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07 Feb 12 - 08:03 AM (#3303623)
Subject: BS: Cats
From: Raptor

Should we get a boy cat or a girl cat? We have a boy dog who gets along with cats a the vet.And we need a mouser.

07 Feb 12 - 08:08 AM (#3303627)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Becca72

I have had both and much prefer male cats. Females, in my experience, tend to be much more aggressive and bossy and harder to get along with. Of course, that is true of more than just female cats... :-)

07 Feb 12 - 08:22 AM (#3303635)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: artbrooks

We currently have one (very old) male and two female cats. All three are very friendly, to us and each other. None are mousers (not an issue here), although one of the girl wills chase the occasional dove or pigeon. We have had many cats over the years, and the only two mousers we have ever had were male.

07 Feb 12 - 08:24 AM (#3303639)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Little Hawk

I think it's an individual thing. I've known both male and female cats who were real sweeties....and some who were self-centered creeps...some who were dullards...and some who were just sort of average.

07 Feb 12 - 10:04 AM (#3303690)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,Seayaker

If you want a mouser the most important thing is to get one with the right orientation.

Some cats I have known catch mice in the garden and transfer them to the house

07 Feb 12 - 10:11 AM (#3303697)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats

In my experience the best hunters we've had were female. Perhaps something to do with the fact that female cats have to feed young, while male cats only have to make them? As for character the male cats we've had have probably in general been more docile (and fatter!) than the females, but the two females we had who were scratchy and needed 'respectful' treatment had both been abused so it's hard to make a clear judgement on that one..

07 Feb 12 - 10:25 AM (#3303707)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Jim Dixon

I've had both, and I don't think it matters. Cats do have individual personalities. It's hard to generalize. Of course you'll want to have it neutered.

To be good mousers, cats need to be taught by their mothers how to catch mice.

07 Feb 12 - 10:38 AM (#3303719)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Bert

As LH says it's an individual thing. You get two cats from the same litter and they will have completely different personalities.

07 Feb 12 - 10:39 AM (#3303721)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,leeneia

I used to have a cat that I let go outside, and sometimes she would catch and eat a mouse. The result was tapeworms. According to the vet, the mice transmit tapeworms when eaten.

I also fostered two cats for a friend, and the same thing happened to them. In all three cases, they needed to go to the vet for treatment.

I say use traps to get rid of mice and keep your cat in the house. My present cat stays indoors 24/7. She is twelve years old and in good health.

As for male vs female, I have a friend with many cats, and in her opinion, males are more affectionate. (We're talking neutered here.) But I've had two females who are affectionate, members of the family, definitely.

Some people say that tabby cats make the most sociable pets. All of my cuddlebugs have been tabbies.

07 Feb 12 - 11:10 AM (#3303734)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,Bluesman

Had to have my queen put down last week, she was 18, kidneys failed. I will get another at some stage, queens are best.

07 Feb 12 - 12:33 PM (#3303786)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,Eliza

Females are often good mousers, but I always prefer males for affection. The females I've known have accepted stroking then suddenly whipped round and scratched me, they seem capricious. I've had so many male cats over the years, and they've nearly all been extremely loving and gentle.

07 Feb 12 - 01:22 PM (#3303807)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Bert

...have accepted stroking then suddenly whipped round and scratched me...

If a cat does that you might want to get it checked for an ear infection.

07 Feb 12 - 06:24 PM (#3304003)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Anne Lister

Our female tortie is the most cuddle-able cat I've ever known. Not sure how good a mouser she is, as she has only presented us with dead voles so far (and not many of them) but she's certainly keeping them out of the kitchen, which her predecessor (also female but elderly and deaf) entirely failed to do.
She's also got a wonderful sense of humour, is very intelligent and is a superb companion.
I'm only managing to type this in a rare moment where she's not hugging me. (Extra affection at the moment after a weekend in the cat hotel, which she doesn't like - she likes being home, with us.)

07 Feb 12 - 07:07 PM (#3304025)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Raptor

It will be an indoor cat for sure I love the birds. We have mice in the house I'm hoping it will evict.

07 Feb 12 - 07:55 PM (#3304045)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: ranger1

We've had both males and females, with mixed results in both. My three most recent cats have all been female and all were extremely affectionate. One of them was my constant companion from the time I rescued her from the campground at the park I work at. She was the most inept hunter I have ever known. Our current cat is also extremely affectionate, but I have the feeling she is a natural-born killer. Fortunately for the small feathered and furred set, she is an indoor kitty, forever relegated to watching from the other side of the glass.

07 Feb 12 - 09:00 PM (#3304065)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: gnu

Males over females for being docile and affectionate but every cat is a cat. Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances. After that, it's up to you. If you can communicate with the cat, yer good and so is the cat. I never had any problems with female cats... that I couldn't work thru. Ya just gotta do the right things and train em right. Same with males. If ya know how, it don't matter. If ya don't, get a tom... but read up on it... lots of info on the net.

I still miss Maggie after all these years. Sad story. I hope she lived a good life with the ex after I refused to take her back after the ex took her away from me during the divorce. I was pissed that Maggie was being used as a pawn. She used to come to me when I called and she slept with me. She was... oh, nevermind.

I guess, in the end, it doesn't matter all THAT much about gender. It matters about the luck of the draw and that means you as well as the cat.

Good luck to both of you.

07 Feb 12 - 09:04 PM (#3304067)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,999

Well, ya got yer natural-born mousers

07 Feb 12 - 09:06 PM (#3304069)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,999

and the it goes with the turf mousers.

07 Feb 12 - 09:07 PM (#3304070)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,999

Then there's Herbie and the cat ain't sayin' nothin'.

07 Feb 12 - 10:00 PM (#3304100)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: ranger1

LOL, Bruce. I needed that.

08 Feb 12 - 10:11 AM (#3304341)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,leeneia

Sometimes the mere presence of a cat will keep mice out of the house. The cat doesn't have to be a hunter; the scent of a cat scares the mice away. But I suppose it depends on how cold and hungry the mice are in any given winter.

My sister-in-law once saw her dog and her cat posed in the kitchen door, watching something with great interest. She checked, and they were watching a mouse with its hind feet clamped on the edge of the cat's dish, drinking its milk. The pets evidently thought they were watching "Wild Kingdom."

If you want a nice pet, get a kitten from a mother that was a nice pet. Make sure the kitten has been handled and is used to people. Don't adopt a feral animal. Those are tips that may not guarantee success, but they will stack the odds in your favor.

08 Feb 12 - 11:09 AM (#3304370)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Rapparee

...the other white meat.

08 Feb 12 - 02:04 PM (#3304444)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: lefthanded guitar

leenia you are absolutely right. My cats were great mousers, they were indoor/outdoor cats and were raised by a very good mother.

I also feel in general, boy cats are more outgoing and affectionate and better mousers, but it's not true of every cat, of course.

08 Feb 12 - 02:43 PM (#3304464)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Charmion

We have just adopted a second cat, a female Siamese who came to us with a reputation for submissive timidity. Ha! Not so's you would notice. Cat 1, a large aging tom named Bill, is still trying to figure out what the hell happened while Cat 2 eats his dinner.

Cat 2 came to us from a home with three other cats (all male) and two untrained dogs, plus four humans, two of them teenagers, all packed into a frankly cramped row house. We are quiet, middle-aged readers, and there are only two of us.

All of which is to say that living conditions have a powerful effect on feline behaviour. Cats are affectionate if you handle them gently and frequently, and talk to them (they soon start talking back). Even cats who don't like sitting on laps will hang out with people who avoid abrupt loud movements and encourage them with appropriate stroking and scratches. It helps if you don't mind sharing the bed with your cat ...

08 Feb 12 - 05:24 PM (#3304545)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,Eliza

Feral cats can be a bad idea. Our neighbours took one in from the local cat rescue centre. (Very commendable, and I support these charities with contributions.) He's called Alfie. He'd obviously learned to scavenge and beg, poor little soul, as he'll whizz through any catflap or open door and wolf down any food he can find, even though he's now very well-fed. At night he explodes through our catflap and snarls at our three Siamese cowering in their bed on the counter top. He then hoovers up all the food, then vomits copiously all over our kitchen floor before exiting. I've now stopped putting food down unless I'm there to supervise. I haven't told his owners, as I understand completely that Alfie has problems and no-one's to blame. Feral cats can be so difficult to 'civilise'!

08 Feb 12 - 07:01 PM (#3304587)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Raptor

Guest999 please see the Great Music thread in the ubove section.

08 Feb 12 - 07:10 PM (#3304591)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,999

Camels have been domesticated for five thousand years--and they still don't like people.

Cats can be a blessing or a curse. Feral creatures are just that: feral.

My skunk--don't know where he lives--, Charlie, is a calm peaceful creature who will walk near me, not spray me (he knows my voice because when he's around I say stuff to him like "Yo, Charlie, how's it hangin'" or "You're out early tonight, arent you?") and I know he harbours me no ill will. However, Charlie is a skunk with sharp claws, teeth that could be detrimental to one's well-being and a spray that can cause blindness if not treated very quickly. So, I would never try to pet him or cuddle him. I can think of easier ways to get punctured and ripped to sh#t.

I adopted a feral cat years ago. It was clear to her that he was welcome to the house--actually ground floor of an apt building--but also that I didn't like her any more than she liked me, so let's agree to keep out of each other's way. We did for the eight or so months she stayed around. (She got all pissed off with me near month two because I trapped her and took her to a vet to be fixed and given a check up, etc., but what are ya gonna do, ya know?) Feral means 'leave me t'hell alone, thank you very much', but somehow I think she knew at least one person liked her. I don't know her fate. I like to think she went to live on Mt Royal, but it's as likely she was killed by a car. Tough little thing, no doubt the result of some thoughtless so-and-sos who didn't have the common decency to spay or neuter their house pet. Anyway, since I don't particularly like cats, I'll end here.

Except I want to know one thing. Basically, other than they're wonderful warm creatures and all that, I do NOT like cats. Period. I think they are fairly stupid creatures with a very narrow association to do with anything that requires thinking. So why me? The damned things rub against my legs, come sit where I am, just generally be a nuisance. I tell them in plain English accompanied by hisses and snarls that I think "You are the most useless thing I have encountered since my pet rock ended up in the river (I was teaching it to swim) and left home." You let a dog know you don't like him and he'll keep away. Tell a ^%&(*#@$ cat that and all of a sudden you're his best bud.

And one more thing. There was a Siamese cat in NYC that took a liking to me (yippee) and I admit to scratching behind her ears for a few minutes. It was at a party in Brooklyn. Anyway, some loud mouth took issue with another loud mouth (me) and started towards me with a loud voice. I stood up to deal with the situation and the damned cat was in between us with a 'do not mess with my friend look' on her face and one leg (front right if I recall) up, claws extended somewhat and the surliest and ugliest disposition I've seldom seen other than in humans. The guy stopped and sat down. I scratched the old gal behind the ears for a few minutes. OK, so she was ok.

Then there was the hungry one in Alberta. Poor little thing. I fed her for months until I could find a good home for her.

And the one in north Alberta that came to me to die. His belly had been ripped open by a dog, and it was bad. I'd left food out for him for about two years, but he never was trusting of people, so I didn't think we were friends or anything like that. I went out one morning and there he was. I later traced the blood back and he'd come about 200' in that condition. I wrapped him in a towel, took him off the reserve and shot him. I left him for the scavengers because we all know very little goes to waste in this world, but now and then I think of the old guy and hope he understands.

Then there was Lucy. She was a twit. She also had some issues, so I kept her until she was over her issues and found her a good home. Last I heard she was doing fine.

I don't like cats, but I do know there are as many personalities--good and bad--in the cat world as there are in the human world. One cat, one personality. Ya gotta read 'em right and they'll do what they're s'posed to. Read 'em wrong and all they're gonna do is piss ya off, and you them.

NOW, salut!

08 Feb 12 - 07:54 PM (#3304613)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: gnu

There it is, 9. They are them and you are you. Unfortunately, there are bad pets and bad pet owners. Your heart was in the right place and that's what matters most. Kinda like interaction between humans, innit? >;-)

09 Feb 12 - 12:01 PM (#3304929)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats

Oh yeah, gnu. >;-)

14 Feb 12 - 06:25 PM (#3308608)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,Bluesman

Just bought two persian kittens tonight, had to replace my dear 18 year old which I had to have put down two weeks ago. It is like having children in the house again !

14 Feb 12 - 08:24 PM (#3308658)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: gnu

Good on ya, Bluesman. Enjoy. And, condolences. It's never easy.

15 Feb 12 - 02:23 PM (#3309040)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Ebbie

Like leenia, I found that a cat needn't be a mouser in order to scare off the mice. When I had a mobile home in the woods I had mice. So I got a cat who seemed never to pay attention, but every night I left the kitchen cabinet doors open and I never found another sign of mice.

Speaking of feral cats, at another place there was a feral mother cat that neighbors said had a litter every year out by the railroad tracks. When I moved there, they were perhaps8 or 9 weeks old and wild as cougars.

I wanted a kitten so I started putting out food and little by little setting the dish closer to the back door. The mother never came close but the kittens couldn't resist and one day a kitten went into the kitchen. I closed the door- that ended up being a wonderful cat.

15 Feb 12 - 02:52 PM (#3309053)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: gnu

Nice story, Ebbie.

15 Feb 12 - 03:31 PM (#3309072)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Ebbie

That cat, gnu, ended up knowing what time I should go to bed. At a certain point she would dance on my pillow squalling for me to come into the bedroom. :)

15 Feb 12 - 03:52 PM (#3309082)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: gnu

That's cool, Ebbie.

I used to nap every day after lunch for 40 minutes with the office phone ringer muted. I would give this certain call (sounded like a cat) and even if Maggie was a hundred yards away outside, she was there to snuggle up to my chest (never on top of me) in jig time.

15 Feb 12 - 09:32 PM (#3309230)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: beeliner

We have one of each, my wife calls the male "Homopuss" because he seems to prefer the company of male humans.

When they fight, which is frequently, it's usually the female who is the instigator - or is that instigatrix? The fights are usually about 10% antagonism and 90% recreation.

16 Feb 12 - 07:22 AM (#3309386)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: GUEST,Patsy

I only had two cats and a dog all of which were female so I can't really give an opinion but I enjoyed the friendship of all three each of them had a personality of their own. The main reason for that was because I was the only female in the house. But I am sure that if we had decided to have a male cat I would have loved it just as much. The other deciding factor was that I had heard that males tend to spray urine marking their territory. It probably would have been trainable but my ex-husband wasn't very keen on the idea.

16 Feb 12 - 08:33 AM (#3309418)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Richard Bridge

Castrated males do not usually spray.

But cats are a nuisance anyway. At least a dog will learn quite speedily what "fuck off" means .

16 Feb 12 - 02:34 PM (#3309641)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Becca72

A cat knows what "Fuck off" means; they just choose to ignore you.

The key to spraying is to stop it before it ever starts by having them neutered before they come into maturity. If a male cat starts spraying and is then neutered it is far more likely to continue post-op.

16 Feb 12 - 03:39 PM (#3309681)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Charmion

Ebbie wrote: "That cat ... ended up knowing what time I should go to bed. At a certain point she would dance on my pillow squalling for me to come into the bedroom."

We are well accustomed to having our behaviour monitored and regulated by the cats: they get us up in the morning, they inform us when dinner is due, and they announce bedtime. In fact, felines are downright normative.

What I find remarkable is that they always seem to know the time. Cats can't read the clock, but they want us up by six o'clock in the morning whether it is black dark (i.e., the dead of winter) or broad daylight (half-way through June).

09 Sep 16 - 07:42 PM (#3809214)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Jack Campin

A picture too heartbreaking to ignore:

09 Sep 16 - 07:54 PM (#3809215)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Bill D

Obviously they're singing doggerel.

10 Sep 16 - 05:07 AM (#3809250)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

Can I have a self-indulgent moan here please?
Our little Siamese 'Minty' suffers periodically from triaditis, involving inflammation of the pancreas, gall bladder and liver. He had an episode three years ago and the vet pulled him round, but it cost £600. This summer, he fell ill again and nearly died, but having spent three nights in the vet hospital on a drip, he survived once more. This time, the bill was £800. Minty cost £400 to buy as a kitten. He's cost us an arm and a leg over the years. We can't get Pet Insurance as all our cats are elderly and it wouldn't be possible.
Now, my sis is a hospital doctor, and told me that re-hydration drips cost pennies, and she reckons these vet's bills are a total rip-off. The poor little cat only lay in a cage (didn't eat or drink) with one nurse doing very little. He had antibiotic tablets. But no operation or intervention. I think these fees are exorbitant. In Dundee (where my sis is a doctor) she made enquiries and the vets there would have charged about £80-£100. I'm so glad Minty survived and am grateful for the vet's having saved him, but I do think they having a laugh to be honest!

10 Sep 16 - 10:43 AM (#3809309)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Sandra in Sydney

charge what the market bears & the market for a beloved pet ...

10 Sep 16 - 11:20 AM (#3809317)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: gnu

How far are you from Dundee?

10 Sep 16 - 11:54 AM (#3809327)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Bee-dubya-ell

The degree to which individual cats will tolerate folk music varies widely, but it's never a good idea to leave an instrument case open if there's a cat in the room. "Oh, you mean that's not a litter box? Well, I thought it was! Maybe I wouldn't have made that mistake if you people were paying more attention to me and less to those noisy things in your laps and under you chins!"

10 Sep 16 - 12:08 PM (#3809330)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

At the time Sandra, I'd have paid a million pounds to save Minty, as he's very dear to us. My husband was in Africa visiting his family, and Minty is his favourite cat. I wanted him to be still alive when 'dad' came home. And one could ask, "What price to save a loved one?" I could have had him euthanased, but it's so hard to face. I reckon vets know this. It made me think about the NHS and how awful it would be to have to pay for treatment of a human loved-one, as in Africa.

Gnu, we're about 500 miles from Dundee.

Regarding 'mousers', it's quite true that eating mice gives cats tapeworms. And while cats will eat MOST of the mouse, one finds a dismembered head or a lone tail lying about on the carpet. Not pretty.
Ours when younger used to bring in mice to play with mercilessly, tossing them around until they expired. And rats. And pheasants (posted with difficulty through the cat flap) And rabbits. And pigeons.... and even sloe worms.
And all my (male only) cats through the years have weed on anything that takes their fancy. Siamese are terrible for that. Even directly into sockets, causing sparks to fly out. (We've taped plastic sheets over ours!)
To be honest, cats are a bloody nuisance. (But have enriched my life immeasurably over the decades) Terrible buggers...

10 Sep 16 - 12:10 PM (#3809331)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

That should be 'slow worms' of course! Sloes are for gin, and very nice too.

10 Sep 16 - 12:48 PM (#3809339)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Greg F.

Ours when younger used to bring in mice to play with mercilessly, tossing them around until they expired. And rats. And pheasants (posted with difficulty through the cat flap) And rabbits. And pigeons.... and even sloe worms.

Oh, isn't that just ADORABLE!

Cats should be kept INDOORS!

10 Sep 16 - 12:57 PM (#3809341)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Jim Carroll

Just kidding - love 'em really
Jim Carroll

10 Sep 16 - 01:53 PM (#3809357)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: gnu

Speaking of vet ripoffs, we took Cassie to the vet that the ex used to use. $18 for the shot but she would have to stay for three days at big $$$. I said, give her the shot and send me the bill but I can't afford the stay. The ex said something like, we should have her stay. I was standing next to the ex and prodded her in the back with a finger and said, "You know we can't afford that bill right now. She'll be all right. If not, we'll bring her back and whatever the bill ends up at, we'll pay when we can." She clued in and we left. I went straight to another vet... an old guy *I* knew but hadn't seen for quite a while. I told him the story. He said, "She'll be fine. Might need another shot next summer. I'd love to talk but it's busy today. No charge." and he walked out. Cassie's swollen pink lips just fine in two days. I got the bill from the first vet about a week later... threw it in the garbage.

11 Sep 16 - 01:32 PM (#3809529)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

I think what it is gnu, we so love our pets we daren't refuse treatment or try to reduce the fee, in case they die or suffer. It's an emotional thing. Vets obviously know this, and while it's only fair they be paid for their skills and long period of training and studies, sometimes they're having a laugh, in my opinion.

We're going to try a new little vet's surgery we saw in a slightly less 'posh' area, and ask what their charges are, for future reference. It'll be interesting to compare the two price-scales.

11 Sep 16 - 01:40 PM (#3809531)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: gnu

Senoufou... tis always best to "shop ahead". Smart move.

12 Sep 16 - 09:28 AM (#3809642)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: mkebenn

Rap, buy a rat snake, she'll feed her self, just add water. Mike

12 Sep 16 - 02:36 PM (#3809688)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: gnu

Rap keeps rattlers just fer petting.

09 Apr 17 - 02:24 PM (#3849693)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

I am still haunted by the memory of a cat that adopted us.

We kids were in upper grades of grade school when this happened. Of course, it's hard to say who adopted whom.

My older sibling, with classmates, happened upon this kitten, lurking by itself around a filling station. Tiny kitten with a horribly bloated belly. Turned out to be female. The kitten was carried to our house to be fed.

She was mostly black, and never did get very big, although in time she matured to adulthood; since she was inclined to remain with us, we had her spayed and doctored.

The thing is, I never called her by name. Maybe the others in the house had named her, but I never did. It's just that this little black cat and I were so close. We had some kind of telepathic psychic thing going on. We would look at each other across the room and pay silent attention to what we saw in the other's eyes.

The silence is also critical here. This was a cat that made very little sound. Well, once she got underfoot, and my foot came down with my full weight on her flexible little person, and THEN, by God, she let out the heartiest miaow I could hope for. Otherwise, she never went around mewing, ever. She could make that funny little chirruping noise that reminds one of a birdcall. A very sensitive, alert, communicative animal she was, but she simply would not vocalize except as a last resort.

When I called the cats for feeding-time from the garage door, I always said "kitty kitty" anyway so names were not that big a deal.

Even the purring was different. More tactile vibration than sound, a very low-volume purring. With this cat one always had a sense of still waters running deep.

I was away at university, when a neighbor brought home a watchdog that I never got acquainted with; the watchdog wasn't there very long. No lead or fence, the dog was at large when outdoors. Before the watchdog was evicted in disgrace, it managed to slaughter both of our cats, stalking the garage door when the cats came out of the house.

That's the last pet cat I ever had.

06 Jul 19 - 01:42 PM (#3999538)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

I just learned something new.

There are scent glands in the PAWS of cats.
When they do that kneading / nursing / "baking biscuits"
forepaw thing,
cats are leaving their scent on the object of their forepaws.

I knew about scent glands elsewhere,
but not on or in the paws.

07 Jul 19 - 09:40 AM (#3999671)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Mrrzy

The cat we got from a friend's litter was a great hunter, as was the only cat I ever got from a pet store. Current cat is a ragdoll, truly madly deeply affectionate, my only male. I like calicoes and torties who are generally female. But the affectionate bit usually comes from lots of affection when they were kittens.

07 Jul 19 - 12:08 PM (#3999692)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Charmion

Cats vary in their expressions of affection, just as humans do, and I think it's anybody's guess what they learn from whom. I had a cat who came to me as a suckling kitten found alone in a flower bed; I have always assumed her feral mother had been killed on the street. Perdita received the same level of attention and affection as all our other cats (i.e., lots), but was always more restrained in her reactions than the others. No wild belly displays on the carpet, infrequent ankle-rubbing, almost no lap-sitting, very quiet purring. But she was definitely our cat, and we were most certainly her people; she rarely let us out of her sight for more than half an hour over a very long life.

08 Jul 19 - 02:48 PM (#3999856)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

Of course Senoufou / Eliza doesn't post like she used to,
but at last report,
only one of her
old Siamese tomcats was left,
the other two having succumbed to illness.
More for Spirit / 'Sam-the-Skull',
the neighbors' cat who has become
a two-household cat,
spending considerable amounts of time,
and eating considerable amounts of packets, at Senoufou's house.
Hope they are all well.

11 Jul 19 - 12:47 PM (#4000338)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

and how are your
"stately, kindly, lordly friend[s]"?

Algernon C. Swinburne,
To A Cat

Stately, kindly, lordly friend,
Here to sit by me, and turn
Glorious eyes that smile and burn,
Golden eyes, love's lustrous meed,
On the golden page I read.

All your wondrous wealth of hair,
Dark and fair,
Silken-shaggy, soft and bright
As the clouds and beams of night,
Pays my reverend hand's caress
Back with friendlier gentleness.

Dogs may fawn on all and some
As they come;
You, a friend of loftier mind,
Answer friends alone in kind.
Just your foot upon my hands
Softly bids it understand.

Morning round this silent-sweet
Garden seat
Sheds its wealth of gathering light,
Thrills the gradual clouds with might,
Changes woodland, orchard, heath
Lawn, and garden there beneath.

Fair and dim they gleamed below:
Now they glow
Deep as even your sunbright eyes,
Fair as even the wakening skies.
Can it not or can it be
Now that you give thanks to see?

May you not rejoice as I,
Seeing the sky
Change to heaven revealed, and bid
Earth reveal the heaven it hid
All night long from stars and moon,
Now the sun sets all in tune?

What within you wakes with day
Who can say?
All too little may we tell,
Friends who like each other well,
What might haply, if we might,
Bid us read our lives aright.

-- Littell's Living Age, Boston: Littell and Co., 1894, page 194

11 Jul 19 - 04:14 PM (#4000367)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: beardedbruce

Sonnet 18/10/2001 To Jenniferís Kitten            DCXV

So, playful kitten, shall I find a ball
Of yarn to help entice you closer? What
Bright bauble might attract your gaze, to call
You to my lap, that I might watch eyes shut?
Shall dancing feathers on a string be prey
To huntress in carpeted hall? Is toe
To be target? Do you with shadows play,
Or does your path through unseen jungles go?
Fierce fuzzy feline, proud puff tail held high,
What beasts do you pursue? Are monsters found
Behind the curtains, or do dragons fly
Invisible to those upon the ground?
You look at me, then march across the floor
On padded paws, and promenade out door.

12 Jul 19 - 12:20 PM (#4000488)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Mrrzy

Look up a book called I Could Pee On That if you like cat poems.

12 Jul 19 - 08:02 PM (#4000562)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

ever see the photograph book by Walter Chandoha
of cats?

I grew up with it, big coffee-table sized thing,
and it's a delight.

14 Jul 19 - 03:46 PM (#4000728)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

New York Times obituary for Walter Chandoha, with photos

25 Nov 19 - 01:04 PM (#4021039)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

O! where, o where have our pussycats gone,
O! where, o where can they beeeee .......

25 Nov 19 - 01:52 PM (#4021049)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

It's absolutely pouring with torrential rain, and at our back door sits the strange little cat I call Binky. And on our front doorstep sits Sam the Skull. Both are soaking wet to the skin, and I've given each of them a nice dish of best Purina cat food. Why are they still sitting there like two feline martyrs?
SmokeyPokey is still with us, albeit rather deaf and a bit senile.

26 Nov 19 - 08:37 AM (#4021162)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Charmion

I believe deafness hastens senility in cats just as it does in people. Poor SmokeyPokey is probably putting in time until he can cross the Rainbow Bridge to hang out with his brothers again.

Has either Binky or Sam the Skull ever crossed your doorstep, Eliza? Do they poke their noses through the catflap? Inside your house is still Siamese territory, maybe?

26 Nov 19 - 09:38 AM (#4021169)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

Yes, Charmion, they have both come inside. Sam the Skull belts in and hoovers up any of SmokeyPokey's leavings. And little Binky has crept into the study through the conservatory and rolled about ecstatically on the carpet. She has an extremely loud purr.
But I hesitate to encourage this. Their owners might not like it, and also, I found a flea on Sam the Skull last week. I wonder if Binky has worms, as she eats constantly and cries for more. My husband calls her Oliver Twist!
Smokey seems physically in quite good shape, and rather likes the other two visitors. I saw Sam and Smokey eating together from the same dish last week. He lifts his tail and wiggles it (welcome gesture) to Binky. So no animosity.

28 Nov 19 - 07:38 PM (#4021563)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

... ha!
Caught the Cats thread trying to sneak off the queue.
Not tonight, you won't, you wiley critter, you.

30 Nov 19 - 12:22 PM (#4021726)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

I was unaware that the
Lloyd-Webber/Rice production "Cats"
has been filmed.

Sir Ian McKellen as Gus the Theatre Cat.

30 Nov 19 - 01:51 PM (#4021735)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

Oh dear! Came home today from the shops and SmokeyPokey had managed to vomit copiously all over the back of the sofa. He'd eaten rather a lot of smoked salmon (which he'd nicked from the kitchen) and it hadn't agreed with him.
Spent ages sponging down the upholstery (sigh). Husband says we should have left out caviar and some champagne instead! He was so kind to the poor cat though, cradling him in his arms and stroking his tummy.

02 Dec 19 - 08:52 AM (#4021923)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

I'm so very sad today. Poor SmokeyPokey had some sort of neurological 'event' yesterday, resulting in one rear leg dangling uselessly behind him. He had no pain, but was very confused and kept falling over.
I managed to get an appointment at the vets this morning, and she agreed that it was 'time'. So he was put to sleep, and went very peacefully. Husband has buried him under the pear tree in our back garden, next to Minty and Murphy. He said a Muslim prayer for him.
Both if us cried buckets, but we believe we have done the best thing.
The house is strange without him. He was always glued to my side on the sofa.
Oh dear.

02 Dec 19 - 10:15 AM (#4021934)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Donuel

So sorry. It will be perfectly normal to see Pokey out of the corner of your eye for some time to come. I have a 'pokey' who will tap me around corners or perches.

02 Dec 19 - 11:39 AM (#4021942)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Charmion

Oh, no! So, so sorry. Of course you will have a Siamese spirits about for quite a while.

But I wonder how much time will elapse before the word gets about that the gig is open chez vous?

02 Dec 19 - 01:11 PM (#4021953)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

Thank you so much Donuel and Charmion. Your posts comforted me a great deal.
I have to try and concentrate on the happy life Smokey had - 18 years of good food, nice 'friends' and always access to the open air and the garden, plus loads of care, love and affection from his two-legged servants.

Sam the Skull is still around at the front of our house, and little Binky peering through the conservatory windows at the back.

My sister (who also adores cats) told me to get another one immediately, but it's too soon and we need to grieve first.
Anyone who loses a much-loved pet has to go through this, and only time heals the sadness.

02 Dec 19 - 08:39 PM (#4022002)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

So passes the last of the Siamese trio.
It isn't any easier when you can see it coming.
I concur with Donuel --
an indoor pet like this, it takes time to transition
from not having that presence near you.

I can't think of anything else comforting to say but
my sympathies go out to your house.

03 Dec 19 - 09:54 AM (#4022041)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Charmion

When my dear Black Maria died -- she was mortally injured by a motorist who deliberately swerved to hit her -- I was left with two cats in the house and two "pensioners" (cats resident elsewhere who hung about my garden waiting for handouts of grub and attention). I had adjusted to a three-cat household, don't ask me how!, and the Universe had apparently established three as my carrying capacity, for a new Number Three appeared within a couple of months of Maria's death. That was Cecil, who popped into the kitchen one summer evening as I was putting out the garbage and never left.

Cecil died of pancreatic disease toward the end of October about six years later. We were down to two cats again, and the Universe allowed us to operate under strength throughout the winter. In early April, Old Bill arrived at the back door, sick and wounded and infested after a winter on the street, and demanded entry. Standing on his hind paws, he hammered on the door and yelled until we opened up. Bill, too, lived out his days with us.

The Universe seems to have re-assessed our carrying capacity, as we have now been a two-cat household for about ten years. It isn't that we are hostile to the idea of another cat, but that no other cat has appeared at the gangplank (as it were) and asked permission to come aboard. That may be because the current incumbents, Watson and Isobel, live entirely indoors, and so the outside territory is controlled by cats who live elsewhere. I imagine their people occasionally receive refugees ...

03 Dec 19 - 07:09 PM (#4022151)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

By the way, Senoufou,
who IS Binky's owner
and why have they not de-wormed the poor kitten?

04 Dec 19 - 05:46 PM (#4022287)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

We're not sure keberoxu. She seems to come from somewhere behind our house, as she scrambles over the high fence at the bottom of our garden when she hears the conservatory door opening.
I'd like to know who her owners are, and why the poor little soul is so hungry, but one has to be very careful in a village. I wouldn't want to upset people or come across as a nosy, grumpy old biddy.
It's bitterly cold in Norfolk now and I just hope Binky has a warm home in which to sleep at night.

Still having a few tears about the loss of SmokeyPokey. I miss him so much, and husband wept this evening coming in from work, as he used to stroke him and say some loving words in Malinke as he came through the door.
Only time will help us to feel less sad.
Trying to concentrate on the lovely life he had and how happy he always was living with us.

06 Dec 19 - 10:12 AM (#4022464)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Donuel

10 years from now you may unwittingly call another cat Smokey...and 1% of the emotions and all the appreciation will flood back.

Our pokey is female, small and has a super purr.

07 Dec 19 - 04:16 AM (#4022585)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

My kind sister rang yesterday evening to ask how we were feeling. She suggested that we foster cats for Cats Protection. Apparently they seek experienced cat-owners to take in a cat temporarily while a permanent home is found.
I don't think that would suit us, as we'd get too fond of the 'lodger' and be upset all over again when it left.

Sam the Skull has just demolished a plate of Purina best cat-food on our front doorstep. But then he had a massive poo and wee in our prize border where Ruth-across-the-road has planted some wallflowers for us.
Blooming thing!

12 Dec 19 - 11:43 AM (#4023329)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

Do cats fear tangerines??

(the decorated Christmas tree story --
everybody see that?)

12 Dec 19 - 12:31 PM (#4023340)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

I don't think it's fear so much as an aversion to the smell of citrus fruits. Our cats have always hated the smell of oranges.

Went to the supermarket yesterday and a choir of dear little primary school children grouped near the checkouts sang Christmas carols. Although they weren't deaf,they had been taught Makaton (a basic deaf sign language for children) and were signing as they sang.
It was too much for me and I felt overwhelmed with sadness for SmokeyPokey. Husband trundled on with the trolley and I sat in the car mopping up the tears. Oh dear.

12 Dec 19 - 06:43 PM (#4023408)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: rich-joy

Cats and Numerology?

My beloved feline, Hector Lysander, passed on yesterday - a Prince amongst Catz! And he chose the 68th month anniversary of the death of my late beloved human (he was 68 years old), to move on. Also, I am now 68 years old........

The house, which is so cluttered with "stuff", now feels sooooo Empty.
As do I.
My Living Legend (both of them) now gone from this space that we three happily shared.

Can't yet imagine another companion (feline or human), contrary mary that I am, I only want the two I had!!!

(the not so joyful)
Down Under

12 Dec 19 - 08:15 PM (#4023433)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Donuel

Neither the cat or the human deliberately chose to be ultimate party poopers. It just happpened like any surprise the world can dream up.
May your new surprises come with caring smiles and newly discovered miles.

13 Dec 19 - 03:47 AM (#4023479)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Senoufou

So very sorry rich-joy. I know exactly what you mean about the emptiness, and the sadness is very hard to bear. At one time we had five cats and now the house feels like a tomb.
I'm trying to concentrate on the happy lives they led, and the love they gave and received.
Sleep peacefully Hector Lysander.

13 Dec 19 - 04:46 AM (#4023488)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: rich-joy

Thank you both, Sen and Don, for your kind words.

I thought I was all cried out after 5+ years post-Paul, but I am discovering a whole other full-to-the-brim reservoir :(

I like to imagine them together "waiting for me" - but it still is just soooo lonely back here ......


22 Dec 19 - 02:57 PM (#4024930)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: keberoxu

Condolences, rich-joy, we're here to listen and empathise.

I'm not going to see the Andrew Lloyd Webber film.
Someone else can report on the film if they wish.

22 Dec 19 - 03:17 PM (#4024932)
Subject: RE: BS: Cats
From: Joe Offer

I'd like to see a review of the movie, but not in this thread. If you have seen the movie and want to talk about it, please start a new thread.