo Syvy 2)To the Sea 3)Lamorna 4)The Trees They Are So High 5) An Tour Dantelezet 6)The Ringers of Egloshayle 7)Pasties and Cream 8)Cornish Alphabet 9)Camborne Hill10)Clegh 11Morvah Fair 12)Well of St Keyne 13)Tamar 14)Crowdy Crawn - No Song To Sing 15)The Oggie Man 16)Opie, Davy, Foote, Trevithick and Bone 17)Mordonnow 18) Polhigey 19)Tryphena Trenery 20)The Soldier On the Battlefield 21)Onen, Deu, Try 22)The Stratton Carol 23)Little Liza 24)The King of Prussia 25)Whip the Cat 26)Jan Knuckey 27)Mount Misery 28Tom Bawcock's Eve 29)Old Time Religion 30)The Old Grey Duckc 31)Merrymaidens 32)And the Grasshopper 33)An Hos Los Coth 34)Good to Be Free 35)Newlyn 36)Deugh Deugh 37)Lul Ha Lay 38)Something About a Pasty 39)John Dory 40)Port Quinn 41)Three Masts 42)Farwel 43)An ScathFarewell She 45)Jan Tregeagle 46)Carol an Mysyow 47)Kemener Ow Ro 48)Hus Gans Mynfel 49)The St Genny's Foxhunt 50)Pyth Whrama ? 51)John Polrudden 52)John Opie 53)Farewell Shanty 54)Bre Cambron 55)Evening Parayer 56)Bring Thy Boat 57)Willow Tree Wand 58)Betsy Watson 59Tekter 60Ow Heryades 61Soldier and the Maiden 62)Bedbugs 63)Remember Me 64)The Story of My Country 65)Old Joe 66) Forever Young 67) Maggie May 68) Johnny Groat 69)Djinn Djinn 70)Jan's Courtship
71)Black Mountain Blues 72)An Jowal 73)Thunder and Lightning


17 May 19 - 02:27 AM (#3992714)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

I'm not sure whether this falls within your remit Geoff - essentially it is an American collection, but it contains a great deal of British and Irish material


The recordings are not great, but many of the songs are invaluable - from a couple of singers in particular
I have found it invaluable during my searches for Irish versions of Child ballads

I'm sure you are aware of the Goilín and Inishowen collections on line from the Irish Traditional Music Archive
ITMA has recently put up a collection of Newfoundland/Irish singers - I passed that on here a few months ago
All these are well worth a listen

Somewhere I have a link to the John Reilly recordings on line, made by American researchers, D K Wilgus and Eleanor Long - there are other important Irish recordings included there

The Ken Goldstein collection, including recordings of Lucy Stewart, is available only to students - I'm hoping that changes soon

17 May 19 - 02:50 AM (#3992720)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GUEST,Pseudonymous

Amazing set of links. Thank you everybody

17 May 19 - 09:17 AM (#3992758)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

Some time ago we were discussing making some of our own collections generally available - it got somewhat bogged down in copyright issues
Maybe it's time we revisited the idea of pooling our own efforts and resources and setting up our own online exchange system
The more I go into it, the more I favour PCloud
Not really sure of how to go about it - anybody fancy trying their hand at belling the cat ?

17 May 19 - 09:30 AM (#3992761)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: punkfolkrocker

Jim - various models have been tried since the internet became popular.

The worst are the secretive elite exclusive sharing groups,
where ego and personal status of collector's, and the size of their hoard,
matter more than sharing the music...

The easiest were the blogs which provided well researched and informative open and free downloads to any who wanted them..

Unfortunately the latter, are the easiest targets to be taken down by copyright enforcers...

There needs to be a fair compromise of accesibility for all,
and protection from malignant spoilsports who get a kick from informing 'the authorities'...

17 May 19 - 09:35 AM (#3992763)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GUEST,Peter Laban

No Clare Library then?

17 May 19 - 10:25 AM (#3992771)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

Thanks for that Peter
I have to say, we live in fear of what is going to happen to the site when the Library moves
At present it is unsupervised, so we are unable to add some of the Clare recordings we have found since it went up.
We have never managed to include the interviews we did with the singers, or the storytelling material
Our Library and collection is bequeathed to Limerick Uni., World Music Centre and they have mooted the idea of making out Traveller recordings available
Fingers (and most other parts) crossed

I agree entirely PFR - but at present I think we need to make a start while we all have our teeth and can remember what we had for breakfast

17 May 19 - 10:58 AM (#3992774)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Steve Gardham

As you probably know most of my collection is on the BLSA website. There is mountains of stuff on there, all freely available without having to join anything.

Also there are some free tracks on the Mustrad website which could be accessed and linked to. You might need to ask Rod's permission but he'd be daft to refuse as it's all good publicity for his full album sales.

There are a few source singer tracks on our Yorkshire Garland website and there's someone on there called Geoff Lawes. Ever heard of him?

17 May 19 - 10:58 AM (#3992775)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: punkfolkrocker

PS.. just a reminder about 'all eggs in one basket'...

Youtube is highly vulnerable to malicious complaints about content,
resulting in instant deletions of videos and entire channels..
Appeals to Youtube admin tend to be stressful and futile.
They automatically side with the complainers no matter how unjust.

There are alternative video sites,
but these have become very popular safety nets far right video bloggers
aware they may be inevitably banned by youtube...

17 May 19 - 11:02 AM (#3992776)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Steve Gardham

BTW Geoff
Great job. Well done! How's your voice at the moment?

We're on at the Methodist Church tonight in Cottingham if you're free. tickets 4 quid. 8 till 10 organised by IWA.

17 May 19 - 11:02 AM (#3992777)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GUEST,Peter Laban

Clare library isn't adding to the website but it's not wholly unsupervised. Last year the server that held the photo collection went down, hard work is going into getting the collection up and running again 'in the cloud'.

I spoke to Maureen and Anthony recently and, while retired, they seemed to be keeping an eye on developments. I don't think the online resources they set up will be allowed to disappear quietly.

17 May 19 - 11:10 AM (#3992778)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

"As opposed to it being a great leveller and spreader of knowledge as it was sometimes heralded to be."
Thanks for that Peter - delighted to hear it

18 May 19 - 12:48 PM (#3992866)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Thanks for your encouragement Steve.
Here is a blue click link to your collection in th British Library

and another to The Yorkshire Garland site

Both have many excellent recordings to which you can listen on-line.

18 May 19 - 02:06 PM (#3992883)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

Forgot these
Jim Carroll

19 May 19 - 08:36 AM (#3992995)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Thank you for that Jim . is there a way of hearing all these recordings on-line? Here is a site called County Songs which has a lot of irish songs where clips of the recordings can be heard

19 May 19 - 10:02 AM (#3993015)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

By the way Geoff - could have done with you in Ennis yesterday
We were at the unveiling of a plaque to a Spanish Civil War veteran who was killed there
Didn't hear enough songs

19 May 19 - 10:38 AM (#3993025)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GUEST,Peter Laban

'Forgot these

Didn't I post the link to exactly that on 17 May 19 - 09:35 AM? and didn't we talk about the site after that.

'is there a way of hearing all these recordings on-line?'

Click on the link to each song and there you go..

19 May 19 - 12:34 PM (#3993048)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Nick

What a lovely thread.

Not totally me but a really great idea and post/thread.

Why I like mudcat so much

19 May 19 - 12:37 PM (#3993049)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances

My apologies to Peter Laban and Jim Carroll because in the first few days of this Permathread I was very preoccupied with correcting the mistakes and getting things working properly and I didn’t give enough attention to their posts about the Clare County Library. Yes, you can hear Jim Carroll’s recordings on the Clare County Library site. When I first went to the site nothing happened when I clicked on the song titles down the left of the screen. I have just returned to the site and when I clicked on “ Playlist (Clare songs only): “ down on the right I was asked
to allow Adobe Flash to run. Having allowed that, when I clicked on the song title I was then presented with a page of lyrics and a player control which gives access to the sound recording. I hope this helps and thanks to Jim and Peter.

19 May 19 - 12:47 PM (#3993055)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Jim Carroll

"Didn't I post the link to exactly that on 17 May 19"
Pretty sure yiu did Peter - attention drift - still got to get my head around multi-tasking

19 May 19 - 12:48 PM (#3993056)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

The GUEST above was GeoffLawes minus cookie

20 May 19 - 12:52 PM (#3993138)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GUEST,Bob Blair

Geoff Lawes :: Thanks for the huge list if links - must have taken you hours and hours to compile - much appreciated.

Could I offer a minor correction to your list of performers, You have Elisabeth Cronin down as Scottish.. ...How I wish I could claim her for the Scots - she's Irish, as I'm sure you know

Against Caroline Hughes you say that there are no on-line recordings available yet, but you can hear her on "the Song Carriers" (see above)at the following points

Prog 2   Track 8    The Cuckoo

Prog 3   Track 3    Liltin

Prog 10 Track 8    Barbra Allan

I'll maybe see if I can isolate these tracks ans put them up on here.

If folk then decide they would like to hear more of Caroline then they couldn't do better than to buy or download her songs from Rod Stradling at Musical Traditions. The download at £4 is a bargain and comes complete with notes and comments
Caroline Hughes
Sheep-Crook and Black Dog
2 CDs, 48 page booklet, 90 tracks, 142 mins duration.

This legendary Gypsy singer is thought by many to be the finest exponent of the art. In addition, we have a few songs from her husband, brother-in-law, daughter, and Emily Baker, another singer in their Traveller group. These are the rarely heard 1963 and 1966 recordings made by Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger and Charles Parker, which we're proud to make widely available for the first time. All Caroline Hughes' best-known songs are here, plus many more including eight never before heard, which have been allocated new Roud Numbers. If the fragmentary nature of some of her songs displeases you, just enjoy the wonderful tunes, the variable verse lengths, long and short lines, and her brilliant musicianship.

Buy it and enjoy

It might well be that the complete MacColl/Seeger/Parker recordings could be posted but it would be good if folk initially supported Rod Stradlings Mustrad efforts and paid for his work

Bob Blair

20 May 19 - 03:01 PM (#3993163)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GUEST,Peter Laban

'My apologies to Peter Laban [...]'

Not to worry. I had forgotten some browsers automatically disable the flashplayer once you activate it on the site everything becomes more obvious.

20 May 19 - 05:37 PM (#3993177)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Yes Bob it is a fine recording and one I have bought from Musical Trditions. I haven't yet managed to find any online recordings of Caroline Hughes singing. Has anyone?

21 May 19 - 01:12 PM (#3993290)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Tradsinger

Hundreds of files of Gloucestershire source singers here including the gypsy families of Smith and Brazil, plus loads of wassail songs.


21 May 19 - 02:27 PM (#3993304)
Subject: RE: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Steve Gardham

Nice one, Gwilym! Highly recommended!

26 May 19 - 06:40 PM (#3994085)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Thanks for the link to the Gloucester site Tradsinger . It looks very interesting. There must be more sites which have good recordings which can be heard online. If anyone knows of any please tell us and post links here. The following link to

The Library of Congress catalogue

is a promising starting point for further investigation,+english It is mostly ‘ Catalog Record Only’ entries but there are some recordings which can accessed to listen to if you search hard enough ,for example The Banks of the Sweet Dundee Perhaps someone with the time and interest could search through the many collections mentioned and give us links to those which offer worthwhile recordings which we can listen to online? This link might also be interesting to some; Library of Congress catalogue collections with Audio Recordings

26 May 19 - 07:35 PM (#3994087)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

The Library of Congress National Jukebox

This looks worth investigating

27 May 19 - 06:44 PM (#3994252)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

And also

The Global Jukebox

An interactive website that allows users to listen to and learn about more than 6,000 songs from 1,000 cultures — including many from Alan Lomax’s personal collection. The website is organized by map and by culture. The samples were digitized from hard copies at the Library of Congress and include 1978 field recordings from the Kullu culture in Himachal Pradesh, India; harvest songs from 1954 Romania; and a ballad to John Henry from Asheville, N.C., in 1941, recorded by Alan Lomax.

30 May 19 - 05:19 PM (#3994539)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

There are lots of links given on the following site to online recordings of American Folk Music . It's worth a look

01 Jun 19 - 09:38 AM (#3994783)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: FreddyHeadey

Carolyne Hughes
31 tracks

01 Jun 19 - 10:40 AM (#3994791)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Thanks for posting the above YouTube recordings FreddyHeady I couldn't find them after discovering them some time ago -but I was searching for her as " Caroline" and not "Carolyne" In some places her name comes with an i and some with a y. I have now included your link in the Performer List above. Thank you

02 Jun 19 - 09:56 AM (#3994918)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

This documentary film made in 1955 will be of interest to some of you. It has songs by some of the people listed in the Performer List above. It also has some stepdancing

Here's A Health To The Barley Mow

Running time17:43 Black & White Sound 1955 Blaxhall, Suffolk
The film opens with shots of Ipswich docks and the approach to the pub. The rest of the film takes place inside the Ship Inn, Blaxhall giving a good illustration of the interior of a rural public house in the mid 1950s. There are some women present, although they don't feature in the solo singing. There are pewter tankards hanging above the bar; a man is smoking a small clay pipe and as well as singing and step dancing; some men are playing darts. The singing and dancing is the main feature of the film. During these there are frequent cut-away shots to the general pub scene. The chairman for the evening is Wicketts Richardson, who also sings `Fagan the Cobbler', whilst miming the actions. Other songs featured are; 'The Barley Mow' (Arthur Smith), 'The Nutting Girl' (Cyril Poacher) and 'Brave General Wolfe' (Bob Scarce). The melodeon players who feature are Fred Pearce and Bob Roberts. The film shows scenes of step dancing, which includes two women taking part. One of these women, in a suit and court shoes, is Lilly Durrant. She is dancing with Eli Durrant. Any relationship is not known. The film finishes with all singing 'God Save The Queen'.

02 Jun 19 - 05:06 PM (#3994971)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: FreddyHeadey

Where I could find them here's a Spotify list based on the above, mostly songs sung in English though.

03 Jun 19 - 03:44 AM (#3995025)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

This may be of interest


04 Jun 19 - 12:20 PM (#3995236)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

This has a lot to offer

The Digital Library of Appalachia

The Digital Library of Appalachia provides online access to archival and historical materials related to the culture of the southern and central Appalachian region. The contents of the DLA are drawn from special collections of Appalachian College Association member libraries. Over 3,000 rare tunes and songs played by master old-time musicians from across the region. All the tracks are carefully indexed and hyperlinked. You can search by artist, title, or instrument, or just browse for tunes and download them for free without limit.

07 Jun 19 - 06:36 PM (#3995581)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Hear the First Recorded Blues Song by an African American Singer: Mamie Smith’s “Crazy Blues” (1920)

08 Jun 19 - 12:14 PM (#3995650)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

George Butterworth’s 1909 wax cylinder recording of David Clements singing “The Banks of Green Willow”:
INFORMATION on David Clements

10 Jun 19 - 12:46 PM (#3995834)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Willie Mathieson 284 recordings;jsessionid=69331293EF1764AF167C7905E1155E92

1)The Rocks of Gibraltar 2) Laird o Drum3) An Irish Gentleman4) Bonnie Woodha5) Love's like a dizziness 6) 7) Food and wages of Aberdeenshire farm workers 8) Donal Doo 9 Willie Graham) 10) Jack the Sailor 11) Patrick Shannon 12) The Sea Captain 13) Milford Bay 14 Bangerie ) 15) James Mitchell as the source of a song; Kildrummy and Rhynie...16) Geordie Gunn 17) Lachie Wilson 18 Courtin amang the Kye ) 19) James Mitchell as the source of a song; Kildrummy and Rhynie...20) North-East farm workers travelling to the harvest in the Lot...21) Auld Lang Syne22) 23) 24 25) 26) 27)28)29)30)31)32) 33) 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41) 42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50)........284


10 Jun 19 - 03:09 PM (#3995853)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Steve Gardham

Great stuff, Geoff. A very valuable set of resources.

10 Jun 19 - 07:28 PM (#3995881)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

The link I gave just above to Willie Mathiesan songs did not work when I just used it because the link had timed out. Let's see if this one does the same?????

11 Jun 19 - 04:14 AM (#3995921)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

No it timed out again you will need to enter the site Home link and there enter the performer's name Willie Mathieson in About box and hit arrow button)

11 Jun 19 - 05:05 PM (#3996026)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: FreddyHeadey


11 Jun 19 - 06:34 PM (#3996034)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Thanks FreddyHeadey , your link is working for me now and we will see if it still does in the morning. If so i would like to know how you worked around the time out problem because othere links on that site are similarly affected

12 Jun 19 - 01:36 PM (#3996100)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Thanks for your time and effort FreddyHeadey I have picked up your links and added them to the links given above in the Performer List-except for Hamish Henderson , for whom I have started a new (unfinished) entry given below here to try it out.


Hamish Henderson

55 Recordings on

1.Lang Johnnie More 2. 'Praeses' and 'primus' as titles in churches. 3. An incident during the Young Pretender's flight. 4. Scots Wha Hae 5. Fragment of a horseman's toast 'Corn mills and whisky stills...6. Questions and answers at Horseman's Word initiation ceremony... 7. The police called to a Horseman's Word initiation ceremony, 8. Horseman's Word must not be written down or told to any outs...9. Horseman's grace, said as a dialogue between reporter and co..10. The Woods of Blairmore 11. Òran Mòr MhicLeòid 12. Gie The Lass Her Fairin/Brochan Lom 13. Lang Johnnie More 14. Lord Ronald 15. The Bonnie Hoose o' Airlie 16. The Rambling Beauty 17. Fàilte agus iomradh goirid air cuid den luchd-ciùil aig cèil... 18. Hamish Henderson looks back on previous cèilidhs. 19. Hamish Henderson asks about songs from Rhynie, Lumsden and S..20.The Mains o Rhynie 21.Brief introductions of the singers for a cèilidh: Annie Arno... 22. Sheila Stewart's song making. 23. Biodh an Deoch sa air Làimh mo Rùin 24. Song of the Gillie More 25 Unknown 26. Remarks on Jimmy MacBeath. 27. Introduction to Jeannie Robertson. 28. Tail Toddle 29. The Trooper and the Maid 30. The Trooper and the Maid 31. Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man 32. The Ould Orange Flute 33. The Baron o Brackley 34. The Banks of Sicily 35. Freedom Come-All-Ye 36. The Battle o Harlaw 37. A Spy for Hitler 38.[[missing key: Music]] icon Leaving Port Askaig 39. Paddy's Hogmanay 40. Prologue/First Elegy41. The Flyting o Life and Daith 42. The Haughs o Cromdale 43. Freedom Come-All-Ye 44. Blue Bonnets over The Border 45. Two Liddesdale anecdotes involving witty remarks. 46. The Corncrake 47. Tramps and Hawkers 48. Callieburn 49. The Dowie Dens o Yarrow 50. Barbary Allen 51.St Pancras Day 52. The D-Day Dodgers 53. The Internationale/The Red Flag 54. Rivonia 55. Horo My Nut Brown Maiden 56. Bing Avree Barra Gadgie 57. Jimmy Drummond 58. The Bonawe Highlanders 59. Padstow May Song 60. Freedom Come All Ye 61. Hamish Henderson reminisces about his involvement in the All..62. The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No 63. In to thir Dirk and Drublie Days 64. Rhynie 65. Reflections on the work of the School of Scottish Studies. 66. The Hawker's Lament 67. The Banks of Sicily 68. Rivonia 69. Freedom Come-All-Ye 70. The Shepherd's Daughter 71. O Teannaibh Dlùth is Togaibh Fonn 72. Nan Tigeadh Tu Idir 73. The Overgate 74. The Bleacher Lassie o Kelvinhaugh 75. The Thatchers of Glenrea 76. The Fisher family and other figures of the Folksong Revival..77. Au près de ma Blonde/Le Marseillaise 78. Background to 'John Maclean's March'; how Hamish Henderson m...79. A drinking anecdote 80. Folksong collectors; the Blythman and Ward homes as ceilidh...81. Translation of a poem by Heinrich Heine. Preceded by long in...82. Freedom Come-All-Ye 83. The Flood at Double Dykes 84 Uamh an Òir 85. A story about a man with a screw instead of a navel.


12 Jun 19 - 08:41 PM (#3996150)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: Bill D

I have been enjoying a number of the links, but I have problem with the Steve Gardham site at

I find everything ok, but the songs do not play. IF the issue is something like allowing Adobe Flash to run, I may be out of luck. I flatly refuse to be required to do that when there are perfectly good players and other methods.

(I just found, by using ctrl-U, that it says "Please note flash is required to use the features of this site")

I am curious as to why they do this when the other sites I've enjoyed are more... ummm 'open'. Adobe has a very unhelpful attitude about their products, and in most cases I have alternative ways to see & use products. PDF files are easily viewed with other viewers. Adobe would seem to wish to lock the rest of the universe into their own system.

I sincerely appreciate the many links to the products of much hard work by many collectors.

16 Jun 19 - 07:40 PM (#3996731)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes


The following collections have online recordings of American Folk music. I was hoping that people with the knowledge would select and post links to give easy access to recordings of important American source singers and musicians???

The Digital Library of Appalachia
The Library of Congress National Jukebox
The Global Jukebox

17 Jun 19 - 04:52 AM (#3996762)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Here for a start are 84 shape note recordings from The Digital Library of Appalachia

25 Jun 19 - 07:07 PM (#3997885)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Some interesting U.S source recordings from the Helen Hartness Flanders Collection , New England Folksongs, Digitized cassette tapes
Clinton County Jail Lena Bourne Fish (East Jaffrey, NH)
American Working Man - Lena Bourne Fish (East Jaffrey, NH) Robert the Kidd - Lucille Palmer (Wakefield, RI)
Gypsum Davey
- Edith Ballinger Price (Newport, RI) - Bailum-a-ding-um - Edith Ballinger Price (Newport, RI)
- Waily Waily - Edith Ballinger Price (Newport, RI)
- Tyranty My Son - Janet MacDonald Bourne (Springfield, VT)
- Margaret Gray - Asa Davis (Milton, VT)
- Margaret Gray (c) - Asa Davis (Milton, VT)
Lord Henry - Jonathan Moses (Orford, NH)
- Portland Fancy - Harry Seymour Wass (Addison, ME)
- Pop Goes the Weasel - Harry Seymour Wass (Addison, ME)
Wrecker's Daughter -
Harry Seymour Wass (Addison, ME)
- Rain Quadrille - Harry Seymour Wass (Addison, ME)
- Plain Quadrille - Harry Seymour Wass (Addison, ME)
Side B:
- Scotch Reel Cyrus H. Barton (Cornish, NH)
- Campbells Are Coming Cyrus H. Barton (Cornish, NH)
- Soldier’s Joy Cyrus H. Barton (Cornish, NH)
- Arkansas Traveller - Cyrus H. Barton (Cornish, NH)
- Old Breakdown Elmer Barton (Quechee, VT)
Wake Up Susan Elmer Barton (Quechee, VT)
- Sick Call John Hadley (Leominster, MA)
Take Your Food Out of the Sand - John Hadley (Leominster, MA)
Peas Upon a Trencher - John Hadley (Leominster, MA)
- Roast Beef John Hadley (Leominster, MA)
- Tattoo John Hadley (Leominster, MA)
There are many more recordings in the Collection . Please add links to any more that you think good

29 Jun 19 - 04:01 PM (#3998398)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: FreddyHeadey

tobarandualchais seem to have changed the search method.
here are some replacement links

Willie Mathieson 

Lizzie Higgins 

Jeanie Robertson 

Hamish Henderson 

John Strachan 

29 Jun 19 - 06:37 PM (#3998421)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Thank you again FreddyHeadey that was very helpful. I have now replaced my non-working links for these performers in the Performer List above. Your Hamish Henderson link on tobarandualchais also gives recordings where he was the collector or contributor but I will try to work out a link which just gives access to him as a performer when I have the time Thank you once again for your help.
(Done It now)

04 Jul 19 - 01:53 PM (#3999198)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes This link should take you to th British Library's interesting Sound map - Traditional music in England

When there, you need to move the hand over the red "location dots" until the hand changes into a pointing finger. Clicking then will take you to the recording.

12 Jul 19 - 04:26 AM (#4000410)
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
From: GeoffLawes

Another sound map from Gloucestershire Traditions