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EFDSS and union catalogues

10 Aug 15 - 12:29 PM (#3729389)
Subject: EFDSS and union catalogues
From: Jack Campin

As far as I can see, EFDSS's library isn't included in any big union catalogue (I tried searching for something I know they've got, starting at the Karlsruhe University super-union catalogue).

Would it be very expensive and difficult to do?

12 Aug 15 - 06:38 AM (#3729766)
Subject: RE: EFDSS and union catalogues
From: GUEST,Laura

Hello Jack,

A link to this thread was forwarded to me at the library.

The VWML only started to convert its old card and in-house catalogues into MARC records a few years ago. We've converted a large number of records, but it's still not everything. You can find our catalogue here: http://catalogue.efdss.org/
Sharing our records with larger union catalogues is something that we would like to do eventually - but we're taking it one step at a time.

If you have any questions about the library, please feel free to email us directly at library@efdss.org.


Library and Archives Director