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Song of the Day: days numbered

19 Aug 11 - 09:06 AM (#3209372)
Subject: Song of the Day: days numbered
From: Colin Randall

As some Mudcat folk know, I have been running a Song of the Day series at Salut! Live for some weeks now. It began a day or two after Jon Boden's project ended, but - believe it or not - I knew nothing of his, perhaps because I live mostly in France, until launching mine.

Now, because it is quite exhausting but also because I am running out of obvious material, I intend to call a halt within the next week or so.

The whole thing has been based on YouTube clips, some previously viewed by scores, even hundreds of thousands but others by only a handful of people, and I am finding that some songs I really wanted to include in the series simply don't feature there, or are well enough hidden for me not to be able to locate them. Leon Rosselson's Song of the Old Communist and Ron Kavana's own of his song Reconciliation are cases in point.

I just want to thank those Mudcatters who have helped or tried to help me locate particular clips - including the two just mentioned - or who have visited the site to see what they make of my choices or the accompanying text.

And it was in part thanks to Mudcat that I located the priceless clip of David Campbell singing, much later in life, his song Slightly Faded, which I used to perform, very badly, as a floor singer in the folk clubs years ago.

I'd say that I have managed to represent most of the artists - far too many to list here - that I would have wanted to, or that I'll get to them before winding up the series (in case Eliza Carthy was wondering why she wasn't included).

On the whole, I think it was worth doing. More people have been coming to the site even if the phrase Song of the Day, with quotation marks, returns 6.5m results on a Google search and you have to plough through several pages before you reach my use of it.

And I've enjoyed doing it.

19 Aug 11 - 12:11 PM (#3209456)
Subject: RE: Song of the Day: days numbered
From: GUEST,Renata

I'd like to thank Colin for introducing me to lots of artists I didn't know - being Italian. I particularly enjoyed the recent clip of the Doonan Family but many of the clips were a discovery and I enjoyed them all. One doesn't have the time to spend hours looking for clips on youtube and "Song of the Day" has been a great help. Thanks!

19 Aug 11 - 01:04 PM (#3209486)
Subject: RE: Song of the Day: days numbered
From: Enid

A pity you've decided to call it a day, Colin. I've very much enjoyed your selection of music over the past weeks. But not just that - the info to the songs and the various stories and anecdotes you've shared have been a pleasure to read.

19 Aug 11 - 03:15 PM (#3209569)
Subject: RE: Song of the Day: days numbered
From: Colin Randall

Thanks for those thumbs up. I'll jeep it going for as many days as it takes to get in Eliza - no votes, I see, in the favourite female singer thread - and, if I can find the right clips, Chris Newman + Maire ni Chathasaigh and Mary Coughlan. And I'm sure there'll be a couple of surprise late additions, surprising in the sense that they'll come to me in my sleep.

19 Aug 11 - 03:16 PM (#3209571)
Subject: RE: Song of the Day: days numbered
From: Colin Randall

.. or even keep it going. Sorry.