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Lyr Req/Add: Me and Martin (Gary Fjellgaard)

15 Dec 99 - 11:53 AM (#149837)
Subject: me and martin ?
From: fulurum

heard a song the other day about a guy and hs martin guitar. the only part i realy remember is him singing how a waiter tripped and fell and filled martins wooden belly full of beer. anybody know the song, or even better, who sings it? thanks

15 Dec 99 - 07:27 PM (#150047)
Subject: RE: me and martin ?
From: Clinton Hammond2

That's an old Valdy tune... But I got no idea what album it's off of...

email or ICQ me and I'll see what I can do to get you the lyrics... Or ICQ # 15193917

I think it's just called Martin.. but I could be wrong...

15 Dec 99 - 08:06 PM (#150077)
Subject: Lyr Add: ME AND MARTIN (Gary Fjellgaard)
From: Clinton Hammond2

On second though... I got nothin' better to do than grab the tape and type it up now... I hope I get the HTML garbage right....

Gary Fjellgaard

Well, the battle scars are deep upon the face of my guitar:
Weathered lines, his old age keep showin' through.
Listen to how he's playin', just slightly out of tune.
Not his fault; I got four thumbs instead of two.

Well, I can recall the tavern when the waiter slipped and fell.
He filled Old Martin's wooden belly full of beer.
The lines upon his lacquer are as lines upon my brow,
And I suppose he felt the stain of many tears.

Won't you put him in the comfort of his satin travel bed
That keeps him from the sunshine and the cold.
He will still be makin' music long after I am gone.
It's just me and Martin a-growin' old.

Ol' Martin has kept me goin' through the shadows in the night.
I can't remember when he ever let me down,
Playin' for the wishes of this temper'mental fool
In a country hall or concert in the town.

Now, the wheels of fame and fortune they turn from diamonds into dust,
And the lights upon the stage are slowly dimmed.
Standing in the silence after ev'rybody's gone,
You can hear ol' Martin playin' once again.



16 Dec 99 - 06:20 PM (#150521)
Subject: RE: me and martin ?
From: Art Thieme

Folks, Pardon me but what is, as you said, "an old Valdy Song"?? The phrase does not seem to mean anything at all to me. I surely know what an old song is---but what, if anything, does the adjective "valdy" relate to.



16 Feb 09 - 10:51 PM (#2568831)
Subject: RE: me and martin ?
From: GUEST,whtbaron

Guess this one's been dead a long time, but he was referring to a Canadian folk singer that goes by the name Valdy ( google it, u'll get the whole story. Anyone know where u can get tabs for that song? Not much comes up when u google it.

17 Feb 09 - 05:47 PM (#2569513)
Subject: RE: req/ADD: Me and Martin
From: GUEST,Frug

If anyone has the music for this I would love to have it. Dots would do tabs ok, mp3 or whatever.



03 Mar 09 - 12:12 PM (#2580350)
Subject: RE: req/ADD: Me and Martin
From: GUEST,Jim

While Valdy did do a version of this song, it was written and originally recorded by Gary Fjellgaard back in the days when he was going by the name Fjellgaard. The album cover shows him holding his old D-18 with a beard down to his belly-button and hair to his shoulders. He's cleaned up and started using his first name since then.
A great song!