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Mudcat CD Ordering Info

18 Oct 07 - 09:37 AM (#2173595)
Subject: Mudcat CD Ordering Info
From: Tweed


If any of you are still without a Mudcat CD, the ordering info has been updated with new addresses etc. to Camsco Music. Now, there is absolutely no excuse not to get one of these gems that were created by mudcatters for mudcatters and the surrounding villagers.

Order yours Today


13 Nov 08 - 12:07 PM (#2492843)
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Ordering Info
From: Amos

The years go by, but the excitement of these CDs is always new, and they provide you with a bright and intimate acquaintance with Mudcatters across the miles and over the years, those who sing still and those whose singing has since been stilled. They are fun to listen to over and over. Plus you can learn about the singers by looking up all their past embarassing posts and grin about them as you listen to them make their lovely music.

Just ask Dick at CAMSCO!! All proceeds benefit the Mudcat Cafe. And they make GREAT Xmas gifts or stocking stuffers for the lovers of live acoustic music everywhere.


14 Nov 08 - 12:30 AM (#2493420)
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Ordering Info
From: Amos

No, no!!

ORDER yours today!!