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Sessions in Buith Wells

07 Jun 15 - 07:55 AM (#3715003)
Subject: Sessions in Buith Wells
From: GUEST,Guest/Ollie

Does anyone know of any sessions in or around Buith Wells. Off on a bit of a tour of Wales in August and it would be great to get to a session or two on the way.

07 Jun 15 - 04:48 PM (#3715111)
Subject: RE: Sessions in Buith Wells
From: FreddyHeadey

There is a website I recently discovered

It's incredibly easy to sign up
There are often contact names&numbers and if you find the information is out of date it's very easy to edit the venue & of course that would be incredibly useful to others coming along after you.

This is their page centred on Buith Wells

08 Jun 15 - 04:27 AM (#3715156)
Subject: RE: Sessions in Buith Wells
From: Mr Red

I presume we mean Builth Wells.

check the datestamp. the has been going a long time and is crowd sourced. If there is a tel no. ring first.
eg the Station Hotel Abergavenny was last updated 2 years ago and I updated my entry in Apr 2014, anything can happen in a year.
what I know of - 30 miles around Builth Wells

Hint - Glasbury is pronounced Glaze bu ree

08 Jun 15 - 10:34 AM (#3715218)
Subject: RE: Sessions in Buith Wells
From: John J

If you PM me I'll email you details of a friend in Builth Wells who sings. Alternatively look up contact details of The Village Quire: