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Review: Mudcat Cafe Blue Plate Special CD 1988

27 Sep 17 - 01:32 PM (#3878999)
Subject: Hangman
From: pkferret

There wasn't a good category for my question, I'm looking for information on one of the songs on this CD.

Song #13 is "Hangman" (trad.) by John P. Telynor
There is a woman singing this song and I was wondering what her name is? Was John the one who submitted the song? Did he do the instrumental part? I don't know if anyone has any knowledge of this one since it was recorded so long ago.

27 Sep 17 - 02:08 PM (#3879004)
Subject: RE: Review: Mudcat Cafe Blue Plate Special CD 1988
From: GUEST,maeve

The "Mudcat CD Strawberry: Liner Notes PermaThread" thread says:
13. Hangman (Traditional US)
      Telynor (Anna Peekstok - octave mandolin, vocals; John Peekstok (JohnP) - cittern

Hangman is an American version of a song with many versions in the British Isles and America: The Gallows Pole, The
Maid Freed From the Gallows, The Prickle Berry Bush, Hangs-a-man, etc. Anna learned this one from her mother.
Anna's octave mandolin is tuned GDAE. She's playing Am chords but has a capo on the third fret, so the song's in Cm.
My cittern is tuned EAEAE & is capoed on the 15th fret. I stole a riff from "Battle of Evermore" by Led Zeppelin & stuck
it in between the verses. -- JP