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Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)

20 May 10 - 12:18 AM (#2910345)
Subject: Smothers Brothers retiring
From: GUEST,Ken Brock

They have announced their retirement and have cancelled future gigs.

24 Jun 10 - 02:07 AM (#2933731)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring
From: Joe Offer

The article is no longer available directly, so I'll post the text here:

Smothers Brothers Retire From the Comedy Grind

For decades now they've looked like a couple of squares, with their cardigan sweaters and those tidy haircuts, but it's their sneakily subversive brand of comedy that made the two jokesters from New York City household names. Now, The Smothers Brothers are puting away their touring shoes for good after more than 50-odd years on the road.

Tommy and Dick Smothers surprised a packed house at Las Vegas' Orleans Showroom on Sunday with the news, telling fans "we're not doing anything new" anymore.

Dick, 70, told the Las Vegas Sun he and his older brother have canceled all future gigs. "I was wondering if it would be emotional," he said, "But that to me was just another day in the office."

Tommy, 73, seconded that non-emotion, telling the Press Democrat (in Santa Rosa, Calif., where he lives) that "I expected to feel more about it than I do."

A day after performing live for the last time, Tommy called himself "a former entertainer," adding, "It's been a good run."

He remarked in a later interview that the low-key sendoff was calculated, and meant to go under the radar.

"We just quietly let it fade away, no special statements about it," Tommy told AOL News. "No sendoff when we started, no big sendoff when we leave. He's 71, I'm 73. We just don't have the time or the energy or the passion -- really it's the passion -- to learn new material and put out new stuff. We didn't want to continue repeating ourselves. We're just tired, tired of it."

But relevant they remained at their final gig, where the notorious rabble-rousers took a few swipes at Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, along with touching on the immigration issue.

'The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour' ran briefly, from 1967-1969, but during that time it caused quite a stir with its satire targeting the White House, racism and other social hot button issues. But it was their opposition to the Vietnam War that got them in trouble with CBS, which ultimately canceled the show after a series of conflicts between the brothers and network brass.

During their last live performance over the weekend, the Brothers addressed their struggle with censorship in the song, 'We're Still Here.' Later, a montage video of some of their most legendary musical guests was played. Among them, the literally explosive performance by The Who that led to Pete Townshend's hearing loss.

24 Jun 10 - 03:39 AM (#2933754)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: open mike

wow i thought they had retired decades ago..good for them for keeping going for 50 years... you ever see them in Santa Rosa/??

24 Jun 10 - 06:59 AM (#2933836)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: gnu

"It's been a good run."

Damn straigtht!

24 Jun 10 - 08:04 AM (#2933871)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: Charley Noble

"we're not doing anything new"?

So why don't they just call their act "traditional"?

But I suppose that would adversely affect their bottom line.

I, among many here, will miss their wit and musical talents.

Charley Noble

24 Jun 10 - 08:12 AM (#2933879)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: topical tom

I will miss their music-comedy. Through their tv show they introduced new acts to the music field.Well done, guys!Your music and comedy will be missed but I have little doubt that it will live on.

24 Jun 10 - 08:29 AM (#2933889)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: Mary Katherine

I am trying to think of anyone who is performing that style of music/comedy these days.

24 Jun 10 - 09:38 AM (#2933932)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: Tannywheeler

They are unique. That means NOONE is performing their style, or could.   Tw

24 Jun 10 - 10:12 AM (#2933953)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: sciencegeek

well.. better that they are retiring, than passing away...

the whole family watched their show & we talked about the skits all week... I still have fond memories of some of their more outlandish skits.... :D

24 Jun 10 - 11:27 AM (#2933987)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: GUEST,TJ in San Diego

Lots and lots of memories. I ran into Tom and Dick many years ago in San Francisco, while they were doing a gig at the old Purple Onion. Many years later, I found myself selling wine for Dick and for Pat Paulsen, their "Presidential candidate" from the old Comedy Hour who recently ran again - posthumously. Ironically, it was Tom who was the business head and shrewd negotiator. He was a prime reason the musical, "Hair," made it to New York stages. They pushed the envelope, did heroic battle with the censors and paved the way for many later and more controversial acts. And they did it all with class.

I can understand why they're retiring. Dick's just a year older than me and I wouldn't want to be touring regularly at this point either. What's amazing is that they had an act that was viable for so many years. Thanks, boys, for a great run.

24 Jun 10 - 12:40 PM (#2934022)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: katlaughing

This makes me doubly sad that I missed them when they were here last year. What a wonderful pair they are. We loved their show and have always measured later performers through the high standards they set.

Thanks, Brothers Dear and enjoy your further endeavors.


24 Jun 10 - 07:33 PM (#2934295)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: Seamus Kennedy

Never got to see them perform live.
Oh well, my loss.

25 Jun 10 - 08:30 AM (#2934534)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: Bonnie Shaljean

Loved them, loved them, loved them. Thanks for a great run, lads - you made the world a brighter place. I don't know if they'll see this thread or not, but it's so good to write something nice in memory of people who are still able to read it! Wishing them a happy, peaceful retirement.

25 Jun 10 - 11:51 PM (#2934965)
Subject: RE: Smothers Brothers retiring (May, 2010)
From: LadyJean

I used to watch their show every week. They had all kinds of wonderful acts. I don't know how many new performers got their starts on The Smothers Brothers.
I do know that even my parents, who were Republicans, thought they were funny.
The Smothers Brothers was where I first saw Donovan, Pete Seeger, John Hartford. It was where I first heard "Classical Gas" as a background for a montage of presidents. It's where I laughed at Pat Paulsen's presidential campaign. They made the world a funnier place.