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dating a Gibson SJ ????

29 Nov 12 - 06:13 PM (#3444552)
Subject: dating a Gibson SJ ????
From: GUEST,Gibson fan

I'm trying to date one of my Gibson SJ guitars - It's the typical slope shoulder design. It has no serial number but does have a factory number inside ending with a Y. The peghead does NOT have a pearl crown. My guess is that is is a 1953 HOWEVER, it does not have a pick guard like my 1943 SJ (which it should) but has the longer pickguard with point at lower bout. Anybody have a guess what this is all about? (It has not been refinished and that IS the original factory pick guard) Am I safe to call this a '53? Any input would be appreciated….

29 Nov 12 - 08:59 PM (#3444615)
Subject: RE: dating a Gibson SJ ????

Aye, I dated a Gibson girl.

She was beautiful....slope shouldered (the shawl drooped and carasseed her arms)

I thought her older than 47 at least 50.... anything else would have been statutory

29 Nov 12 - 09:13 PM (#3444622)
Subject: RE: dating a Gibson SJ ????
From: Joybell

Ah! Guest thank you. This is what I like about Mudcat. Brings me to add that my True-love dates a 56-year-old Gibson girl. Don't mind. He lets me sing with her.

30 Nov 12 - 03:12 PM (#3444951)
Subject: RE: dating a Gibson SJ ????

Gibson Serial Numbers

1952-1961: Factory Order Numbers beginning with the letter Q to Z, ink stamped on inside back, all hollowbody models.