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Obit: Tim Conway (1933-2019)

14 May 19 - 02:42 PM (#3992378)
Subject: Obit: Tim Conway
From: Mrrzy

We are just *burning* through old celebs. Liked him best on McHale's Navy. *Great* straight man [is that still the term?] for Varol Burnett, too.

14 May 19 - 05:50 PM (#3992418)
Subject: RE: Obit: Tim Conway
From: keberoxu

When I think of Tim Conway,
I think of the live Carol Burnett variety hour,
and I see two men before the audience.

One is Harvey Korman, the other, Tim Conway.
They are supposed to be exchanging dialogue.
In fact, for a moment, everything goes non-verbal.

Because Harvey Korman has seized up with giggles and can't speak.
And all that Tim Conway has to do, to trigger the giggles,
is stand quite still and GRINNNNNN at Korman.