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Alf Edwards

26 Jan 13 - 03:36 AM (#3471547)
Subject: Alf Edwards
From: GUEST,Tommy

Does anyone know the birth and death dates of Alf Edwards? Very difficult to pin down.

Many thanks,


26 Jan 13 - 04:41 AM (#3471567)
Subject: RE: Alf Edwards
From: Alan Day

Try asking this question on there are a number of historians there that will probably know the answer.Sorry I have not got the information on my records.

26 Jan 13 - 04:51 AM (#3471574)
Subject: RE: Alf Edwards

Thanks Alan, I'll give it a go!



26 Jan 13 - 05:05 AM (#3471581)
Subject: RE: Alf Edwards
From: Long Firm Freddie

A post by Wes Williams on dated 20/12/04 says:

"Alf Edwards died 24th March, 1985 at St Bernard's Nursing Home, Worthing.
The ICA newsletter for July 1985 carried this (extract):

Frank Butler writes......
Not many of the present ICA generation will have met Alf Edwards. His likeness on
the cover of his Tutor for the English Concertina is a good one of him in about 1955.

I have only hearsay to guide me when I say that he came from circus forebears and that both he and his wife, Jeannie, were of Scottish descent. He never spoke of his musical training but his ability as a performer was backed by sound musicianship. Although with a world-wide reputation as a Concertina player - most deservedly so - writing music and playing the trombone probably provided the backbone of his living. Around the New Year he was much in demand in London hotels to play bagpipes, a distinguished figure in the kilt..... "

There is an Alfred George Edwards whose death is noted as registered in March 1985 in Worthing. The listing gives his date of birth as 19th May 1903.

Hope this helps


26 Jan 13 - 05:23 AM (#3471592)
Subject: RE: Alf Edwards
From: GUEST,Tommy

This is fantastically helpful, thanks LFF!