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Lyr Req: The Name of Arthur (Maddy Prior)

16 Sep 09 - 12:42 PM (#2724848)
Subject: Lyr Req: The Name of Arthur (Maddy Prior)
From: Edain

I was listening to Last.FM at work today and this song came up. Now, I've been told the album in general isn;t that great (Arthur the King), but I must admit to really liking this track but being entirely unable to hunt down the lyrics. There are unfortunately a few bits I can't quite hear and as you can't pause and reply on I've not been able to actually make note of them at all yet, other than the start.

Google and Digi-trad searches have come up with nothing and so I ask here. Anyone know?

16 Sep 09 - 01:37 PM (#2724877)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The Name of Arthur (Maddy Prior)
From: ClaireBear

Found the lyrics here, on what appears to be the album's liner notes:


The poet and the troubadour have stolen my name
They poached my true story and gave me false fame
I was a ruler, a warrior, an emperor, a chief
I fought for my people, I fought for my belief

I fought for law and order in fear of chaos reign
To keep out butchery of hell-hounds fateful bane
I fought against savages of iron flesh and bone
To keep them from ravaging my family and home

They've turned me to a gentleman of pallid livery
A puppet for their musings, their whims of chivalry
But I fought no imaginings of courtly smiles and lies
I fought murderous men with evil in their eyes